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August 11, 1999 Eclipse Path

Lakhpat 1m01s 12:28:36.4 *A trip into history. In this ancient port-city, time has been standing still for ages. It is today deserted, desolate, uninhabited, and invokes powerful nostalgia and soulful affection. Among the ruins stand the Gurudwara (holy shrine of the Sikh religion), the 200 year old, gigantic tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Caba, and many other places with ancient stories to tell.
Khavda 0m59s 12:28:49.4
Rapar 0m41s 12:29:26.4
Bhuj 0m17s 12:29:36.5
Anjar 0m22s 12:29:52.8
Maliya 1m04s 12:30:07.5
Dhrangadhra 1m05s 12:30:24.5
Morvi 0m28s 12:30:29.8
Surendranagar 1m02s 12:30:49.6
Dholka 0m54s 12:30:56.8
Limbdi 0m54s 12:31:01.5
Nadiad 0m25s 12:31:02.0
Sojitra 1m00s 12:31:12.3
Anand 0m49s 12:31:13.0
Dhandhuka 0m29s 12:31:19.3
Petlad 1m02s 12:31:19.6
Borsad 1m02s 12:31:24.4
Cambay 0m58s 12:31:30.9
Baroda 1m02s 12:31:36.2 * The third largest city in Gujarat state. Mandwi Gate, in the old city, was built in 1736 to commemorate the Maratha victory over the Moguls in Gujarat. A walled city with four gates, Baroda was the capital of the native state of the Maratha Gaekwars from 1734 to 1947.
*Maharaja Sayajirao University (1949) was named after Sayaji Rao III, who ruled (1875-1939) when most of the modern city was built.
Padra 1m03s 12:31:40.3
Dabhoi 1m02s 12:31:47.1
Sankheda 1m01s 12:31:49.6
Jambusar 0m28s 12:31:52.0
Rajpipla 0m35s 12:32:18.9
Khetia 1m01s 12:32:34.4
Sendhwa 0m52s 12:32:35.8
Taloda 0m41s 12:32:39.8
Shahada 0m21s 12:32:47.8
Shirpur 0m45s 12:32:59.8
Burhanpur 0m46s 12:33:08.5
Chopda 0m51s 12:33:09.1
Raver 0m56s 12:33:11.6
Yaval 0m56s 12:33:16.7
Bhusawal 0m47s 12:33:25.6
Jalgaon 0m26s 12:33:27.3
Daryapur 0m39s 12:33:36.9
Malkapur 0m45s 12:33:39.0
Nandura 0m50s 12:33:43.1
Shegaon 0m52s 12:33:47.1
Akola 0m55s 12:33:51.1
Murtajapur 0m55s 12:33:51.4
Khamgaon 0m32s 12:33:54.2
Balapur 0m43s 12:33:55.7
Karanja 0m50s 12:34:09.3
Yavatmal 0m55s 12:34:14.8
Darwha 0m41s 12:34:21.0
Mul 0m43s 12:34:34.2
Wani 0m53s 12:34:36.6
Pandharkawada 0m34s 12:34:41.1
Chandrapur 0m52s 12:34:43.6
Ballalpur 0m46s 12:34:51.5
Jagdalpur 0m49s 12:35:27.5
Parvatipuram 0m44s 12:35:33.0
Tekkali 0m36s 12:35:34.8
Jeypore 0m46s 12:35:36.9
Koraput 0m46s 12:35:37.9
Palkonda 0m47s 12:35:41.3
Bobbili 0m42s 12:35:47.6
Narasannapeta 0m45s 12:35:49.6
Salur 0m32s 12:35:51.2
Srikakulam 0m25s 12:35:58.7


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