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5th Tishrei, 5772/October 3, 2011

"Palestinian" statehood seems to be inevitable. In the past week we have seen terrorists standing at the 66th UN General Assembly asking to be recognized and rewarded for all the atrocities they've committed against the Israeli people as well as their brother Arabs.(1) After watching quite a few addresses to that world body the consensus is that the majority believe that there should be a new Muslim country in the Middle East; every delegate that spoke said something regarding this issue and they were all in favor which means it's just a matter of time.(2) Israel on Sunday, October 2, 2011 formally accepted the Quartet's agenda for the timeline of this new entity and it seems like it will be a fait accompli before the end of 2012.(3) This is not speculation but fact. There were too many yea votes at the UN for this to be postponed very much longer and this is what makes this coming year so vital to end-time understanding. No more conjecture is needed. This coming Jewish year will see the peace treaty we've all been watching for. There is no other way for what was started at the UN this September to end but in statehood for the "Palestinians" before the end of 2012.

How can Israel sell this peace treaty to the public? Liberal Israelis will applaud giving their land away to the downtrodden Arabs, secular less political Israelis will heave a sigh of relief that there is finally peace with their Arab neighbors and that they can ride the buses and vacation in safety, and religious Jews will be lulled into submission with offers of half the Temple Mount. Building of the Third Temple will commence and shouldn't take long as preparations have been in the works for decades for such a time as this.(4) Daily sacrifices would start immediately as only an altar is needed with the building of the Temple to follow.

What does this all mean regarding end-time scenarios? This is where things are not so sure but there are other facts that need to be considered. Israel became a state in 1948 and one would've assumed that the first Jubilee year would've seen the culmination of end-time prophecies. But the year 1998 came and went with nary a ripple regarding Israel. The number 70 is the next number bandied about as relevant to this situation which would make 2018 noteworthy. Another significant occurrence in the life of end-time Israel was the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967. Jerusalem's Jubilee year will be in 2017 which is a mere 5-6 full years from the signing of this peace treaty in 2011/12. How does it all fall into place? I don't know. I'm just speaking in generalities here with facts as they have been presented to us thus far.


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