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Notes from the Author   B"H 12/00 - Kislev 5761

This article appeared originally as "Masters of the Blinding Light: What the Jewish People Should Know About the New Age Movement", posted to the Web in 3/97 (Adar Bet 5757) courtesy of the Jewish Student Union, University of Colorado. A copy was filed at that time in the archives of the Sassoon Center for the Study of Antisemitism (Hebrew University, Jerusalem). It was removed from the U of Colorado webserver in 10/99, without notice or explanation. But for those interested, it can still be found on other sites.

This is a newer version with many important additions, as well as updated facts and better links.  As before, all the material in this series is drawn directly from New Age leaders themselves, either as direct quotes or summaries from primary sources. Only occasionally did I resort to second-hand information (someone else writing about the New Age from the outside); these are duly noted and are limited to sources either neutral or favorable to New Age philosophy. Undocumented quotes were considered hearsay and not used at all. [Any of my own comments or opinions are enclosed in brackets like this, to distinguish them from the objective report.]  If anyone has other documented evidence pertaining to any subject addressed here, feel free to contact me.

*NOTE:* There are NO copyright restrictions to any of this material, as far as I am concerned. You may quote, reproduce and distribute it on two conditions: (1) that you leave it as it stands - do not "put words in my mouth" or delete text without making it clear that you've done so; and (2) that it is offered free of charge.

But first, a few words to the different readers checking out these pages.
All the material from this point until Part A are of course my own perceptions.  But they are based on four years of intensive absorption of the New Age mentality, and I submit them with the confidence that they are accurate.


News for Jews involved in New Age groups:

In a nutshell, the 'New Age' is a political/religious movement which seeks to unite the world under the guidance of non-human spirits, in the process singling out Judaism - and eventually the Jewish people - for destruction.  One of the "new" things about the "new" age is a human race purged of all Jewish presence.

"That's ridiculous!..." you will automatically say. If "New Age" stands for anything, it stands for a new era of enlightened equality for all peoples and all religions. Are you willing to test this claim?  If it's true, then we can find New Age leaders everywhere teaching that historical Judaism - the Judaism which survived and developed over 4000 years, known today as "orthodox Judaism" - is as enlightened a religion as any other on the planet, right?  Oops.

"Well, okay -- there is the Jewish people, and then there's Judaism."  The fact that orthodox Judaism is targeted for elimination in the coming new age will come as a shock to some involved in New Age groups which preach 'tolerance for all religions of the world'.  Others are aware of it, but feel that Judaism really is a separatist, arrogant religion, based on an outmoded, narrow code called Torah which has been needlessly restricting humanity; of course it has to go, or at least be overhauled until its distinctives are removed.  But as far as hostility toward ethnic Jewish identity, most New Agers will say with confidence: "No way! Jews are fully accepted in New Age circles."

If you believe this, you've been had! Two things to think about:

1. An assault on Judaism is an attempt to eliminate the Jews.  At the risk of stating the obvious, if there were no actual Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; no event in history called the Exodus; no Sinai experience, or "Promised Land", or "chosen people"; and especially no "God of Israel" who did the choosing and the promising... then there is no legitimate basis for carrying on about descendants called "Jews".  In this framework, Jewish heritage can no doubt be appreciated for its edifying fables.  But Jewish heritage cannot be allowed to intrude on real-world politics, religious consensus or social conscience -- anymore than Little Red Riding Hood can file assault charges in a court of law against the Big Bad Wolf.

If the Jewish Bible does not chronicle a real history of the Jews, then all that we have are people living in delusions of identity, and insisting that the rest of the world play along. (This is exactly what New Age architect Alice Bailey concluded.)  Like a deranged individual who can't separate fantasy from reality, the Jews are dysfunctional at best, and possibly dangerous to themselves and others.  In dealing with those who refuse to give up the fantasy, isolation and confinement may be necessary for the good of all.

You have just had a glimpse into the internal logic of "The Plan" (the unassuming title New Age leaders have given their agenda).  The Jewish people, whether they know it or not, are a dysfunctional segment of humanity.  Anyone who humors them is not doing them or the world any favors.  Their rehabilitation must begin by eliminating the religion which gave them these delusions -- a religion so powerful that it unfortunately has infected other religions and peoples with a belief in the One G-d as revealed to Israel.

To set things right, part of New Age "transformation of society" involves spreading disinformation about the Jewish religion.  There is no concern here for factual accuracy. Truth is irrelevant to the art of molding public opinion in an Entity War (as New Ager and UN leader Robert Muller has described it). The goal behind delegitimization of this religion is to remove its influence from other spiritual systems (especially from Christianity, the daughter religion of Judaism and the most "corrupted" by it).  If possible, the goal is to remove Jews from its influence as well; and those who crave to be accepted by the world will eagerly help them trash Judaism... and their peoplehood along with it.  As for Jews who refuse to give up this "identity" delusion, The Plan has a final solution (benevolent of course).

If you support the "progressive" idea that Jews have a future without the "old-age" Judaism, then dare to test it. Go out and see if you can find Jewish children raised without loyalty to Torah, who still care to identify themselves as Jews.  You will find some - but then search for their children.... Talk to the many who have left the Jewish label behind as irrelevant, and you will find them both intelligent and brutally honest.  They have simply faced the truth more squarely than their parents: "the new Judaism" cannot justify itself to the next generation. (This is not to be confused with those who reject Judaism for hypocrisy, lukewarm worship, racial arrogance, all of which are sins against Torah - this is a completely different issue which is legitimate and will be discussed elsewhere.  Here I mean the "new Judaism" which rejects Torah itself as the sin.)

2. The New Age is founded on spiritual racism.  If you believe Jewish people are accepted as equals in the coming Age of Aquarius, you are uninformed concerning the doctrine of "racial karma".  This is a basic teaching of Theosophy, the mainspring of the New Age Movement, and is expanded in the writings of Alice A. Bailey.  It limits all Jews to inferior spiritual status, regardless of their "enlightened behavior".  Never heard of it?  This series of articles is dedicated to acquainting you with this and other foundational teachings of New Age philosophy which are "overlooked" in courses for seekers, seminars for world servers, and low-level initiations into esoteric schools and societies.  The truth of my claims can be verified by anyone with access to the unabridged works of key New Age leaders quoted in the series.


Facts for Debunkers and Skeptics:

1. "Is this another hysterical conspiracy theory?"  Your skepticism is understandable and necessary. However, to my knowledge this is the first conspiracy which has proudly called itself one, and gone public with details of its agenda.  The ringleaders display a confidence and an openness that plainly says (rightly or wrongly) that no one can stop them. What is more unsettling, they are convinced that no one in his right mind will WANT to stop them.  Not even the Jews.  Their antisemitism is presented as benevolent correction which will be embraced by the Jews themselves -- once they really understand their need.  Let me be clear here: New Agers generally do NOT hate the Jews.  But this makes their Plan no less antisemitic... and far more dangerous.

"The Rainbow Swastika" is a condensed description of the philosophy and plans of this so-called Enlightenment - from their own sources. Everything mentioned in this series is publicly distributed by various NA groups. You can verify each statement for yourself.  As I stated above, the material is either directly quoted or summarized from explanations by leading New Age spokesmen and their disciples - not what others say about them.  Direct quotes are noted with the source, and sources for my summaries can be provided.  Those sources which I know are available on the Internet are hot-linked for your convenience. Any comments of my own or from non-NA sources are in [brackets]. Only the last part (A Jewish Response) is completely drawn from my own thoughts.

2. "Who's worried about a lunatic fringe group?"  As you will see later, Alice Bailey was one of the most antisemitic occultists of this century.  For those who insist that Bailey's doctrine is safely marginalized among obscure occultists, it will come as a shock to discover that she was indirectly awarded the UNESCO Peace Education Prize in 1989, and that her teachings are already incorporated in schools around the world, including U.S. public schools (via the "Goals 2000" program). "Lunatic," perhaps. "Fringe"? No longer.  Especially not with global star Robert Muller openly promoting her teachings.

The "Benevolent Conspiracy" (as New Age leader Marilyn Ferguson called it, back in 1980) has been so successful that today it is the standard for social, political and religious acceptability.  It is consciously supported by a surprising number of prominent public figures and grassroots groups (although not all are aware of the antisemitism), and its teachings are being unknowingly absorbed by many more.  For these reasons alone, it is urgent that we be informed about their platform.

I have heard from skeptics who don't doubt the existence of a New Age conspiracy (benevolent or otherwise), and who recognize the danger to the Jewish people, but who are sure that such a movement will never have the world support to pull off its agenda. They point to the repeated postponements of New Age predictions of a World Teacher emerging by a certain date to guide mankind into a 'planetary (Luciferic) initiation', a one-world government and a "new age".  These delays are actually the result of Divine veto - for now - which New Agers indirectly acknowledge and which they unable to circumvent.  To attribute these glitches to a disorganized movement is dangerous, and ignores the fact that the growth of New Age influence worldwide is solidifying exponentially each year.  Read before you scoff, please.

3. "You can't generalize about the New Age Movement; it's too broad and variable for all those groups to be lumped with Alice Bailey." Whether they name Bailey as the source for their beliefs is not important - the test is whether they embrace her philosophy.  I have yet to find a group calling itself "New Age" that does not anticipate and welcome the demise of the "Old Age". Most do not question who set the parameters for the "old" which has to go, they do not presume to challenge the "Ancient Wisdom".  If they are reciting The Great Invocation, relying on spirit guides for enlightenment, denouncing "separatism" as the world's great evil, and/or denigrating Judaism as "an outmoded spiritual system", then they are Bailey's disciples teaching Bailey's creeds. [For other commonalities, see below]


Notes for Opponents of New Age Teaching:

It's a rare individual these days who does not have a friend or relative mesmerized by the New Age light-and-love doubletalk.  If you do, you know how painful it is to watch someone close to you losing their psychological stability, abandoning their normal responsibilities and relationships, and slipping away into a self-absorbed quest for do-it-yourself godhood (doomed to fail again and again). The linked information below will add to your distress -- especially if you and/or your friend are Jewish.  But you also gain insight as to how someone could fall for such empty promises and contradictions.  That insight can give you leverage to help them get back to solid ground. If you have faith in the G-d of Israel, you will find Him an interested and indispensible Ally in rescuing the people you care about.

Even if you don't personally know someone who has been turned upside-down by New Age thinking, if you are Jewish and/or love the Jewish people, you have an interest in preserving the Jewish community, and in defending them against plots to eliminate them.  But you can't fight what you don't understand.  So, whatever your motivations, here are some basic facts to equip you:

1. Different new branches, same old roots: The premises of New Age (NA hereafter), sometimes called the New World Order, are most clearly mapped out in a religious society called Theosophy (founded 1875 by Helena Blavatsky), which coined many of the "code words" found in this material and which remains a prime source for piecing together NA foundations.  Most if not all of NA concepts predate Theosophy, as its founder freely admitted.  They borrowed heavily from classical Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, with large doses of Gnosticism, astrology and other occultic power-quests. So despite the name "New" Age, we are surveying an ancient system of worship, found in various forms around the world (Babylonian, Egyptian, Norse, Atlantian, Pan/animist, American Indian, and other religions dependent on enpowerment from various spirit-guides).  This is why New Age teaching is so easily adapted to so many cultures.  Alice Bailey, the next major NA leader, "channeled" the extensive directives for the framework of the New Age -- what she called the New World Order -- and fully subscribed to Theosophy as well.

2. Logic not required: The discerning reader will notice some NA statements that contradict others, especially regarding good and evil, fate and choice, equality and elitism, truth and falsehood, and the origins of Maitreya / Lucifer.  Pointing out these contradictions to hard-core New Agers will not cause them to doubt. Since they have accepted the Hindu worldview that truth, good and reality are whatever each finds within himself (at any given moment), they will patiently reply that your demand for consistency in any of these is arbitrary, unimaginative and unnecessarily narrow. Do not expect logical analysis, empirical observation or comparative argument to be taken seriously, as NAers respect subjective experience only (and then only for the one who experienced it first-hand).  There are also a few contradictions about the origin of the Jews, but interestingly there are no contradictions about the destiny of those who insist on retaining the faith of their fathers.

3. Deliberate riddles:  Public pronouncements and teachings of New Age leaders, although usually in English, can seem like a foreign language - recognizable terms are used in unintelligible contexts or given contradictory associations. These are known in esoteric societies as 'blinds' or code words - riddles deliberately coded to convey still-classified information over the heads of the uninitiated or hostile observers. The blinds used in New Age are many, and match those used in the occult (per Helena Blavatsky, _The Secret Doctrine_, p.435).  Thus, we on the outside can know only as much as NA spokesmen see fit to tell us; as in all occult groups some information is presumably shared only with top-level initiates.  However, the riddles are being publicly unlocked with increasing frequency on a voluntary basis, showing that NA sees its power base as sufficient to withstand any hostility to its agenda.  In other cases, there are "leaks" by high-level leaders who have jumped ship, showing that even hard-core NA loyalists are prone to disillusionment after years of self-made reality.

4. Exploiting naive idealists:  From my personal experience, I find there is a surprising number of people applauding the "New World Order", "the Age of Aquarius", the "new Humanity" or the "Ancient Wisdom", who are woefully uninformed as to where all this came from and where it is leading. This is often because they have chosen to back one attractive NA issue without checking the foundations of the Movement, or because they haven't checked a range of NA sources. Most of these supporters are in the lower ranks, many of them working hard for their causes in the conviction that NA will really make the world a better place for everyone, Jews included.  It is in the interest of the upper leadership to promote this illusion and keep working-level New Agers from catching on to the real agenda, since many would refuse to cooperate if they knew.  Even so, there is already enough talk about 'global purges', destined to wipe out 80% or more of the world's population, to make it clear that not only the Jews, but many dedicated "world servers", will be judged unfit for the New Age once the elite power structure is in place.  It takes time for these dedicated "light-workers" to digest the fact that they are being used and lied to, and sometimes there is a period of denial, but they deserve to know the truth.  I therefore recommend passing this information not only to opponents of the New Age but also to its supporters -- and doubly so if they are Jews or are married to Jews.

The series begins immediately below, with links to all the segments at the end.  Feedback, of course, is welcome and even expected - whether your response is appreciation, doubt or outrage.  My only request is that you read everything before responding. -- HN





by Hannah Newman --

"A leaderless but powerful network is working to bring about radical change in the United States.
Its members have broken with certain key elements of Western thought,
and they may have broken continuity with history....
Broader than reform, deeper than revolution, this benign conspiracy
for a new human agenda has triggered the most rapid cultural realignment in history.
This great shuddering, irrevocable shift overtaking us
is not a new political, religious, philosophical system.
It is a new mind - the ascendence of a startling worldview."
(New Age leader Marilyn Ferguson, _The Aquarian Conspiracy_, p.23)

A. How Big a Conspiracy?

_The Aquarian Conspiracy_ by 'Marilyn Ferguson' (pub. 1980) was the first major book by NA leadership claiming to catalog the extent of their movement.  Ferguson had proclaimed then: "They have coalesced into small groups in every town and institution.  They have formed what one called 'national non-organizations.'  Some conspirators are keenly aware of the national, even international, scope of the movement and are active in linking others.... There are legions of conspirators... in corporations, universities, hospitals, on the faculties of public schools, in factories, in doctors' offices, in state and federal agencies, on city councils and the White House staff, in state legislatures, in volunteer organizations, in virtually all arenas of policy-making in the country [U.S.]... [including] at the cabinet level of the United States Government." (_The Aquarian Conspiracy_, p.23, 24, 235).

Wasn't she exaggerating?  Considering the statements of other like-minded spokespeople which we will examine in this series, and the tremendous changes our society has experienced since this New Age manifesto was published, it's more accurate to say that Ferguson broke it to us gently.  We are indeed confronting "a new mind" being orchestrated on a global scale.  Only it is not "new".  [Nor is its conspiracy "benign" from a Jewish point of view, as we will see.]

Contrary to past esoteric groups which were shrouded in secrecy, New Age is quite obliging in identifying the members of their "benign conspiracy", whom the leading spokesmen claim are all supportive of "The Plan" for a "New World Order".  The extent to which NA thought has become acceptable is evidenced by the fact that the writings of Alice A. Bailey, the main architect of the Plan, and Helena P. Blavatsky, the "grandmother of New Age", can now be accessed online - complete with outrageous passages about the Jews and Judaism. [My quotes from these two are drawn from these online versions.] New Age "Directories" have been on sale since the early 1970s, and mushroomed in 1975 when the movement received "transmissions" from "the ascended Masters" (their spirit guides) to go public. One such early directory (_International New Consciousness Directory_, New Age Media, 1979) contained 10,000 groups (excluding branches) in North America alone. [One can only guess at the number after 20+ years.... so I cannot list more than a representative sample.  Many of the entries are from the research of U.S. attorney Constance Cumbey and are listed in her work _The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow_.]

1. There are umbrella groups actively "networking" other smaller organizations into the Plan. Here is a partial list of the older, more established groups: the International Cooperation Council (since changed to Unity in Diversity - a network of 300+ organizations), Lucis Trust (publisher of Alice Bailey's books, once called Lucifer Publishing; also the parent org of World Goodwill), Stanford Research Institute (educational material, including a "New Age Manifesto"), the Lorian Association (headed by David Spangler), Share International (headed by Benjamin Creme), Amnesty International, World Federalists (world politics), The Networking Institute (prominent in the Far East), The New Group of World Servers (social action, founded by Bailey), "Whole Earth catalogs" (environment and nutrition, with esoteric religion thrown in), the First Earth Battalion (US Military), Planetary Citizens (global politics), the Rainbow Coalition (interracial unity), The Temple of Understanding (interfaith dialog, closely connected with the UN), New York's Cathedral of St. John the Divine (home to the previous group and others), the Pacific Institute (courses for management).

Most of the network umbrella groups have some connection with Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose, run by a "World Council of Wise Persons" and/or a "Coordinating Council" [not known if they are the same].  This group publicizes dates of its meetings at the UN, and is not shy about publicizing names of past and present "Wise Persons": Buckminster Fuller, Norman Cousins, Dr. Carlos Romulo, Brooke Newell (once VP of Chase Manhattan Bank), Gerhard Elston (ex-director of Amnesty International), Helen Kramer (Int'l Assoc. of Machinists), Robert Muller (Chancellor, UN University for Peace), Donald Keys (of Planetary Citizens).

2. Philosophical and/or religious societies [they define themselves as philosophical or educational to avoid legal complications with US constitutional law, but they are religious in nature] which were founded by New Age figures in obedience to spirit-guides, and which teach occult enlightenment through spirit-guides: Arcane School, Seven Rays Institute, Anthroposophy, Waldorf schools, Theosophical Society, Transcendental Meditation, 'A Course in Miracles' (interfaith study group), New Thought courses, Silva Mind Control, New Acropolis, Scientology, to name a few. [Ironically, many of these groups, even those with decidedly racist teachings, have found a ready following in Israel, of all places. See relevant entries in the Missionizing section.]

3. Prominent individuals who publicly laud(ed) the New World Order described by Bailey include world-class figures (some of whom have since passed away): Willie Brant (German ex-chancellor), Prof. J. Tinbergen (Nobel Prize winner), George Bush (ex-U.S. president), Robert Kennedy (veteran U.S. Senator, former Attorney General), Margaret Mead (anthropologist), Carl Rogers (psychotherapist), Eric Fromm (psychologist), Barbara Marx Hubbard (Democratic nominee for VP in 1984), Robert Muller (former Asst. UN Secretary General), U Thant (Muller's UN boss and mentor), Donald Keys (founder of Planetary Initiative and pivotal UN figure), Aurelio Peccei (founder of the Club of Rome), Isaac Asimov (scientist and sci-fi writer), Alvin Toffler (author of 'Future Shock'), George Christie (founder of Intelsat Consortium of 106 countries), pop singers John Denver and Judy Collins, historians William Irwin Thompson and Theodore Roszak, actress Shirley MacLaine, psychic Edgar Cayce. [Actually, the list is getting so long it would be easier to list those who actively oppose NA goals.]

4. Aggressive promotion of the New Age agenda, besides through the above organizations, is going on through the following more general groups and activities: Montessori, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Zero Population Growth, Planned Parenthood, Hunger Project, Voluntary Simplicity, Bread for the World, most disarmament groups, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, Skull and Bones (Yale fraternity), the International Legal Commission (UN consultant), UNESCO (key UN agency), World Council of Churches (ecumenical Christian),  Unitarian churches, Bahai and Sufi sects (Moslem), The Door (NYC medical facility), many interfaith dialog projects, most health food stores, the entertainment industry.

[Note: many well-meaning people participate in these, simply from a desire to further international understanding or make the world a better place. For the innocent souls who have not learned what "planetary initiation" and "global cleansing action" mean to New Agers, a rude awakening is coming, especially if they are Jewish.]

5. According to Ferguson, governmental groups (U.S.) which have embraced New Age include: the Department of Defense (invited Ferguson as keynote speaker at their annual dinner in 1982, shortly after her book circulated), the National Institute of Mental Health, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Industrial giants which require their managers to attend New Age seminars: General Motors, AT&T, Chrysler Corporation, several oil companies, Lockheed, Blue Cross-Blue Shield. [Ferguson's list is 20+ years old at this point; we can assume the NA influence to be significantly wider by now.] New Age teaching has entered the school systems through the World Core Curriculum, written by Robert Muller, promoted by the UN, and acknowledged to be based on "the teachings set forth in the books of Alice A Bailey by the Tibetan Teacher, Djwhal Khul." (WCC Manual, Preface)

How Can Something This Big Function?
Described by Ferguson (_Aquarian Conspiracy_) as the opposite of a beaurocracy, "Its organizational chart would resemble a badly knotted fishnet.... Its center is everywhere.... Its life does not hinge on any one [group or leader]." The networks take the same action, she said, not because they collude together, but because they share the same assumptions.  "The shared assumptions are the collusion." (p.217) In other words, they are evidence of design, but not human design.

NA spokesmen have no anxiety about their movement being sabotaged from within, due to their deliberate structure of the "badly knotted fishnet". Each network is independent of the others and no one organization or leader is indispensable; therefore, anyone causing a PR disaster or deciding to fight the Plan can be eliminated without damaging the network, with others taking over the function. [The Jim Jones Guyana fiasco was a good example: the _Spiritual Community Guide_ of 1972 listed his People's Temple as a 'New Age spiritual center'; after the mass suicide, _New Age Magazine_ branded him as "a dangerous example of Christian fundamentalism" and he was quietly removed from the Guide. The switch is documented by Cumbey, _Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow_, p.60]

Although it is claimed that New Age has no central core or structure, there are numerous organizational charts, a world center (Findhorn Community in Scotland), and several "holy sites" where "masters" can be found - including Jerusalem [which helps explain world pressure to delegitimize this city as Israel's capital and the seat of Judaism]. NA has its priesthood too, certain spokesmen whose words are received as law. They include: Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Benjamin Creme, David Spangler, Marilyn Ferguson, Mark Satin, Peter LeMesurier, Maharishi Yogi, George Gurdjieff, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, H.G. Wells, Nicholas Roerich, Buckminster Fuller, George Trevelyan. [One of the most popular and influential priests today is Robert Muller, who I consider to be Alice Bailey's direct heir. Keep an eye on him if you want to track new developments in global-level NA.]  Certain popular spirit guides being channeled today are taken so seriously that they are hosted at the United Nations, through an unpublicized group called SEAT, the "Society for Enlightenment and Transformation" - these spirits include: Kryon, Lord Maitreya and "The Group" .

New Age "Bibles" (books studied and meticulously applied) are where one can find detailed New Age goals and instructions.  Some of these are: _Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom_ (Creme), (Bailey)  _The Secret Doctrine_ (Blavatsky) [Aryan race theory], _Revelation: the Birth of a New Age_ (Spangler) [describing the 'Luciferic initiation' as a NA requirement], _The Open Conspiracy, Blueprints for a World Revolution_ (Wells) (calls for "destructive criticism of personal-immortality religions"), _The Critical Path_ (Fuller) [plans for undermining monotheistic religions by use of computers], _The Armageddon Script_ (LeMesurier) (plans to stage a "second coming of Christ" to satisfy Christian expectations), _The New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality_ (Muller) (calls for the New Age to begin in 2000, p.186).  Other, more ancient books which are studied include _The Aquarian Gospel_ (a gnostic work) and the _Urantia_ series (source unknown).  All of Alice Bailey's works are studied, including _Externalisation of the Hierarchy_, _The Rays and the Initiations_, _Education in the New Age_ and _The Problems of Humanity_ [these give information about the Plan for the New World Order, the problem of the Jews and the evils of their G-d].

Regardless of claims that the movement has no basic required doctrine, there is no group calling itself "New Age" that does not revere "The Plan" and "The Great Invocation" (the New Age prayer for the Plan's success), both transmitted by Bailey from her 'spirit guide', an entity called "Djwhal Khul" (often shortened these days to "DK"). While the Invocation is marketed as a generic prayer adaptable to all religions and deities, its careful wording has been handed down from Alice Bailey's spirit guide and explained to higher-level initiates as an invitation to the 'Hierarchy of Ascended Masters' to "anchor the Plan on earth" and to return the "ruler of humanity" (Lucifer) to his rightful place at the head of an adoring world.

The following parts in the series describe in more detail the doctrine supported by New Age leaders in key positions today, its tenets traced back to the writings of Alice Bailey and/or Helena Blavatsky.

This concludes Segment A.  [next segment, please...]    

Links to the rest of the series: THE RAINBOW SWASTIKA





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