In His Image (Book One of The Christ Clone Trilogy) 
by James BeauSeigneur

528 pages 
June 1, 2003 
Warner Faith
ISBN: 0446531251

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From the Backcover: What Child Is This? Amid plagues and nuclear war, the United Nations gains control of the new world order. Israel is rebuilding the Temple of Solomon. And journalist Decker Hawthorne is raising an orphaned ward, Christopher Goodman. But Christopher is no ordinary boy: he has miraculous powers, visions, and memories of biblical times—because he was cloned from the cells of Jesus Christ from the Shroud of Turin. Who is this youth and would God permit the Messiah to be created in a test tube? Can an impure being arise from the sacred living flesh of Jesus? All that's certain is that the world is staggering toward a final apocalyptic conflict—and humanity's salvation or damnation may depend on the true nature of the Christ Clone...

More Info from Older Edition: What begins as a scientist's plan to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life by cloning cells found on the Shroud of Turin, turns into a nightmare of worldwide destruction and the ultimate battle between good and evil.  Tightly woven around the fulfillment of every major and minor 'end-times' biblical prophecy, as well as major prophecies from more than a dozen other world religions, the Trilogy is so closely tied to actual events, it includes nearly 200 footnotes.

Recounting the actual events of a 1978 expedition of American scientists to examine the Shroud of Turin (believed by millions to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ), author James BeauSeigneur takes you to the origins of a conspiracy that will change the world forever.  For unknown to the rest of the team, one of the scientists, Professor Harold Goodman, makes a startling discovery:  a cluster of dermal cells, still alive after two thousand years.  Based on his discovery and the theories of real life Nobel Prize winner, Francis Crick, Goodman sets about to prove that the man on the Shroud was actually a member of an alien race, four billion years advanced to life on earth.  The incredible plan to prove his theory:  clone Jesus!  The cloning of Jesus from the cells found on the Shroud sets in motion forces which trigger worldwide cataclysms, precipitating the end of life as we know it and ushering in a New Age for the planet.

Though other book and movies — Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, The Stand, The Seventh Sign — have played off end-times themes, non have attempted to hold faithfully to the prophetic texts.  Books on the subject written for the religious market are more attentive to prophecy but generally show little regard for detail, present a distorted "Sunday-school" view of the world, and are so maudlin in the presentation that they have little appeal outside the religious market.  The Christ Clone Trilogy is the first serious treatment of the events of the biblically prophesied end times.  The scholarship in all areas covered (science, history, medicine, geography, politics, astrophysics, the Bible, the New Age, etc.) is impeccable.

About the Author:  James BeauSeigneur's published works include technical manuals on strategic defense and military avionics; newspaper articles; speeches for U.S. Congressional and Senatorial candidates; and lyrics for several songs.  Formerly involved in politics on a full-time bases, Mr. BeauSeigneur has managed several campaigns and in 1980 ran for U.S. Congress against Al Gore, now the Vice President.  He has four years of experience in military intelligence including two and half years with the National Security Agency.


Birth of an Age (Book Two of The Christ Clone Trilogy) 
by James BeauSeigneur

Paperback - 253 pages 
February 1, 2004 
Warner Faith
ISBN: 0446613282

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From the Backcover: The Origin of God—The Destiny of Man. In Israel, 144,000 Messianic Jews pledge themselves to serve a man claiming to be John the Apostle. But the prophet doesn't plan to merely witness the Apocalypse—he intends to cause it. Using spiritual powers, John and his followers send three asteroids hurtling toward Earth amid global destruction, demonic possession, and homicidal madness. Yet Christopher Goodman, the only person who might be able to stop the carnage, cannot interfere. For he has discovered that scattered throughout the Bible are clues pointing to an incredible hidden truth—a secret of devastating, universal importance that will reveal the astonishing future of Man...and the true nature of God.

From an Older Edition: The Messiah of the New Age. His coming is prophesied by more than a dozen major religions.  Cloned from cells of Jesus Christ found on the Shroud of Turin, Christopher Goodman was born into the most turbulent time in human history.  Already two nuclear holocausts have shaken the planet — the first in 2003, destroying much of the Russian Republic, and the second in 2019, killing half a billion people in China, India, and Pakistan.

Unknown to the world's inhabitants, an even greater threat is waiting just beyond the earth's horizon — a threat that may annihilate the entire human race!  Thrown from their orbits by the spiritual powers of two religious madmen, one who claims to be the Apostle John, three asteroids are hurtling toward the planet.  Yet Christopher Goodman, the only one who can stop it, must wait and allow it to happen.  For it is far more than life and death that hang in the balance.  It is the fulfilment of galactic destiny, humankind's final evolutionary step that will propel man as far beyond his current state as humans are now above the insects.  It is the birth of a New Age!

Acts of God (Book Three of The Christ Clone Trilogy) 
by James BeauSeigneur 

Paperback - 528 pages 
October 1, 2004 
Warner Faith
ISBN: 0965694879 

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From the Backcover: The End of All Things. At the dawn of the New Age, humanity stands on the brink of final evolutionary step. Across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia one third of the world's population lies dead. The Pacific Ocean is barren of all life. The survivors of this carnage face a fundamental choice: follow the new messiah Christopher Goodman or cling to an ancient worldview and the God who has wrought this destruction on the planet. Christopher has brought world peace, offered an end to sickness and disease, and shown mankind how to attain eternal youth and godlike powers. Yet some religious zealots still rebel, threatening the unity that is essential to the planet's destiny. Now their opposition will lead to bloody tribulation—and to Armageddon, the final battle between good and evil.

From Older Edition:

"...and engrossing and ingenious story around the biggest possible subject — a powerful tale." —Charles Sheffield, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author.

"...refreshing, well thought out, and methodically researched... Not since C.S. Lewis have we seen such creativity and imagination.  Bravo! More!" —Jeremy Nordmoe, Vanderbilt University Librarian

"...ingeniously constructed." —NAPRA ReVIEW (New Age Publishing and Retailing Association)

"I'm so impressed with this intriguing and captivating series." —E. Brandt Gustavson, President, National Religious Broadcasters

"...holds the reader spellbound... incredibly believable." —Barbara Meister Vitale, Author Unicorns Are Real and Free Flight

"By far the best end-times novel I've ever read... The Christ Clone Trilogy really kicks!" —Ray Gano, publisher, PropheZine Magazine

"...stretches the imagination to the max, and captivates the mind... not merely entertaining reading, it is spiritually stimulating." —Lambert Dolphin, Physicist


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