A Commentary on the New Testament
from the Talmud and Hebraica

John Lightfoot

Contents of the
Chorographical Century [chorography: the art of describing or mapping a region or district.
Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary]

  1. The division of the land.
  2. The Talmudic girdle of the land under the second Temple, taken out of the Jerusalem Sheviith, fol. 36. 3.
  3. A great part of south Judea cut off under the second Temple. Jewish Idumea.
  4. The seven seas according to the Talmudists, and the four rivers compassing the land.
  5. The sea of Sodom.
  6. The coast of the Asphaltites. The Essenes, Engedi.
  7. Cadesh. Rekam, and that double. Inquiry is made, Whether the doubling it in the maps is well done.
  8. The river of Egypt, Rhinocorura. The lake of Sirbon.
  9. A sight of Judea.
  10. A description of the sea-coast, out of Pliny and Strabo.
  11. The mountainous country of Judea.
  12. The south country. Judea called the South in respect of Galilee.
  13. Gaza.
  14. Ascalon. Gerar. The story of the eighty witches.
  15. Jabneh. Jamnia.
  16. Lydda.
  17. Sharon. Caphar Lodim. The village of those of Lydda.
  18. Caphar Tebi.
  19. The northern coast of Judea. Beth-horon.
  20. Beth-el. Beth-aven.
  21. Jerusalem.
  22. The parts of the city. Sion. The Upper City: which was on the north part.
  23. The buildings of more eminent note in Sion.
  24. Some buildings in Acra. Bezetha. Millo.
  25. Gihon, the same with the Fountain of Siloam.
  26. The girdle of the city: Nehemiah 3.
  27. Mount Moriah.
  28. The court of the Gentiles. The Mountain of the House, in the Rabbins.
  29. Chel. The court of the Women.
  30. The gate of Nicanor, or the east gate of the court of Israel.
  31. Concerning the gates and chambers lying on the south side of the court.
  32. The gates and doors on the north side.
  33. The court itself.
  34. The altar. The rings. The laver.
  35. Some other memorable places of the city.
  36. Synagogues in the city; and schools.
  37. Bethphage.
  38. Kedron.
  39. The valley of Hinnom.
  40. Mount Olivet. The mount of Olives, 2 Samuel 15:30; Zechariah 14:4. In the Rabbins commonly, The mount of Oil.
  41. Bethany. Beth-hene.
  42. Scopo.
  43. Ramah. Ramathaim Zophim. Gibeah.
  44. Nob. Bahurim.
  45. Emmaus. Kiriath-jearim.
  46. The country of Jericho, and the situation of the city.
  47. Jericho itself.
  48. Some miscellaneous matters belonging to the country about Jericho.
  49. Hebron.
  50. Of the cities of refuge.
  51. Beth-lehem.
  52. Betar.
  53. Ephraim.
  54. Tsok: and Beth Chadudo
  55. Divers matters.
  56. Samaria. Sychem.
  57. Caesarea. Strato's tower.
  58. Antipatris. Caphar Salama.
  59. Galilee.
  60. Scythopolis. Beth-shean, the beginning of Galilee.
  61. Caphar Hananiah. The middle of Galilee.
  62. The disposition of the tribes in Galilee.
  63. The west coast of Galilee-Carmel.
  64. Acon. Ptolemais.
  65. Ecdippa. Achzib: Joshua 19:29; Judges 1:31. Climax of the Tyrians.
  66. The northern coast of Galilee. Amanah. The mountain of snow.
  67. Pamias. Paneas, the spring of Jordan.
  68. What is to be said of the sea of Apamia.
  69. The lake Samochonitis.
  70. The lake of Gennesaret; or, the sea of Galilee and Tiberias.
  71. Within what tribe the lake of Gennesaret was.
  72. Tiberias.
  73. Of the situation of Tiberias.
  74. Chammath. Ammaus. The warm baths of Tiberias.
  75. Gadara.
  76. Magdala.
  77. Hippo. Susithat.
  78. Some other towns near Tiberias. Beth-Meon. Caphar Chittaia. Paltathah.
  79. The country of Gennesaret.
  80. Capernaum.
  81. Some history of Tiberias. The Jerusalem Talmud was written there: and when.
  82. Tsippor.
  83. Some places bordering upon Tsippor. Jeshanah. Ketsarah. Shihin.
  84. Usha.
  85. Arbel. Shezor. Tarnegola the upper.
  86. The difference of some customs of the Galileans from those of Judea.
  87. The dialect of the Galileans, differing from the Jewish.
  88. Gilgal in Deuteronomy 11:30: what that place was.
  89. Divers towns called by the name of Tyre.
  90. Cana.
  91. Perea. Beyond Jordan.
  92. Adam and Zaretan, Joshua 3.
  93. Julias-Bethsaida.
  94. Gamala. Chorazin.
  95. Some towns upon the very limits of the land. Out of the Jerusalem Talmud, Demai, fol. 22. 4.
  96. The consistories of more note: out of the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedr. fol. 32. 2.
  97. The cities of the Levites.
  98. Some miscellaneous matters respecting the face of the land.
  99. Subterraneous places. Mines. Caves.
  100. Of the places of burial.

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