The Bible History
Old Testament

Alfred Edersheim


Volume 5
Birth Of Solomon To Reign Of Ahab

CHAPTER 1 - CLOSE OF DAVID’S REIGN — Jewish View of the History of David — Amnon’s Crime — Absalom’s Vengeance — Flight of Absalom — The Wise Woman of Tekoah — Absalom Returns to Jerusalem — His Conspiracy — David’s Flight
CHAPTER 2 — Ahithophel’s Twofold Advice — Hushai Prevents Imminent Danger — David is Informed, and Crosses the Jordan — The Battle in the Forest — Death of Absalom — Mourning of David — David’s Measures — Return to Gilgal — Barzillai and Joab as Representative Men of their Period — Federal Republican Rising under Sheba — Murder of Amasa — Death of Sheba.
CHAPTER 3 - APPENDIX TO THE HISTORY OF DAVID — The Famine — The Pestilence — The Temple Arrangements — David’s Last Hymn and Prophetic Utterance.
CHAPTER 4 - REIGN OF SOLOMON — Adonijah’s Attempt to Seize the Throne — Anointing of Solomon — Great Assembly of the Chiefs of the People — Dying Charge of David — Adonijah’s Second Attempt and Punishment — Execution of Joab and of Shimei.
CHAPTER 5 — Solomon Marries the Daughter of Pharaoh — His Sacrifice at Gibeon — His Dream and Prayer — Solomon’s Wisdom — Solomon’s Officers and Court — Prosperity of the Country — Understanding and Knowledge of the King.
CHAPTER 6 — The Building of Solomon’s Temple — Preparations for it — Plan and Structure of the Temple, Internal Fittings — History of the Temple — Jewish Traditions.
CHAPTER 7 — Dedication of the Temple — When it took Place — Connection with the Feast of Tabernacles — The Consecration Services — The King’s Part in Them — Symbolical Meaning of the Great Institutions in Israel — The Prayer of Consecration — Analogy to the Lord’s Prayer — The Consecration — Thanksgiving and Offerings.
CHAPTER 8 — The Surroundings of the Temple — Description of Jerusalem at the Time of Solomon — The Palace of Solomon — Solomon’s Fortified Cities — External Relations of the Kingdom — Internal State — Trade — Wealth — Luxury — The Visit of the Queen of Sheba.
CHAPTER 9 — Solomon’s Court — His Polygamy — Spread of Foreign Ideas in the Country — Imitation of Foreign Manners — Growing Luxury — Solomon’s Spiritual Decline — Judgment Predicted — Solomon’s Enemies: Hadad, Rezon, Jeroboam — Causes of Popular Discontent — Ahijah’s Prediction of the Disruption — Jeroboam’s Rebellion and Flight into Egypt — Death of Solomon.
CHAPTER 10 - REHOBOAM FIRST KING OF JUDAH — Family of Solomon — Age of Rehoboam — His Character — Religious History of Israel and Judah — The Assembly at Shechem — Jeroboam’s Return from Egypt — Rehoboam’s Answer to the Deputies in Shechem — Revolt of the Ten Tribes — The Reigns of Rehoboam and of Jeroboam — Invasion of judah by Shishak — Church and State in Israel — Rehoboam’s Attempt to Recover Rule over the Ten Tribes — His Family History — Religious Decline in Israel, and its Consequences.
CHAPTER 11 - JEROBOAM, FIRST KING OF ISRAEL — Political Measures of Jeroboam — The Golden Calves — The New Priesthood and the New Festival — The Man of Elohim from Judah — His Message and Sign — Jeroboam Struck by Jehovah and Miraculously Restored — Invitation to the Man of Elohim — Heathen View of Miracles — The Old Prophet — Return of the Man of Elohim to Bethel — Judgment on his Disobedience — Character of the Old Prophet and of the Man of Elohim — Sickness of the Pious Child of Jeroboam — Mission of his Mother to Ahijah — Predicted Judgment — Death of the Child — Remaining Notices of Jeroboam.
CHAPTER 12 - ABIJAH AND ASA, KINGS OF JUDAH — Accession of Abijah — His iIdolatry — War Between Judah and Israel — Abijah’s Address to Israel and Victory — Deaths of Jeroboam and of Abijah — Accession of Asa — Religious Reformation in Judah — Invasion by Zerah the Ethiopian — Victory of Zephathah — Azariah’s Message to the Army of Asa — Great Sacrificial Feast at Jerusalem — Renewal of the Covenant with Jehovah.
CHAPTER 13 - ASA, KING OF JUDAH — HADAB, BAASHA, ELAH, ZIMRI, TIBNI, AND OMRI, KINGS OF ISRAEL — Reign of Nadab — His Murder by Baasha — War Between Judah and Israel — Baasha’s Alliance with Syria — Asa Gains over Ben-Hadad — Prophetic Message to Asa — Resentment of the King — Asa’s Religious Decline — Death of Asa, Death of Baasha, Reign of Elah — His Murder by Zimri — Omri Dethrones Zimri — War Between Omri and Tibni — Rebuilding of Samaria.
CHAPTER 14 - ASA AND JEHOSHAPHAT, KINGS OF JUDAH - AHAB, KING OF ISRAEL — Accession of Ahab — Further Religious Decline in Israel — Political Relations Between Israel and Judah — Accession of Jehoshaphat — Ahab’s Marriage with Jezebel — The Worship of Baal and Astarte Established in Israel — Character of Ahab — Religious Reforms in Judah — Jehoshaphat Joins Affinity with Ahab — Marriage of Jehoram with Athaliah, and Its Consequences.
CHAPTER 15 - AHAB, KING OF ISRAEL— Rebuilding of Jericho — The Mission of Elijah — His Character and Life — Elijah’s First Appearance — Parallelism with Noah, Moses, and John the Baptist — Elijah’s Message to King Ahab — Sojourn by the Brook Cherith — Elijah with the Widow of Sarepta — The Barrel of Meal Wastes Not, Nor Does the Cruse of Oil Fail — Lessons of His Sojourn — Sickness and Death of the Widow’s Son — He is Miraculously Restored to Life

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