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  1. Carlton, Ginger and Marilyn Mineer — Unlocking the Mysteries of RevelationUsing the Keys of the Feasts of the Lord
  2. Cohen, Tim — The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea
  3. Hutchings, Dr. Noah W. with Gilla Treibich — 25 Messianic Signs in Israel Today
  4. Hunt, Dave — A Woman Rides the Beast
  5. Ironside, Henry A. — Revelation (The Ironside Commentaries)
  6. Koenig, William — Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel
  7. Lahaye, Tim — Are We Living in the End Times?
  8. McTernan, John — God's Final Warning to America/Israel: Blessing or Curse
  9. Price, Randall — Jerusalem in Prophecy
  10. Price, Randall — The Temple and Bible Prophecy
  11. Sutton, William Josiah — Ancient Prophecies About Mysticism, Hollywood and theMusic Industry