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Notes on Revelation

Look to the Skies (week of November 14, 1999)

According to Sky & Telescope, the following events are noteworthy:

Sunday, November 14, 1999: "Jupiter and Saturn, shining in the eastern sky during evening, are the highlight of this autumn's sky. Look to their upper left. Forming a nearly equilateral triangle with them is the 2nd-magnitude star Hamal, the brightest star of the little constellation Aries."

Jupiter is mostly depicted as representing God. Saturn is depicted either as Satan or Lilith (central figure in Jewish demonology, female). Hamal according to E. W. Bullinger in "The Witness of the Stars" ( is "the Hebrew name Taleh, the lamb. The Arabic name is Al Hamal, the sheep, gentle, merciful." He goes on to state that this name is mistakenly given to the brightest star in Aries instead of being the name of Aries itself. He states that the brightest star in Aries is called "El Nath, or El Natik, which means wounded, slain" and either way it points to Christ.

There is also an interesting micrcosm discussed in the Encyclopeadia Judaica which states that according to "the ancients," members of the human body can be compared to the heavenly bodies: "head to the outer sphere, nostrils to Venus, mouth to Mars, tongue to Mercury, vertebrae to the signs of the zodiac, eyes to the sun and moon, ears to Saturn and Jupiter." (Therefore, the triangle above depicts the fact that we should listen to what the Lamb is saying?)


Monday, November 15, 1999: "Transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun, visible from central and western North America in late afternoon and Hawaii around midday. In Japan and Australia the transit is on the early morning of November 16th. Mercury's tiny black silhouette will barely skim inside the Sun's edge from about 21:20 to 22:05 Universal Time (November 15th), depending on your location."

From NASA's website:

"Monday's transit is an especially unique event called a grazing transit. Mercury's motion across the Sun will follow a short path near the Sun's northeastern limb. From some parts of the Earth observers will see only part of Mercury's black disk superimposed on the Sun. From other observing sites Mercury's entire disk will be visible just inside the sun's northern limb. The next grazing transit like this one won't happen until the year 2314!"

Mercury is the messenger and sometimes depicted as the Archangel Gabriel. According to the Encyclopaedia Judaica, however, "The rabbis of the Talmud discussed Mercury more than any other pagan deity and apparently considered him almost synonymous with idolatry."

(A tiny black idolater known for his great words crossing the sun?)


"The eclipsing variable star Algol should be in one of its periodic dimmings, magnitude 3.4 instead of its usual 2.1, for a couple hours centered on 5:36 p.m. EST. Algol will take several additional hours to brighten."

This star is in the head of the Medusa that Perseus is holding. Bullinger relates that Perseus is Christ who holds the head of the slain enemy. The head represents the "trodden under foot" and "is also called Rosh Satan (Hebrew), the head of the adversary, and Al Oneh (Arabic), the subdued, or Al Ghoul, the evil spirit. The bright star, beta (in this head), has come down to us with the name Al Gol, which means rolling round."


Wednesday, November 17, 1999: "Leonid meteor shower late tonight?! This is the night when a major return of the Leonid meteor shower may -- or may not -- occur. Europe and Africa have the best chance of being in the ideal position when (and if) a major shower hits, but North America or Asia do have a chance to see the show instead. Wherever you are, the time to be watching is from local midnight until dawn on the morning of November 18th. Under ideal dark-sky conditions, a single observer might see anywhere from less than 100 to a couple thousand meteors per hour. For a full report see ."

Bullinger says of this sign "Its Egyptian name is Pi Mentekeon, which means the pouring out. This is no pouring out or inundation of the Nile, but it is the pouring out of the cup of Divine wrath on that Old Serpent...The Syriac name is Aryo, the rending Lion, and the Arabic is Al Asad; both mean a lion coming vehemently, leaping forth as a flame!" (For more info please see the chapter on Leo in "The Witness of the Stars.")


"Shining in the south after dark, far to the lower right of the Moon, is the lonely Autumn Star, Fomalhaut. It's currently as high as it ever gets."

This star is in the first constellation of Aquarius called Piscis Australis (The Southern Fish). Bullinger states: "This first constellation is one of high antiquity, and its brilliant star of the first magnitude was a subject of great study by the Egyptians and Ethiopians. It is named in Arabic Fom al Haut, the mouth of the fish."


Friday, November 19, 1999: "The Moon, Jupiter, and fainter Saturn form a big curving arc in the sky tonight, in that order from right to left."


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