by Louis Ginzberg

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The Legends of the Jews
by Louis Ginzberg

Translated from the German Manuscript
by Paul Radin


Bible Times and Characters
from the Exodus to the Death of Moses


My Mother
On The Occasion Of
Her Seventieth Birthday


The Long Route - Pharaoh Pursues the Hebrews - The Sea Divided - The Passage through the Red Sea - The Destruction of the Egyptians - The Song of the Sea - The Awful Desert - The Heavenly Food - The Gathering of the Manna - Miriam's Well - Amalek's War against Israel
Amalek Defeated - Jethro - Installation of Elders - Jethro Rewarded - The Time is at Hand - The Gentiles Refuse the Torah - The Contest of the Mountains - The Torah Offered to Israel - Israel Prepares for the Revelation
The Revelation on Mount Sinai - The First Commandment - The Other Commandments Revealed on Sinai - The Unity of the Ten Commandments - Moses Chosen as Intermediator - Moses and the Angels Strive for the Torah - Moses Receives the Torah - The Golden Calf - Moses Blamed for Israel's Sin - The Punishment of the Sinners
Moses Intercedes for the People - The Inscrutable Ways of the Lord - The Thirteen Attributes of God - The Second Tables - The Census of the People - The Erection of the Tabernacle Commanded - The Materials for the Construction of the Tabernacle - Bezalel - The Ark with the Cherubim - The Table and the Candlestick - The Altar - The Symbolical Significance of the Tabernacle - The Priestly Robes
The Stones in the Breastplate - The Completion of the Tabernacle - The Setting up of the Tabernacle - The Consecration of the Priests - The Day of the Ten Crowns - The Interrupted Joy - The Gifts of the Princes
The Revelations in the Tabernacle - The Cleansing of the Camp - The Lighting of the Candlestick - The Twelve Princes of the Tribes - The Census of the Levites - The Fours Divisions of the Levites - The Four Standards - The Camp - The Blasphemer and the Sabbath-breaker - The Ungrateful Multitude - The Flesh-pots of Egypt
The Appointment of the Seventy Elders - Eldad and Medad - The Quails - Aaron and Miriam Slander Moses - Miriam's Punishment - The Sending of the Spies - Significant Names - The Spies in Palestine - The Slanderous Report - The Night of Tears - Ingratitude Punished - The Years of Disfavor
The Rebellion of Korah - Korah Abuses Moses and the Torah - Moses Pleads in Vain with Korah - Korah and His Horde Punished - On and the Three Sons of Korah Saved - Israel Convinced of Aaron's Priesthood - The Waters of Meribah - Moses' Anger Causes His Doom - Edom's Unbrotherly Attitude toward Israel - The Three Shepherds - Preparing Aaron for Impending Death
Aaron's Death - The General Mourning for Aaron - The False Friends - The Brazen Serpent - At Arnon - Sihon, the King of the Amorites - The Giant Og - Moses' Speech of Admonition - Balak, King of Moab - Balaam, the Heathen Prophet - Balak's Messengers to Balaam - Balaam Accepts Balak's Invitation
Balaam's Ass - Balaam Runs into His Own Destruction - Balaam with Balak - Balaam's Sacrifices Refused - Balaam Extols Israel - Balaam's Hopes Disappointed - Curses Turned into Blessings - Balaam's Wicked Counsel - Phinehas, Zealous for God - Twelve Miracles - Phinehas Rewarded - The Daughters of Zelophehad - The Appointment of Joshua
Moses' Legacy to Joshua - Moses' Last Campaign - The Complete Annihilation of Midian - The Gruesome End of Balaam - The Victorious Return from the War - Wealth that Bringeth Destruction - Moses' Death Irrevocably Doomed - Moses' Prayer for Suspension of Judgement - God Tries to Comfort Moses Concerning His Death - The Intercessions for Moses - Moses Serves Joshua
The Last Day of Moses' Life - Moses Beholds the Future - Moses Meets the Messiah in Heaven - The Last Hours of Moses - The Blessing of Moses - Moses Prays for Death - Samael Chastised by Moses - God Kisses Moses' Soul - The Mourning for Moses - Samael's Vain Search - Moses Excels All Pious Men

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