The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels


23rd of Av, 5771/August 23, 2011


We at Judeo-Christian Research would like to recommend a new publication from Vine of David called "The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels." This is a Hebrew/English translation that comprises the four Gospels of Mattai (Matthew), Markos (Mark), Lukas (Luke) and Yochanan (John) taken from Franz Delitzsch's original Hebrew edition. What makes this book so valuable to anyone studying first century Judaism is that it hasn't been stripped of the culture, speech patterns, or rhythm of the times and seems to be a truer representation of the life of Yeshua (Jesus) than anything we've ever read before. Standing on the shoulders of such a scholar as Franz Delitzsch through the auspices of Vine of David gives us a view we haven't been privy to before. It's pretty great.

Besides the Gospels there are other interesting features to this book that will help you in your studies:

* Glossary of Idioms and Key Terms
* Glossary of Transliterated Hebrew Terms
* Glossary of Proper Names
* Harmonization of the Twelve Disciples
* Weight, Measurement, and Currency
* Time Events in the Gospels
* First Century Accounting of Time
* Yisra'el (Israel) in the Time of Yeshua
* The Galil (Galilee) in the Time of Yeshua
* Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) in the Time of Yeshua
* The Holy Temple in the Time of Yeshua
* Gospel Index


For further info on this excellent new resource please see Vine of David's "The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels" page. You won't be disappointed.


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