Unholy War: America, Israel and Radical Islam 
by Randall Price

Paperback - 446 pages (February 2002) 
Harvest House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 0736908234

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From back cover: For years the Middle East conflict has seemed a distant problem, appearing no closer than the newspaper headlines. But recent catastrophic events have changed all that. What was once a faraway conflict has now spread to America and the rest of the Western world.

How did this all come about? Why has terrorism spilled over to America? These are the questions people are asking — and it's difficult to get answers because of the many misunderstandings about the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian problem, terrorism, and the Islamic religion.

Randall Price provides clear, concise answers to all these questions and more in Unholy War. His exceptional expertise on the Middle East and his intimate knowledge of Judaism, Islam, and the modern-day controversies make this an ideal reference for understanding the complex issues behind today's news headlines.

Our Comments: Seeing the media is so lax with the facts of the Middle East conflict you need a good resource to fill in the blanks. This book covers almost all the bases including: The Israel Factor—Key to the Present Conflict; With Whom or What Are We at War?; How Does the Issue Regarding Jerusalem Fit in this War?; What About the Plight of the Palestinians?; What Is the Purpose of the Intifada?; How Did the Middle East Conflict Begin?; Who Are The Palestinians?; Do Palestinians Have a Right to the Land Through Abraham? These questions are answered in just the first half of the book! One of the more eye-opening features running throughout are quotes attributed to different world leaders that show exactly how they feel about Israel and how some of them have redefined "Palestine" to suit their own agendas.

Easy writing style, compact size, very reasonably priced. Just a wee bit on the negative side: a bit repetitious and I would've liked to have seen a section explaining all the places Arafat has been thrown out of to show the hypocrisy of those nations who are now trying to force Israel to negotiate with someone they couldn't stand to have in their own backyards because he was too hard to handle. Even though Israel has lately taken the stance that Arafat is irrelevant, the rest of the world does not see him that way and to get an overall picture of what is going on over there a little background info on the man would be helpful.

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