A Commentary on the New Testament
from the Talmud and Hebraica

John Lightfoot

A Chorographical Inquiry
into some places of the land of Israel,
particularly those which we find mentioned
in the Evangelist St. John.

Chapter 1
Bethabara; John 1
1. Different readings, Bethany and Bethamara.
2. The noted passages over Jordan.
3. The Scythopolitan country.
4. The Great Plain: the Scythopolitan passage there.
5. Beth-barah, Judges 7:24.

Chapter 2
Nazareth, John 1:45
1. A legend not much unlike that of the chapel of Loretto.
2. The situation of Nazareth.
3. Ben Nezer.
4. Certain horrid practices in Capharnachum.
5. Some short remarks upon Cana, John 2:2.

Chapter 3
Aenon near Salim, John 3:23.
1. Certain names and places of near sound with Salim.
2. A Salmean, or a Salamean, used amongst the Targumists instead of a Kenite.
3. Aenon in the Greek interpreter, Joshua 15:62.
4. The Syriac remarked: and Eustathius upon Dionysius.
5. Herodium, a palace.
6. Machaerus, a castle.
7. The hill Mizaar, Psalm 42:6.
8. Eglath Shelishijah, Isaiah 15:5.

Chapter 4
John 4:5
1. A few remarks upon the Samaritan affairs.
2. The Samaritan Pentateuch.
3. The situation of the mounts Gerizim and Ebal.
The Samaritan text upon Deuteronomy 27:4, noted.

4. Why it is written Sychar, and not Sychem.
5. Ain Socar, in the Talmud.

Chapter 5
Bethesda, John 5.
1. The situation of the Probatica.
2. The fountain of Siloam, and its streams.
3. The pool Shelahh, and the pool Shiloahh.
4. The Targumist on Ecclesiastes 2:5, noted.
5. The fountain of Etam. The Water-gate.

Chapter 6
Solomon's Porch, 10:23.
1. Some obscure hints of the Gate of Huldah, and the Priest's Gate.
2. Solomon's Porch; which it was, and where.
3. The Gate of Shushan. The assembly of the Twenty-three there.
The tabernae, or shops where things were sold for the Temple.

4. Short hints of the condition of the second Temple.

Chapter 7
Various things.
1. Ephraim, John 11:54.
2. Beth Maron, and a Maronite.
3. Chalamish, Naveh, and other obscure places.
4. Chaphenatha, 1 Maccabees 12:37.
5. The Targum of Jonathan upon Numbers 34:8, noted.

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