The Bible History
Old Testament

Alfred Edersheim


Volume 7
From The Decline Of The Two Kingdoms
To The Assyrian And Babylonian Captivity

CHAPTER 1—Athaliah, (Seventh) Queen, and Jehoash, (Eighth) King of Judah—Murder of the remaining Princes of Judah by Athaliah - Rescue of Jehoash, and his Preservation in the Temple - Reign of Athaliah - The Revolution inaugurated by Jehoiada - Proclamation and Coronation of Jehoash - Death of Athaliah - Destruction of the House of Baal - New Settlement in Church and State.
CHAPTER 2—Jehoash, or Joash, (Eighth) King of Judah. Jehu, (Eleventh) King of Israel—Character of Athaliah, of Jehoiada, and of Joash - Lessons of this History - Early Reign of Joash - Repair of the Temple - Death of Jehoiada - Counter-reformation - Murder of Zechariah - Invasion by the Syrians - Conspiracy against Joash - Murder of the King.
CHAPTER 3—Joash, (Eighth) King of Judah. Jehoahaz and Jehoash, (Twelfth and Thirteenth) Kings of Israel—Accession of Jehoahaz - Chronology of the Period - Character of his Reign - Wars with Syria - The Assyrian Monuments - The Prayer of Jehoahaz and its Answer - Re-arrangement of the Text - Spiritual Lessons of this History - Accession of Jehoash - The Dynasty of Jehu and Reversal of the Policy of Ahab - The new Relation to the Prophets - Explanation of it - The Three Fundamental Principles in the bearing of the Prophets - Last Interview between Jehoash and Elisha - its Lessons - The Miracle after Elisha's Death - Victories over Syria.
CHAPTER 4—Amaziah, (Ninth) King of Judah. Jehoash, (Thirteenth) King of Israel—Accession of Amaziah - Character of his Reign - Military Preparations - The Hiring of Israelitish Mercenaries, Warning of the Prophet, and Dismissal of the Auxiliaries - "The Valley of Salt" - Defeat of the Edomites - March upon Petra - Description of Petra - Slaughter of the Captives - Introduction of Edomite Idolatry - The Challenge of Amaziah to Jehoash, and his Reply - Defeat of Judah - Capture and Plunder of Jerusalem - Conspiracy against Amaziah - Flight to Lachish - Murder of the King.
CHAPTER 5—Azariah or Uzziah, (Tenth) King of Judah. Jeroboam II., (Fourteenth) King of Israel—Accession of Azariah or Uzziah - Reign of Jeroboam II. - Restoration of Israelitish Territory - Political Causes and Divine Agency in these Successes - Corruption of the People - Scattered Historical Notices - New Phase in Prophecy - Its Characteristic - The two Prophets on the Boundary-line - Prophets of that Period: Joel, Amos, Hosea, Jonah.
CHAPTER 6—Azariah, or Uzziah, (Tenth) King of Judah—State of Judah at the Accession of Uzziah - Account of his Reign in the Book of Kings - Re-occupation of Elath - Religious Condition of Judah - Expedition against the Philistines and neighboring Tribes - Occupation of Trans-Jordanic Territory - Restoration and Extension of the Fortifications of Jerusalem - Re-organization - Prosperity of the Country - Growing Pride and Corruption - The Sacrilege of Uzziah - His Leprosy and Death - Jewish Legends.
CHAPTER 7—Uzziah (Tenth), Jotham (Eleventh), and Ahaz, (Twelfth) King of Judah. Zachariah (Fifteenth), Shallum (Sixteenth), Menahem (Seventeenth), Pekahiah (Eighteenth), Pekah, (Nineteenth) King of Israel—Accession and Murder of Zachariah - Accession and Death of Shallum - Accession of Menahem - Taking and Back of Tiphsah - Accession and Victories of Pul or Tiglath-pileser II. of Assyria - Tribute to Assyria - Accession and Murder of Pekahiah - Military Revolution and Accession of Pekah - Aooession and Reign of Jotham in Judah - Syro-lsraelitish League against Judah - Accession of Ahaz in Judah - Character of his Reign - The new Idolatry - Changes in the Temple and its Worship.
CHAPTER 8—Ahaz, (Twelfth) King, of Judah. Pekah (Nineteenth), Hoshea, (Twentieth) King of Israel—Import of the Changes introduced by Ahaz - Purpose of the Syro-Israelitish League - Taking of Elath, Success of Rezin, and Victory of Pekah - Siege of Jerusalem - Appeal to Assyria - Message of Isaiah - Withdrawal of the Allies - Danger from Assyria - The Prophet Oded and Liberation of the Judaean Captives - Lessons of it - The Name Shear Yashub - Assyrian March upon Israel - Capture and Annexation of Naphtali - Further Campaign - Taking of Samaria - Revolution, and Murder of Pekah - Succession of Hoshea - Transportation of Israelites - Siege and Capture of Damascus - Death of Rezin - Cessation of the Syrian Power.
CHAPTER 9—Hoshea, (Twentieth) King of Israel—Summary of this History - Accession of Hoshea - Religious Character of his Reign - Death of Tiglath-pileser and Accession of Shalmaneser IV. - Expedition into Palestine and Submission of Hoshea - Attempted Alliance of Israel with Egypt - Hoshea made a Prisoner - Siege of Samaria - Account of it in the Assyrian Inscriptions - Accession of Sargon - Capture of Samaria - Deportation of Israel - Localities of their Exile - The new Colonists of Samaria and their Religion - Lessons of this History.
CHAPTER 10—Hezekiah, (Thirteenth) King of Judah. (Twentieth) King of Israel—Accession of Hezekiah - Political Circumstances of the Times - Religion the only True National Policy - The Position of Assyria in relation to Judah - Religion the Central Principle of Hezekiah's Reign - Idolatry Abolished in Judah - Restoration of the Temple Services - Purification of the Temple - Services of Re. Consecration - Celebration of the Pass-over - Invitation to the Northern Tribes - Subsequent Festival - Re-arrangement of the Temple-Services - Provision for Priests and Levites - General Inferences - Activity of Hezekiah in regard to the Canon of Scripture.
CHAPTER 11—Hezekiah (Thirteenth) King of Judah—Outward Events of the Reign of Hezekiah - Victory over the Philistines - League against Sargon -  Assyrian Advance and Submission of Judah - Sennacherib - The Assyrian Inscriptions Their Account of the Assyrian Invasion of Judah - Victories of Sennacherib - Assyrian Misrepresentation of Events - The Biblical Record - Works in Defense of Jerusalem - The Various Scriptural Narratives of these Events - The Assyrian Host before Jerusalem - Its Leaders and the Representatives of Hezekiah - The Conference between them.
CHAPTER 12—Hezekiah (Thirteenth) King of Judah—Meaning and Lessons of the Account of the Assyrian Invasion.
CHAPTER 13—Hezekiah (Thirteenth) King of Judah—Date of Hezekiah's Sickness - Announcement of his Death -- The Prayer of Hezekiah - The Divine Answer - Meaning and Lessons of it. - The Embassy of Merodach-baladan and its Object - Reception of the Envoys by Hezekiah - The Prophet and the King - Prophecy of Babylon.
CHAPTER 14—Manasseh (Fourteenth), Amon (Fifteenth) King of Judah—Popular Mourning for Hezekiah - Accession of Manasseh - Temptations and Character of the King - Idolatry and Cruelty of his Reign - Moral State of the People - Prophetic Announcement of Judgmen - Supplementary Narrative in the Book of Chronicles - Its Reliableness Confirmed by the Assyrian Inscriptions - The Captivity of Manasseh in Babylon - His Repentance and Prayer - His Restoration to Jerusalem - Superficial Character of his Reformation - His Death - Reign of Amon.
CHAPTER 15—Josiah, (Sixteenth) King of Judah—Accession of Josiah - His Early Life - Arrangement of the Narrative - Collection for Repair of the Temple - The Remnant of Israel - Character of those Employed - The Reformation not the Outcome of a general Religious Revival - Temple Repairs - The Finding of the Book of the Law - The Prophetess Huldah - The Assembly and Covenant in the Temple - Destruction of the Emblems of Idolatry in Jerusalem, Judah, and in the Northern Tribal Possessions - Fulfillment of Ancient Prophecy regarding Bethel - The Great Passover in Jerusalem.
CHAPTER 16—Josiah (Sixteenth), Jehoahaz (Seventeenth), Jehoiakim (Eighteenth), King of Judah—Retrospect - Political History - Possible Reunion of Judah and Israel - The Fall of the Assyrian Empire - Incursion of the Scythians - Revolt and Independence of Babylonia - The Expedition of Pharaoh Necho - Resistance of Josiah to his Progress - Battle of Megiddo - Death and Burial of Josiah - Appointment, Deposition, and Captivity of Jehoahaz - Accession of Jehoiakim - Tribute to Egypt.
CHAPTER 17—Jehoiakim (Eighteenth), Jehoiachin (Nineteenth), Zedekiah, (Twentieth) King of Judah—Character of Jehoiakim's Reign - Sketch of the History of Media - Sketch of the History of Babylonia - Fall of Nineveh - The new Babylonian Empire - Second Expedition of Necho - Battle of Carchemish - Advance of Nebuchadnezzar - State of Things in Jerusalem - Partial Spoil of the Temple - Return of Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon - Jehoiakim first Prisoner, then Tributary - Rebellion of Jehoiakim - Death of Jehoiakim and Accession of Jehoiachin - Siege of Jerusalem - Surrender of Jehoiachin - His Fate - First Deportation to Babylon - Accession and Reign of Zedekiah - The Rebellion of Zedekiah - Advance of Nebuchadnezzar - Siege of Jerusalem - State of matters in the City - Brief Relief owing to the Advance of an Egyptian Army - Resumption of the Siege - Capture of part of the City - Flight and Capture of Zedekiah - The Sentences at Riblah - Burning of the Temple, Destruction of the City, and Deportation of Captives - The Prophet Jeremiah - Appointment of Gedaliah - The Court at Mizpah - Murder of Gedaliah - Pursuit and Flight of the Murderers - Retreat into Egypt - Last Prophecies of Jeremiah - End of the Earthly Davidic Rule - The Desolate Land keeps her Sabbaths.

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