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October 5, 1999 Heavenly Triangle

"Early October [the 5th] features a special treat as the slender crescent Moon, brilliant Venus and blue-white Regulus form a perfect triangle in the eastern dawn sky." FULL STORY at

The graphic at the link above shows an upside-down frowning face :( in the sky with the two eyes being Regulus and Venus and the frown being the crescent moon. There are some very interesting things about this configuration: 1. the triangle shape, 2. Regulus 3. Venus, 4. moon, and 5. the east.

1. The Triangle
The number three "stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire."(1)

Some examples include:

It is not surprising that the counterfeit New Age Movement employs the triangle as "an important symbol for identification and mystical (hypnotic) use."(2) Albert Churchward, in The Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man addds:

"The Triangle was a primary form of the Pyramid and a sacred symbol, because the Pyramid was typically the Pyramid of Heaven; therefore the triangle is typical of Heaven.

"In the Egyptian Stellar mythology, (the god) Shu...first lifted up the heaven from the earth in the form of a triangle, and at each point was situated one of the gods, Sut, Shu, and Horus...They are the trinity..."(3)

Churchward also showed that the triangle "with its apex, or point, facing downward represent(s) Horus, the Sun God, while the triangle pointing upward [as in the October phenomena] characterize(s) Sut, or Set, the Destroyer God."(4)

"'Destoyer' is the designation of a supernatural envoy from God assigned the task of annihilating large numbers of people, typically by means of a plague...the Destroyer brings specifically a premature and agonizing death...affliction is indiscriminate and overtakes all who are not distinguished in some external fashion ('seal of God on their foreheads,' Rev 9:4), and the affliction is bodily pain (Rev 9:5,10). It is therefore possible that the imagery of Rev 19:11-15 also reflects features of the Destoyer."(5)

Not only the Egyptians, but the Hindus and Greeks worshipped the triangle as a representation of their Mother Goddess. Benjamin Creme, who is considered a sort of John the Baptist pointing to the coming of Lord Maitreya the "Christ," also links his world ruler with the triangle when he states: "the Christ will be known as the point within the Triangle."(6)

2. Regulus
Ernest Martin in The Star That Astonished the World describes this star:

"Regulus was known as 'the King.' The Romans referred to it as 'Rex,' which means 'King' in Latin. In Arabia the star was known as the 'Kingly One.' The Greeks called it the 'King Star.' Of all the stars in the heavens, Regulus was universally associated by the ancient astrologers with the attributes of greatness and power. It is located practically on the ecliptic (the path which the Sun takes in traversing the heavens). It was thought that this position made it of special importance to the Sun;. According to astrologers the Sun *ruled* the heavens. Thus, the major star closest to the ecliptic of the *'ruling'* Sun was Regulus. This close relationship to the Sun made Regulus a 'royal star,' the one most associated with the conception or birth of kings. It was the star denoting rulership."

Leo is the sign associated with Judah, therefore, the star Regulus is considered as belonging to the Messiah/King. Some astronomers regard its position in the constellation as the heart of the lion and others as a fulfillment of Genesis 49:9,10 and situated between the paws of the lion.

Genesis 49:9,10
Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up? The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

Regulus is the brightest star in Leo and usually represents Jesus, but in our triangle formation we need to look for another lion, someone to take Jesus' place.

The latest Stratfor Global Intelligence Update for September 29, 1999 ( had some interesting information regarding Damascus. They point out that Hafez Assad wants his son, Bashar, to be the next president of Syria except that there is some opposition from his brother, Rifat Assad, and his son, Sumer. This region of the Middle East is pertinent to our study for 2 reasons: a. the name "Assad" and b. the region of Syria.

a. Assad
I have seen the last name of Hafez Assad written in many different ways: Assad, Asad, al-Asad, el-Asad but any way you spell it, it's still Arabic for "lion." His son Bashar, of course, is also a lion and we sent out an email post on March 7, 1999 on him that I'd like to present again:

To: (BPR Mailing List)
Date sent: Sun, 7 Mar 1999
Subject: [BPR] - Bashar al-Asad

Hafez al-Asad seems to have taken a lesson from the recent events in Jordan [King Hussein deciding his son, who had very little experience, should succeed him even though his brother had been next in line for the past 40+ years] and has decided to intensify the grooming of his son Bashar. Although Jordan still has authority over holy places in Israel, Syria is still interesting for the following reasons:

*al-Asad is Arabic for "lion"

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. --Rev 13:1,2

*Damascus is the capital of Syria and there seems to be some unfulfilled element regarding it. Could it be destroyed causing the Syrians to relocate (to Babylon)?

For the head of Syria is Damascus, and the head of Damascus is Rezin (the king's name)...--Isa 7:8

...Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.--Isa 10:9

See Rev 13:1,2 above And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.--Rev 13:3??

*Bashar is an eye surgeon

The Laodicean church is told anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.--Rev 3:18

Laodicea was founded by Antiochus II and named in honor of his wife.

*Syria was Antiochus Epiphanes' territory. He was in Athens (some say Rome) studying philosophy when he was called back to Antioch after his brother was assassinated. Bashar was called back from London where he was getting his doctor's degree after his brother was killed in a car accident.

*Antiochus didn't care much for the pomp of the office and was considered quite unorthodox. Bashar is already being hailed for his unorthodox approach to dealings with Lebanon.

*The mark of the beast is considered to have some sort of technological component. Bashar is no stranger to new technologies. The Syrian Computer Society (SCS) was founded in 1989 by his brother and he has taken over as chairman. From their web site: " The main objective of SCS is to promote, and to effectively contribute to the diffusion of Information Technology in Syria."


These two lions are prowling around in Antiochus Epiphanes' old territory and seeing that it was this Antiochus that sacrificed a pig on the altar in the Temple, they bear watching as possible candidates for a replay of this sacrilege or as counterfeit protectors of Israel.

These two aren't the only ones who bear watching in Syria. There is now the beginnings of a power struggle between Hafez Assad and his brother Rifat. Actually, Rifat isn't the most interesting of the players, but his son is. Sumer Assad has a very distinctive name as Sumer is a region of Babylon so his name literally means "lion of Babylon." Hafez is getting old and sick and it seems as if Israel will be dealing with the younger generation in their "peace" dealings. Whether Bashar or Sumer, they'll have their hands full.

b. Syria

"Present-day Syria constitutes only a small portion of the ancient geographical Syria. Until the twentieth century, when Western powers began to carve out the rough contours of the contemporary states of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel, the whole of the settled region at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea was called Syria, the name given by the ancient Greeks to the land bridge that links three continents. For this reason, historians and political scientists usually use the term Greater Syria to denote the area in the prestate period."(7)

Hafez Assad would love to reunite Greater Syria and take up where Antiochus Epiphanes left off.

Our lion/Assad analogy would not be complete without mentioning the Leonid meteor showers due to peak this November 17th. These shooting stars emanate from the constellation Leo. The Arabic News ran a piece recently entitled "El-Asadeyat meteors will fall on the Arab states starting on November 15" ( and Ronni and I were curious whether they had anything to do with the Leonids. Ronni had some private correspondence with someone who stated:

"You are correct on your assumption that 'El-Asadeyat' represents the Leonids. Long before most of the major constellations as we know them today were created, the Arabs had a constellation called 'Asad' which represented a hugh lion that stretched across one-third of the sky and encompassed the present constellations of Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra, among others. Later on, when the Arabians adopted Ptolemy's constellations, the name 'Asad' was assigned to Leo."

Kind of like a Greater Syria in the skies?

To recap, Regulus is the ruler/lion in the triangle and seems to point to the Assad dynasty. They are in place of the true King, Jesus, in this equation and also fit the other definition for regulus in Webster's:

the more or less impure mass of metal formed beneath the slag in smelting and reducing ores.

Impure leftovers from the fire.

3. Venus
Venus is considered the star of the show in our triangle for it is at its maximum brightness for the whole year in early October. Venus has a long history in pagan cultures. She is the Roman goddess of love and beauty, "to the Chaldeans and the Magi, Venus was Ishtar, the Mother, the Goddess of Fertility,"(8) the Egyptians "worshipped [her] in the effigy of a bull,"(9) the Greeks worshipped her as Athene, etc. Venus was also called "the star of lamentation."(10) In Babylonia:

"Venus was pictured as a six-pointed star--which is also the shape of David's shield--or as a pentagram--a five-pointed star (seal of Solomon)--and sometimes as a cross; as a cross it was pictured in Mexico, too.

"...was related to Ahriman, Seth, Lucifer, name equivalents of Satan. It was also Baal of the Canaanites and of the Northern Kingdom of the Ten Tribes, the god hated by the biblical prophets, also Beelzebub or Baal Zevuv, or Baal of the fly."(11)

Alexander Hislop in The Two Babylons(12) says that Venus was Nimrod's wife and that her son was Cupid; she is described as the queen of Babylon and the mother of the gods; Semiramis the woman that built towers or encompassing walls; the Virgin Venus; the Syrian goddess. He also states that sometimes Nimrod was represented as a lion and that Venus in her guise as Astarte was sometimes portrayed as standing on a lion or drawn by lions.

Other pertinent info regarding Venus is that "from Venus we receive our English word 'venereal,'" and "the ancients also called the planet Venus the Lucifer star."(13)

4. Moon
"The most universally recognized symbol of Islam is the crescent moon" (The Geography of Islam). In the triangle configuration, the moon's crescent is the "frown."

5. The East
This configuration is almost due east. It is in the area where the sun rises and seems to point to the beginning of something important.

Is Syria in conjunction with the New Age/Mystery Babylon religion about to form an alliance with unregenerate Israel? It's getting late soon.


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written 10/4/99

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