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Christian Eli - B. Myers
Christian/Early Roman Empire Voice in the Wind, Echo in Darkness - F. Rivers
Christian/Early Roman Empire Quo Vadis? - H. Sienkiewicz
History London, Russka and Sarum (England) - E. Rutherfurd
History, American Roanoke: The Lost Colony - A. Hunt
History, Israel & American The Source (and many other titles) - J. Michener
History, Israel Chronicles of the Kings Series - L. Austin
History, Israel, Etc. Exodus, The Haj, Mila 18, Qb VII, Armageddon - L. Uris
History, Roman Empire I, Claudius/Claudius the God - R. Graves
Jewish Life The Chosen, C. Potok
Prophecy The Christ Clone Trilogy - J. BeauSeigneur
Prophecy Ezekiel Option, Last Jihad, Last Days - J. Rosenberg