The Bible History
Old Testament

Alfred Edersheim


Volume 4
The History of Israel Under Samuel,
Saul, and David, to the Birth of Solomon

CHAPTER 1—Purport and Lessons of the Books of Samuel - Eli - Hannah's Prayer and Vow - Birth of Samuel - Dedication of the Child - Hannah's Song
CHAPTER 2—The Sin of Eli's Sons - Eli's Weakness - A Prophet's Message - Samuel's First Vision - His Call to the Prophetic Office
CHAPTER 3—Expedition Against the Philistines - The Two Battles of Ebenezer - Death of Eli's Sons, and Taking of the Ark - Death of Eli - Judgment on the Philistine Cities - The Return of the Ark
CHAPTER 4—Samuel As Prophet - The Gathering at Mizpeh - Battle of Ebenezer; Its Consequences - Samuel's Administration-The Demand for a King
CHAPTER 5—The Calling of Saul - Occasion of his Interview with Samuel - Samuel Communes with Saul - Saul is Anointed King - The Three "Signs" - Their Deeper Significance
CHAPTER 6—Saul Chosen King at Mizpeh - His Comparative Privacy - Incursion of Nahash - Relief of Jabesh-gilead - Popular Assembly at Gilgal - Address of Samuel
CHAPTER 7—Saul Marches against the Philistines - Position of the two Camps - Jonathan's Feat of Arms - Saul Retreats to Gilgal - Terror among the People - Saul's Disobedience to the Divine Command, and Rejection of his Kingdom
CHAPTER 8—Camps of Israel and of the Philistines - Jonathan and his Armor-bearer - Panic Among the Philistines, and Flight - Saul's Rash Vow - The "Lot" cast at Ajalon - Cessation of the War
CHAPTER 9—The War Against Amalek - Saul's Disobedience, and its Motives - Samuel Commissioned to announce Saul's Rejection - Agag Hewn in Pieces
CHAPTER 10—Samuel Mourns for Saul - He is directed to the house of Jesse - Anointing of David - Preparation of David for the Royal Office - The "Evil Spirit from the Lord" upon Saul - David is sent to Court - War with the Philistines - Combat between David and Goliath - Friendship of David and Jonathan
CHAPTER 11—Saul's Jealousy, and Attempts upon David's Life - David marries Michal - Ripening of Saul's Purpose of Murder - David's Flight to Samuel - Saul among the Prophets - David Finally leaves the Court of Saul
CHAPTER 12—David at Nob - Observed by Doeg - Flight to Gath - David feigns Madness - The Cave of Adullam - Shelter in Moab - Return to the land of Israel - Jonathan's Last Visit - Persecutions by Saul
CHAPTER 13—Saul in David's Power at En-gedi - The Story of Nabal - Saul a second time in David's power
CHAPTER 14—David's Second Flight to Gath - Residence at Ziklag - Expedition of the Philistines Against Israel - Saul at Jezreel He resorts to the Witch at Endor - Apparition and Message of Samuel - David has to Leave the Army of the Philistines - Capture of Ziklag by the Amalekites - Pursuit and Victory of David
CHAPTER 15—The Battle on Mount Gilboa - Death of Saul - Rescue of the bodies by the men of Jabesh-gilead - David punishes the false Messenger of Saul's Death - David king at Hebron -Ish-bosheth king at Mahanaim - Battle between the forces of Abner and Joab - Abner Deserts the cause of Ish-bosheth - Murder of Abner - Murder of Ish-bosheth
CHAPTER 16—David anointed King over all Israel - Taking of Fort Zion - Philistine Defeat - The Ark brought to Jerusalem - Liturgical Arrangements and Institutions
CHAPTER 17—David's Purpose of Building the Temple, and its Postponement - The "Sure Mercies" of David in the Divine Promise - David's Thanksgiving
CHAPTER 18—Wars of David Great Ammonite and Syrian Campaign against Israel - Auxiliaries in turn Defeated - The Capital of Moab is taken - Edom subdued - Record of David's officers - His Kindness to Mephibosheth
CHAPTER 19—Siege of Rabbah - David's great Sin - Death of Uriah - Taking of Rabbah - David's seeming Prosperity - God's Message through Nathan - David's Repentance - The Child of Bathsheba dies - Birth of Solomon

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