The Source by James A. Michener

The Source
by James A. Michener

Mass Market Paperback
1088 pages
Reissue edition (December 1992)
Fawcett Books
ISBN: 0449211479

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From the Back Cover: In the grand storytelling style that is his signature, James Michener dramatizes one of the most riveting and important developments in world civilization: the birth and full flowering of Judaism. Beginning wth a group of modern-day archaeologists digging at a site in Makor, Michener sweeps us back through time to the very beginnings of the Jewish faith thousands of years before.

Here is the entire history of the Jews: the first religions, the transition to monotheism, the life of the early Hebrews and how they were persecuted, the impact of Christianity, the Crusades, and the Spanish Inquisition, all the way to the founding of present-day Israel and the Middle East conflict. Through the eyes of the archaeologists—an Irish Catholic from Chicago, an Arab who lives in Israel, a German Jew, his Israeli fiancee, and the wealthy American financing the dig—we experience the panorama of Jewish history, filled with passion, pain, and enormous faith.

Our Comments: The story revolves around an archaeological team at a dig in Israel and whenever a new item is found you are transported back through time and shown what was happening to Israel when the artifact was originally being used. Very, very interesting except for the chapters that deal with "cave-men."

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