by Louis Ginzberg

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The Legends of the Jews
by Louis Ginzberg

Translated from the German Manuscript
by Henrietta Szold

Volume I

Bible Times and Characters from the Creation to Jacob

To My Brother Asher

The First Things Created | The Alphabet | The First Day | The Second Day | The Third Day | The Fourth Day | The Fifth Day | The Sixth Day | All Things Praise the Lord
Man and the World | The Angels and the Creation of Man | The Creation of Adam | The Soul of Man | The Ideal Man | The Fall of  Satan | Woman | Adam and Eve in Paradise | The Fall of Man | The Punishment | Sabbath in Heaven | Adam's Repentance | The Book of Raziel | The Sickness of Adam | Eve's Story of the Fall | The Death of Adam | The Death of Eve
The Birth of Cain | Fratricide | The Punishment of Cain | The Inhabitants of the Seven Earths | The Descendants of Cain | The Descendants of Adam and Lilith | Seth and His Descendants | Enosh | The Fall of the Angels | Enoch, Ruler and Teacher | The Ascension of Enoch | The Translation of Enoch | Methuselah
The Birth of Noah | The Punishment of the Fallen Angels | The Generation of the Deluge | The Holy Book | The Inmates of the Ark | The Flood | Noah Leaves the Ark | The Curse of Drunkenness | Noah's Descendants Spread Abroad | The Depravity of Mankind | Nimrod | The Tower of Babel
The Wicked Generations | The Birth of Abraham | The Babe Proclaims God | Abraham's First Appearance in Public | The Preacher of the True Faith | In the Fiery Furnace | Abraham Emigrates to Haran | The Star in the East | The True Believer | The Iconoclast | Abraham in Canaan | His Sojourn in Egypt | The First Pharaoh | The War of the Kings | The Covenant of the Pieces | The Birth of Ishmael | The Visit of the Angels | The Cities of Sin | Abraham Pleads for the Sinners | The Destruction of the Sinful Cities | Among the Philistines | The Birth of Isaac | Ishmael Cast Off | The Two Wives of Ishmael | The Covenant with Abimelech | Satan Accuses Abraham | The Journey to Moriah | The Akedah | The Death and Burial of Sarah | Eliezer's Mission | The Wooing of Rebekah | The Last Years of Abraham | A Herald of Death | Abraham Views Earth and Heaven | The Patron of Hebron
The Birth of Esau and Jacob | The Favorite of Abraham | The Sale of the Birthright | Isaac with the Philistines | Isaac Blesses Jacob | Esau's True Character Revealed | Jacob Leaves His Father's House | Jacob Pursued by Eliphaz and Esau | The Day of Miracles | Jacob with Laban | The Marriage of Jacob | The Birth of Jacob's Children | Jacob Flees before Laban | The Covenant with Laban | Jacob and Esau Prepare to Meet | Jacob Wrestles with the Angel | The Meeting between Esau and Jacob | The Outrage at Shechem | A War Frustrated | The War with the Ninevites | The War with the Amorites | Isaac Blesses Levi and Judah | Joy and Sorrow in the House of Jacob | Esau's Campaign against Jacob | The Descendants of Esau


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