by Louis Ginzberg

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The Legends of the Jews
by Louis Ginzberg

Translated from the German Manuscript


Bible Times and Characters

From Joshua to Esther



I. Joshua 
The Servant of Moses Entering the Promised Land Conquest of the Land The Sun Obeys Joshua War with the Armenians Allotment of the Land.
II. The Judges 
The First Judge Campaigns of Kenaz Othniel Boaz and Ruth Deborah Gideon Jephthah Samson The Crime of the Benjamites.
III. Samuel and Saul 
Elkanah and Hannah The Youth of Samuel Eli and His Sons The Activities of Samuel The Reign of Saul The Court of Saul.
IV. David
David's Birth and Descent Anointed King Encounter with Goliath Pursued by Saul Wars Ahithophel Joab David's Piety and His Sin Absalom's Rebellion David's Atonement Visitations The Death of David David in Paradise The Family of David His Tomb.
V. Solomon 
Solomon Punishes Joab The Marriage of Solomon His Wisdom The Queen of Sheba Solomon Master of the Demons The Building of the Temple The Throne of Solomon The Hippodrome Lessons in Humility Asmodeus Solomon as Beggar The Court of Solomon.
VI. Judah and Israel 
The Division of the Kingdom Jeroboam The Two Abijahs Asa Jehoshaphat and Ahab Jezebel Joram of Israel.
VII. Elijah 
Elijah before His Translation After His Translation Censor and Avenger Intercourse with the Sages God's Justice Vindicated Elijah and the Angel of Death Teacher of the Kabbalah Forerunner of the Messiah.
VIII. Elisha and Jonah 
Elisha the Disciple of Elijah The Shunammite Gehazi The Flight of Jonah Jonah in the Whale The Repentance of Nineveh.
IX. The Later Kings of Judah 
Joash Three Great Prophets The Two Kingdoms Chastised Hezekiah Miracles Wrought for Hezekiah Manasseh Josiah and His Successors.
X. The Exile 
Zedekiah Jeremiah Nebuchadnezzar The Capture of Jerusalem The Great Lament Jeremiah's Journey to Babylon Transportation of the Captives The Sons of Moses Ebed-melech The Temple Vessels Baruch The Tombs of Baruch and Ezekiel Daniel The Three Men in the Furnace Ezekiel Revives the Dead Nebuchadnezzar a Beast Hiram The False Prophets Daniel's Piety.
XI. The Return of the Captivity 
Belshazzar's Feast Daniel under the Persian Kings The Grave of Daniel Zerubbabel Ezra The Men of the Great Assembly.
XII. Esther 
The Feast for the Grandees The Festivities in Shushan Vashti's Banquet The Fate of Vashti The Follies of Ahasuerus Mordecai Esther's Beauty and Piety The Conspiracy Haman the Jew-baiter Mordecai's Pride Casting the Lots The Denunciation of the Jews The Decree of Annihilation Satan Indicts the Jews The Dream of Mordecai Fulfilled The Prayer of Esther Esther Intercedes The Disturbed Night The Fall of Haman The Edict of the King.


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