Christianity in Talmud and Midrash
R. Travers Herford

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Table of Contents


Division I

Passages from the Rabbinical Literature

A. Passages Relating to Jesus—

  • Birth and parentage of Jesus
  • Mary the mother of Jesus
  • Jesus alleged to be a "Mamzer"
  • Covert reference to Jesus
  • Ancestry of the Mother of Jesus
  • Alleged confession by the Mother of Jesus
  • Jesus and his Teacher
  • Jesus a Magician
  • Jesus burns his food
  • The claim of Jesus denied
  • The voice of Balaam
  • Jesus and Balaam
  • Jesus and Balaam in Hell
  • The age of Balaam
  • Balaam and the Name of God
  • The Chapter concerning Balaam
  • The Trial of Jesus
  • The Execution of Jesus
  • The Disciples of Jesus
  • Ben Netzer
B. Passages Relating to Minim, Minuth—

Section I. Descriptions and Definitions of Minim and Minuth
  • Gehazi (Paul?)
  • Ben Damah and Jacob the Min
  • The grandson of R. Jehoshua and a Min
  • R. Abahu and Jacob the Min
  • A Contest of Miracles
  • Miracles by Jews and Minim
  • The Fate of the Minim hereafter
  • The Formula against the Minim
  • R. Eliezer arrested for Minuth
  • Books of the Minim; Imma Shalom and a Christian Judge
  • How the Books of the Minim are to be treated
  • Books of the Law written by a Min
  • The Books of the Minim do not defile the hands
  • The Books of the Be Abidan, Be Nitzraphi
  • The Nazarene Day
  • Gentile and Min
  • No dealings to be had with Minim
  • Jewish origin of the Minim
  • Haggadah against Minuth
  • Minim and Circumcision
  • The Principle of Minuth
  • Scriptural Indications of Minuth
  • Signs of Minuth; liturgical variations
  • Signs of Minuth; liturgical omissions
  • The Kingdom turned to Minuth
  • Rome pretending to be the true Israel
Section II. Polemical encounters between Jews and Minim
  • The Minim of Capernaum and Hananjah
  • The Minim and R. Jonathan
  • The Minim and R. Jehudah ben Naqosa
  • R. Jehoshua, Caesar and a Min
  • R. Jehoshua and a Min; "Thou brier!"
  • R. Jehoshua, R. Gamliel, R. El'azar and R. Aqiba and a Min; God keeps Sabbath
  • R. Gamliel and the Minim: Resurrection
  • R. Gamliel and a Min; God and Israel
  • Beruria and a Min; children of Hell
  • R. Jehudah ha-Qadosh and a Min; unity of God
  • R. Ishmael ben Jose and a Min; unity of God
  • R. Hanina and a Min; Israel and the Gentiles
  • R. Hanina and a Min; Rejection of Israel
  • R. Hanina and a Min; Land of Israel
  • R. Jannai, R. Jonathan and a Min; grave of Rachel
  • R. Simlai and the Minim; Two Powers
  • R. Abahu, R. Saphra and the Minim
  • R. Abahu and the Epiqurosin; Enoch
  • R. Abahu and the Minim; anachronisms in Scripture
  • R. Abahu and the Minim; souls of the departed
  • R. Abahu and a Min; God a jester, a priest
  • R. Abahu and a Min; the coming of the Messiah
  • R. Abahu and a Min; Sason
  • R. Ami and a Min; Resurrection
  • Gebiha ben Pesisa and a Min; Resurrection
  • R. Tanhuma, Caesar and a Min
  • R. Idi and a Min; Metatron
  • R. Abina and a Min
Section III. Polemical allusions to Minim, Minuth
  • Unity of God; man created solitary
  • Unity of God; texts appealed to by Minim
  • Unity of God; "an offering to JHVH"
  • Unity of God; Two Powers
  • Unity of God; "He who will err"
  • Unity of God; God has no Son
  • Unity of God; God has no Son (#2)
  • Unity of God; son of the harlot
  • Unity of God; a second God
  • The "carping" of the Minim
  • Immortality
Section IV. Miscellaneous Passages Referring to Minim
  • Ground of departure of the Minim
  • "Do not give place to the Minim"
  • A Canon of Minuth
  • A chance for the Minim; Pharaoh
  • Four classes of Minim
  • Words of the Minim
  • "They that hate Me"; the Minim
  • A reply to the Minim; Genealogies
  • The Minim and the New Moon
  • The Minim and Alexander the Great
  • Minim; casual references
  • Jacob of Chephar Neburaia
  • The Priesthood of Melchizedek

Division II. General Results

Chapter 1. The Jesus Tradition
Chapter 2. The Minim

  • Etymology of the word Min
  • Who were the Minim?
  • The Place of the Minim in History

Appendix Containing Original Texts of Passages Translated


  1. Index of Subjects
  2. Index of Persons Mentioned
  3. Index of Places Mentioned
  4. Index of OT Passages Referred to
  5. Index of NT Passages Referred to
  6. Rabbinical Passages Referred to


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