A Commentary on the New Testament
from the Talmud and Hebraica

John Lightfoot

A Chorographical Decad;
searching into some places of the Land of Israel;
those especially whereof mention is made in St. Mark.

Chapter 1

  1. Idumea: Mark 3:8.
  2. A few things of Pelusium
  3. Casiotis: Cas-jah: Exodus 17:16.
  4. Rhinocorura. The Arabic interpreter noted.
  5. The country of the Avites: a part of New Idumea.
  6. The whole portion of Simeon within Idumea.
  7. The whole southern country of Judea, within Idumea.
  8. Of the third Palestine, or Palestine called 'the Healthful.'

Chapter 2

  1. The wilderness, of different signification, Mark 1:4,12.
  2. The wilderness of Judah.
  3. A scheme of Asphaltites, and the wilderness of Judah, or of adjacent Idumea.
  4. The wilderness of Judea, where John the Baptist was.
  5. Wild honey, Mark 1:6.
  6. The region about Jordan, Matthew 3:5.

Chapter 3

  1. Various Corbans. The treasury, Mark 12:41.
  2. The Corban chests.
  3. The Corban chamber.
  4. Where the treasury was.
  5. Gad Javan in the Temple.
  6. Jerusalem, in Herodotus, is Cadytis.
  7. The streets of Jerusalem.
  8. The street leading from the Temple towards the mount of Olivet.

Chapter 4
The village over-against; Mark 11:2

  1. A sabbath-day's journey.
  2. Shops in Mount Olivet.
  3. The lavatory of Bethany.
  4. Migdal Eder near Jerusalem.
  5. The Seventy Interpreters noted.
  6. The pomp of those that offered the firstfruits.

Chapter 5
Dalmanutha; Mark 8:10

  1. A scheme of the sea of Gennesaret, and the places adjacent.
  2. Zalmon. Thence Dalmanutha.

Chapter 6
The coasts of Tyre and Sidon; Mark 7:24

  1. The maps too officious.
  2. A coast.
  3. The Greek Interpreters noted.
  4. Midland Phoenicia.
  5. Of the Sabbatic river.

Chapter 7
The region of Decapolis, what; Mark 7:30

  1. Not well placed by some.
  2. Scythopolis, heretofore Beth-shean, one of the Decapolitan cities.
  3. Gadara and Hippo, cities of Decapolis.
  4. Pella, a city of Decapolis.
  5. Caphar Tsemach. Beth Gubrin. Caphar Carnaim.
  6. Caesarea Philippi.
  7. The city Orbo.

Chapter 8
Some measurings.

  1. The measures of the Jews.
  2. The Jews' measuring out the land by diets.
  3. The Talmudists' measuring the breadth of the land within Jordan.
  4. Ptolemy consulted and amended.
  5. Pliny to be corrected.
  6. The length of the land out of Antoninus.
  7. The breadth of the ways.
  8. The distance of sepulchres from cities.

Chapter 9
Some places scaterringly noted.

  1. The Roman garrisons.
  2. Zin. Cadesh.
  3. Ono.

Chapter 10
Of various inhabitants of the land.

  1. It was the land of the Hebrews before it was the Canaanites'.
  2. Whence Canaan was a part only of Canaan, Judges 4:2.
  3. The Perizzites, who.
  4. The Kenites.
  5. Rephaim.

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