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Jewish Background/Israel
Archaeology Bethsaida: Home of the Apostles - F. Strickert
Archaeology Jesus and the Forgotten City: New Light on Sepphoris and the Urban World of Jesus - R. Batey
Archaeology Searching for the Ark of the Covenant - R. Price
Archaeology Secrets of The Dead Sea Scrolls - R. Price
Archaeology The Stones Cry Out - R. Price
Archaeology The Sea of Galilee Boat : An Extraordinary 2000 Year Old Discovery - S. Wachsmann

Customs God's Appointed Customs - B. Kasdan
Customs The Hem of His Garment - J. Garr
Customs Living Emblems: Ancient Symbols of Faith - J. Garr

Feasts A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays -Sampson/Pierce
Feasts The Feasts of the Lord - Howard/Rosenthal
Feasts God's Appointed Times - B. Kasdan

History The Bible History - Old Testament - A. Edersheim
History History Of The Jewish Nation After The Destruction Of Jerusalem Under Titus - A. Edersheim
History The Holocaust - Where was God? - A. Katz
History Our Hands Are Stained With Blood - M. Brown
History Unholy War: America, Israel and Radical Islam - R. Price

Israel 365 Fascinating Facts About the Holy Land - C. Wagner

Jesus Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus (Books 1, 2 & 3) - M. Brown
Jesus Jesus the Jewish Theologian - B. Young
Jesus The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah - A. Edersheim

Legends The Legends of the Jews - L. Ginzberg

Life Seasons of Life (The Torah Universe) - N. Slifkin
Life Sketches of Jewish Social Life - A. Edersheim

Messiah The Messiah Texts - R. Patai

NT Commentary on the NT from the Talmud & Hebraica - J. Lightfoot
NT The Irony of Galatians & The Galatians Debate - M. Nanos
NT The Jewish New Testament & Complete Jewish Bible - D. Stern
NT The Jewish New Testament Commentary - D. Stern
NT Mark as Story: An Introduction to the Narrative of a Gospel - D. Rhoads
NT Messianic Jewish Manifesto - D. Stern
NT Mystery of Romans: Jewish Context of Paul's Letter - M. Nanos
NT The Parables: Jewish Tradition & Christian Interpretation - B. Young
NT Paul the Jewish Theologian: A Pharisee among Christians, Jews & Gentiles - B. Young

Red Heifer Messiah of the Winepress: Christ and the Red Heifer - K. Boren

Shechinah The Fire and the Cloud - R. Reiland

Temple The Temple: Its Ministry and Services - A. Edersheim