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Number Greek Letter Greek Name        Number Greek Letter Greek Name
1 a Alpha 40 n Nu
2 b Beta 50 x Xi
3 g Gamma 60 o Omicron
4 d Delta 70 p Pi
5 e Epsilon 80 r Rho
6 z Zeta 90 s Sigma
7 h Eta 100 t Tau
8 J Theta 200 u Upsilon
9 i Iota 300 j Phi
10 k Kappa 400 c Chi
20 l Lambda 500 y Psi
30 m Mu 600 w Omega

(nickname? John=Ian in another language?)

In the Bible there is usually a remnant saved for God which corresponds to 1/3 (33.3%) so 2/3 (66.6%) are left over. Is this remnant to replace those rebellious angels that followed Satan? (This refers to Revelation 12 which speaks of the great red dragon sweeping 1/3 of the stars from heaven.)

"In both Hebrew and Greek each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number--the first nine letters correspond to 1 through 9, the next nine to 10 through 90, and the last few letters to the hundreds. The number of a word or name is the sum of the numerical equivalents of its letters.

"In Jewish interpretation, gematria (the Hebrew word derives from the Greek word 'geometria,' which underlies English 'geometry') is a system of deducing the sod ('secret') of a text by positing a meaningful connection between words whose numbers are either identical or related by simple arithmetic. Example: in rabbinic literature, God is sometimes called the 'Place' ('Makom'). Why this should be is not evident, so Gematria explains it in this way: the letters of 'YHVH'--yud, heh, vav and heh--are equivalent to 10, 5, 6 and 5. The sum of the squares of these four numbers is 186, which is the same as the number of 'Makom'--mem, kuf, vav, mem (40 + 100 + 6 + 40)."

(Jewish New Testament Commentary, David Stern)

Six Hundred and Sixty Six

is "the number of a name" (Rev 13:17,18). When the name of Antichrist is known its gematria will doubtless be found to be the number 666. But this number has, we believe, a far deeper reference to and connection with the secret mysteries of the ancient religions, which will be again manifested in connection with the last great apostasy.

Many names may be found, the numerical value of whose letters amounts to 666. We have a list of about forty such gematria. Most of them are ridiculous, inasmuch as instead of the gematria being confined to Hebrew and Greek (which have no Arabic or other special signs for figures), the principle is extended to names in English, French, and other modern languages, on the assumption that they would have been spelt in exactly the same way; whereas we know that names both of persons and places are not simply transliterated in various languages. It is abusrd therefore to attempt to take words from the modern European languages which use Arabic figures.

Gematria is not a means by which the name is to be discovered; but it will be a test and a proof by which the name may be identified after the person is revealed.

If six is the number of secular or human perfection, then 66 is a more emphatic expression of the same fact, and 666 is the concentrated expression of it; 666 is therefore the trinity of human perfection; the perfection of imperfection; the culmination of human pride in independence of God and opposition to His Christ.

The number, however, has to be computed (pseephizo, to reckon, to calculate, not merely to count or enumerate). See Revelation 13:18. Therefore it is not to be known by gematria merely, though, as we have said, that will be one of the factors in the calculation, just as the letters in the word Jesus amount to 888.

But 666 was the secret symbol of the ancient pagan mysteries connected with the worship of the Devil. It is to day the secret connecting link between those ancient mysteries and their modern revival in Spiritualism, Theosophy, etc. The efforts of the great enemy are now directed towards uniting all into one great whole. The newspapers, wordldy and religious, are full of schemes as to such a union. "Reunion" is in the air. The societies for the re-union of Christendom, and the Conferences for the re-union of the Churches, are alike parts of the same great movement, and are all making for and are signs of the coming Apostasy. During this age, "Separation" is God's word for His people, and is the mark of Christ; while "union" and "re-union" is the mark of Antichrist.

The number 6 was stamped on the old mysteries. The great secret symbol consisted of the three letters SSS, because the letter S in the Greek alphabet was the symbol of the figure 6. Alpha=1, Beta=2, Gamma=3, Delta=4, Epsilon=5, but when it came to 6, another letter was introduced! Not the next-- the sixth letter (zeta)--but a different letter, a peculiar form of S, called "stigma." Now the word stigma, means a mark, but especially a mark made by a brand as burnt upon slaves, cattle, or soldiers, by their owners or masters; or on devotees who thus branded themselves as belonging to their gods. It is from stizo, to prick, or brand with a hot iron. Hence it came to be used of scars or wound-prints, and it is thus used by Paul of his scars, which he regarded as the tokens of his sufferings, the marks which he bore on his body for the sake of his Lord and Master, and marking him as belonging to the one who had bought him (Gal 6:17).

The Greek letters were 24, and the required number, 27, was made up by using the final stigma for 6, and adding two arbitrary symbols called respectively Koppa, for 90 and Sampsi, for 900.

1=Alpha, 2=Beta, 3=Gamma, 4=Delta, 5=Epsilon, 6=Stigma, 7=Zeta, 8=Eta, 9=Theta, 10=Iota, 20=Kappa, 30=Lambda, 40=Mu, 50=Nu, 60=Xi, 70=Omicron, 80=Pi, 90=Koppa, 100=Rho, 200=Sigma, 300=Tau, 400=Upsilon, 500=Phi, 600=Chi, 700=Psi, 800=Omega, 900=Sampsi

...Stigma is used for the number 6. Why this letter and number should be thus associated we cannot tell, except that both are intimately connected with the ancient Egyptian "mysteries." The three letters SSS were the symbol of Isis, which is thus connected with 666.

This letter is becoming familiar to us now; and it is not pleasant when we see many thus marked (ignorantly, no doubt) with the symbolical "S," "S," especially when it is connected, not with "salvation," but with judgment, and is asociated with "blood and fire," which, in Joel 2:30, 31, is given as one of the awful signs "before the great and terrible day of the Lord come."

Apostasy is before us. The religion of Christ has, in the past, been opposed and corrupted, but when it once comes, as it has come in our day, to be burlesqued, there is nothing left but judgment. There is nothing more the enemy can do before he proceeds to build up the great apostasy on the ruins of true religion, and thus prepare the way for the coming of the Judge.

The Duration of the Old Assyrian Empire

was 666 years before it was conquered by Babylon.

Jerusalem was Trodden Down

by the Roman Empire exactly 666 years from the battle of Actium, BC 31, to the Saracen conquest in AD 636.

There are Three Men

which stand out in Scripture as the avowed enemies of God and of His people. Each is branded with this number six that we may not miss their significance:

1. GOLIATH, whose height was 6 cubits, and he had 6 pieces of armour; his spear's head weighed 600 shekels of iron (1 Sam 17:4-7).

2. NEBUCHADNEZZAR, whose "image" which he set up, was 60 cubits high and 6 cubits broad (Dan 3:1), and which was worshipped when the music was heard from 6 specified instruments, and

3. ANTICHRIST, whose number is 666.

In the first we have one six connected with the pride of fleshly might.

In the second we have two sixes connected with the pride of absolute dominion.

In the third we have three sixes connected with the pride of Satanic guidance.

The Talents of Gold

brought to Solomon in a year were 666 (1 Kings 10:14). But this perfection of money-power was only "vanity and vexation of spirit" (Eccl 2:8,11; compare 1 Tim 6:10).

As to the triple number figure (6) is significant, two figures (66) are still more so; and three figures (666) seem to denote the concentration or essence of the particular number.

We see further examples of this in

Jesus, 888, the dominical number;
Sodom, 999, the number of judgmnet;
Damascus, 444, the world number;
The beast, 666, the number of man.

"The children of Adonikam" who returned from the Captivity (Ezra 2:13) numbered 666. Adonikam means the lord of the enemy. This is suggestive, even though it may be vague.

(Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance, E. W. Bullinger [1837-1913])

"The central computer for America is in Texas, and the international computer that ties all the national central computers together is situated in Brussels, Belgium. The Brussels computer is housed in a 13 story building, the first three floors of which are occupied totally by this system's hardware. Because of its size, the Brussels computer is referred to affectionately as 'the Beast.'

"This immense computer has enough capacity to store every detail about the lives of every human being on Earth, the information contained in the Library of Congress, and every book ever printed. Having operated for years, it stores a growing volume of information as additional countries tie into it ever more heavily."

It goes on to describe how some computers are defined by their size and shape. One is "a six-core memory computer with 60 bytes per word in conjunction with six bits to the character. It is named and advertised as the 6-60-6."

There is also some info about a national identification number which is based on an 18 digit system. Social Security number (9), telephone area code (3), country code (3). This equals 15 and "The missing 3-digit code specifies that you are in the system: 666." So everyone in the world would have the first three numbers being 666.

This Week in Bible Prophecy also had an article called 666 is Here which talked about big companies changing their credit cards to follow this 18 digit code. Apparently the US Government used to use the code 451 on all its stuff, but now even dog tags are supposed to be converted to incorporate the 666 system.

(The Delicate Balance, John Zajac)

See "The Two Babylons: The Name of the Beast, the Number of His Name."

"In Greek the name 'Nero' was 'Neron,' and his Greek subjects generally spoke of him as 'Neron Kaisar,' that is to say 'Nero Caesar.' In Hebrew, wherein certain vowels are not expressed in writing, the name is spelt 'Nron Ksr'; and these letters correspond to the numerals 50, 200, 6, 50, 100, 60, 200 which add up to 666, the number assigned to the apocalyptic Beast, who was therefore none other than Nero--an interpretation of the cypher upon which scholarship is pretty well unanimous."

(Nero, Arthur Weigall)

"...the mysterious number connected with Goliath. Note the three sixes (a) He was six cubits high (1 Sam 17:4) (b) Six pieces of armour are enumerated--helmet, coat of mail, greaves, target, staff and shield (1 Sam 17:5-7) (c) His spear's head weighed six hundred shekels of iron (1 Sam 17:7)."

(The Antichrist, Arthur W. Pink)

"When we assign A=6,B=12,C=18 ... Z=156, then adding up the numbers of LUSTIGER will be 72+126+114+120+54+42+30+108 = 666. Lustiger is the French cardinal."

(The Unofficial 666 Faq, Arno van Goch,

[Jean-Marie Lutsinger is a Cardinal from France who is considered as one of the top candidates for future pope.]

"LUSTIGER Jean-Marie

"Jean-Marie Lustiger was born on September 17, 1926 in Paris, France. His parents were Jewish Poles who perished in the Nazi deportations. Lustiger was spared because he was received into a Catholic family of Orleans. He converted to Catholicism and was baptized on August 25, 1940. After receiving a license in Theology from the Institut Catholique and degrees in the humanities and philosophy from the Sorbonne, on April 17, 1954, he became a priest. In 1959, he was called to head the parish of St. Jeanne de Chantal. He devoted his pastoral work primarily to the young and the elderly; his sermons attracted many enthusiastic listeners. On November 10, 1979, John Paul II named him Bishop of Orleans. On January 31, 1981, he succeeded Cardinal Marty as Archbishop of Paris. A firm defender of human rights, Lustiger has delivered many important sermons in France and abroad. He was elevated to the College of Cardinals at the Consistory of February 2, 1983."


His original name was Aaron (the new high-priest?).

William=97 Jefferson=400 Clinton=169 = 666
Hillary=248 Rodham=249 Clinton=169 = 666

William = 97
(vav=6, aleph=1, yod=10, lamed=30, yod=10, mem=40)
Jefferson = 400
(yod=10, peh=80, resh=200, samech=60, nun=50)
Clinton = 169
(koph=20, lamed=30, yod=10, nun=50, tet=9, nun=50)

Hillary = 248
(het=8, lamed=30, resh=200, yod=10)
Rodham = 249
(resh=200, dalet=4, hay=5, mem=40)
Clinton = 169
(same as above)

(Prophecy Flash! Jan-Feb 1999)

The U.S. One Dollar Bill

On the back of the U.S. dollar bill is a pyramid with the Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI at the base. We are told that the numbers stand for the founding of the United States of America. The Illuminati was founded just a few months earlier that same year.

The Roman numerals superimposed on the pyramid, links it symbolically to the pyramid in our mind. Triangles, in pagan religions, symbolically represent their temples or the "high places" as spoken of in the Bible (cf. Lev 26:30; Num 22:41, 33:52, etc). In Eastern mystery religions, triangles are said to also represent three planes of creation -- heaven, earth, and hell -- with each having its own occult trinity in turn represented by each corner. This blasphemous and pagan order has god the father at the topmost corner or peak with the highest numerical value; god the mother is at the lower left with the next highest number; and god the son is at the lower right with the lowest numerical value.

Dividing the Roman numerals on the back of the dollar bill into groups of three with each representing the one plane of creation, and with each grouping starting with the highest value and ending with the lowest, we have this arrangement:


1000 + 500 + 100 = 600
six hundred

100 + 50 + 10 = 60

10 + 5 + 1= 6

Notice that it is in the exact order as that which appears on the back of the dollar bill. All we did was divide it into groups of three numbers each.

Now notice that this arrangement is exactly described by John in Revelation:

(Rev 13:18) "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

John Daniel in "Scarlet and the Beast" comments on this arrangement:

"...When we in America buy and sell with the almighty dollar, the mark of the Beast is in the palm of our hand, if we use credit cards, the mark of the Beast is transferred from our hand to our forehead, for the Greek word for forehead means to transfer. The Greek also suggests the use of computers by defining forehead as 'accompaniment or association.' For instance, behind the forehead is the brain, or human computer. Synonyms of accompaniment and association are companion and resemblance. John's use of the word forehead, therefore, may suggest a companion to, or resemblance of the human brain -- a computer." (pp 711-712)

Mr. Daniel goes on to explain that the current buying and selling that is conducted in the U.S. is not the Beast system, and thus we only have the mark of the Beast in symbolic form. But perhaps this arrangement on the back of the dollar bill is a clue and a forewarning.

(Daniel, John. Scarlet and the Beast, Vol. I, 1995, 2nd ed., pp. 710-711)

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