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This Century in the Psalms


Order of Books Ascending Descending
1. Genesis Revelation
2. Exodus Jude
3. Leviticus 3 John
4. Numbers 2 John
5. Deuteronomy 1 John
6. Joshua 2 Peter
7. Judges 1 Peter
8. Ruth James
9. 1 Samuel Hebrews
10. 2 Samuel Philemon
11. 1 Kings Titus
12. 2 Kings 2 Timothy
13. 1 Chronicles 1 Timothy
14. 2 Chronicles 2 Thessalonians
15. Ezra 1 Thessalonians
16. Nehemiah Colossians
17. Esther Philippians
18. Job Ephesians
19. 19. Psalms Galatians
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21.   1 Corinthians
22.   Romans
23.   Acts
24.   John
25.   Luke
26.   Mark
27.   Matthew
28.   Malachi
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31.   Zephaniah
32.   Habakkuk
33.   Nahum
34.   Micah
35.   Jonah
36.   Obadiah
37.   Amos
38.   Joel
39.   Hosea
40.   Daniel
41.   Ezekiel
42.   Lamentations
43.   Jeremiah
44.   Isaiah
45.   Song of Solomon
46.   Ecclesiastes
47.   Proverbs
48.   48. Psalms

Psalms = 1948

I've seen in a couple of places where people have said that you can take a Psalm and it will describe the happenings of that year in this century--for example, Psalm 2 would be 1902, etc. The following is taken from Keil & Delitzsch "Commentary on the Old Testament," volume 5: Psalms (1867): Hebrew texts used with Hebrew numbering. It is interesting to note that all the Psalms are named and in some cases the names are the first lines of each Psalm. I'd like to give a few instances of this phenomenon and then just list the names of each of the 150 Psalms for further study.

Psalm 39
Beginning of WWII.

Prayers of one sorely tried at the sight of the prosperity of the ungodly.

2. I said: "I will keep my ways against sinning with my tongue;
I will keep a bridle on my mouth,
So long as the wicked is before me."
3. I was dumb in silence,
I held my peace taking no note of prosperity,
Yet my pain became violent.
4. My heart was hot within me,
While I mused the fire burned--
I spake with my tongue.

5. Make me to know, O Jahve, mine end,
And the measure of my days how short it is;
Oh that I might know, how frail I am!
6. Behold, Thou hast made my days as a handbreadth,
And my lifetime is as nothing before Thee.
Only a mere breath is every man, however firm he may stand. (Sela.)
7. Only as a shadow doth man wander to and fro,
Only for a breath do they make an uproar;
He heapeth up and knoweth not who will gather it.

8. And now for what shall I wait, Lord!
My hope is towards Thee.
9. From all my transgression rescue me,
Make me not a reproach of the profane!
10. I am dumb, I open not my mouth,
For Thou, Thou hast done it.
11. Take away from me Thy stroke,
Before the blow of Thy hand I must perish.
12. When Thou with rebukes dost chasten a man for iniquity,
Thou makes his beauty melt away, like the damage of the moth--
Only a breath are all men. (Sela.)

13. O hear my prayer, Jahve,
And hearken to my cry!
At my tears be not silent,
For I am a guest with Thee,
A sojourner, like all my fathers.
14. Look away from me, that I may rally,
Before I go hence and am no more.


Psalm 48
Israel's Independence

The inaccessibleness of the city of God.

2. Great is Jahve and greatly to be praised
In the city of our God, His holy mountain.
3. Beautifully elevated, a joy of the whole earth
Is mount Zion, the angle of the north.
The city of the great King.

4. Elohim in her palaces became known as a stronghold.
5. For, lo, the kings allied advanced together;
6. Yet they beheld, they were amazed immediately, bewildered they fled away.
7. Trembling hath seized upon them there, pangs as of travail.
8. With an east wind didst Thou break the ships of Tarshish,

9. As we have heard, so have we seen
In the city of Jahve of Hosts, the city of our God--
Elohim upholdeth her for ever. (Sela.)

10. We thought, Elohim, upon Thy loving-kindness
In the midst of Thy temple.
11. As is Thy name, Elohim, so is thy praise
Unto the ends of the earth;
Full of righteousness is Thy right hand.

12. Let mount Zion rejoice,
Let the daughters of Judah exult
Because of Thy judgments.

13. Walk ye about Zion and go round about her,
Tell her towers,
14. Mark well her bulwark,
March through her palaces,
That ye may tell it the next generation.
15. That such an one is Elohim our God for ever--
He will guide us.


Psalm 91
Gulf War

Talismanic song in time of war and pestilence.

First Voice:
1. He who sitteth in the protection of the Most High,
Who abideth in the shadow of the Almighty--

Second Voice:
2. I say to Jahve: My refuge and my fortress,
My God in whom I trust.

First Voice:
3. For He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, from the destroying pestilence.
4. With His feathers shall He defend thee,
And under His wings art thou hidden;
A shield and buckler is His truth.
5. Thou shalt not be afraid for any nightly terror,
For the arrow that flieth by day,
6. For the pestilence that walketh in the darkness,
For the sickness that wasteth at noon-day.
7. A thousand may fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand,
It shall not come nigh thee--
8. Nay, with thine own eyes shalt thou look on
And see the recompense of the wicked.

Second Voice:
9. For Thou, O Jahve, art my refuge!

First Voice:
The Most High hast thou made thy habitation.
10. The range of misfortune toucheth thee not,
And the plague doth not come nigh thy tent.
11. For His angels hath He given charge over thee,
To keep thee in all thy ways.
12. On their hands shall they bear thee up,
That thou dost not dash thy foot against a stone.
13. Over lions and adders shalt thou walk,
Thou shalt trample lions and dragons under thy feet.

Third (divine) Voice:
14. For he loveth Me, therefore will I deliver him,
I will set him on high, for he knoweth My Name.
15. If he shall call upon Me, I will answer him,
I will be with him in trouble;
I will rescue him and bring him to honour.
16. With length of life will I satisfy him,
And cause him to delight himself in My salvation.


Psalm 93
Flooding around the world.

The royal throne above the sea of the peoples.

1. Jahve now is King, He hath clothed Himself with majesty;
Jahve hath clothed Himself, He hath girded Himself with might:
Therefore the world standeth fast without tottering.

2. Thy throne standeth fast from of old,
From everlasting art THOU.

3. The floods have lifted up, Jahve,
The floods have lifted up their roaring,
The floods lift up their noise.

4. More than the rumblings of great waters,
Of the glorious, of the breakers of the sea,
Is Jahve glorious in the height.

5. Thy testimonies are inviolable,
Holiness becometh Thy house,
Jahve, unto length of days.


Listing of names of the 150 Psalms:

  1. The radically distinct lot of the pious and the ungodly.
  2. The kingdom of God and of his Christ, to which everything must bow.
  3. Morning hymn of one in distress, but confident in God.
  4. Evening hymn of one who is unmoved before back-biters and men of little faith.
  5. Morning prayer before going to the House of God.
  6. A cry for mercy under judgment.
  7. Appeal to the judge of the whole earth against slander and requiting good with evil.
  8. The praise of the Creator's glory sung by the starry heaven to puny man.
  9. Hymn to the righteous judge after a defeat of hostile peoples.
  10. Plaintive and supplicatory prayer under the pressure of heathenish foes at home and abroad.
  11. Refusal to flee when in a perilous situation.
  12. Lament and consolation in the midst of prevailing falsehood.
  13. Suppliant cry of one who is utterly undone.
  14. The prevailing corruption and the redemption desired.
  15. The conditions of access to God.
  16. Refuge in God, the highest good, in the presence of distress and of death.
  17. Flight of an innocent and persecuted man for refuge in the Lord, who knoweth them that are his.
  18. David's hymnic retrospect of a life crowned with many mercies.
  19. Prayer to God, whose revelation of Himself is twofold.
  20. Prayer for the king in time of war.
  21. Thanksgiving for the king in time of war.
  22. Eli Eli Lama Asalotani.
  23. Praise of the good shepherd.
  24. Preparation for the reception of the Lord who is about to come.
  25. Prayer for gracious protection and guidance.
  26. The longing of one who is persecuted innocently, to give thanks to God in His house.
  27. taking heart in God, the all-recompensing one.
  28. Cry for help and thanksgiving, in a time of rebellion.
  29. The psalm of the seven thunders.
  30. Song of thanksgiving after recovery from dangerous sickness.
  31. Surrender of one sorely persecuted into the hand of God.
  32. The way to the forgiveness of sins.
  33. Praise of the ruler of the world as being the defender of His people.
  34. Thanksgiving and teaching of one who has experienced deliverance.
  35. Call to arms against ungrateful persecutors, addressed to God.
  36. The curse of alienation from God, and the blessing of fellowship with Him.
  37. The seeming prosperity of the wicked, and the real prosperity of the godly.
  38. Prayer for the changing of merited wrath into rescuing love.
  39. Prayers of one sorely tried at the sight of the prosperity of the ungodly.
  40. Thanksgiving, an offering up of one's self, and prayer.
  41. Complaint of a sufferer of being surrounded by hostile and treacherous persons.
  42. Longing for Zion in a hostile country.
  43. Longing for Zion in a hostile country.
  44. A litany of Israel, hard pressed by the enemy, and yet faithful to its God.
  45. Marriage song in honor of the peerless king.
  46. A sure stronghold is our God.
  47. Exultation at the Lord's triumphant ascension.
  48. The inaccessibleness of the city of God.
  49. Of the vanity of earthly prosperity and good: a didactic poem.
  50. Divine discourse concerning the true sacrifice and worship.
  51. Penitential prayer and intercession for restoration to favour.
  52. The punishment that awaits the evil tongue.
  53. Elohimic variation of the Jahve-Psalm 14.
  54. Consolation in the presence of blood thirsty adversaries.
  55. Prayer of one who is maliciously beset and betrayed by his friend.
  56. Cheerful courage of a fugitive.
  57. Before falling asleep in the wilderness.
  58. Cry for vengeance upon those who pervert justice.
  59. Prayer of an innocent man whom men are trying to take.
  60. Drill Psalm after a lost battle.
  61. Prayer and thanksgiving of an expelled king on his way back to the throne.
  62. Resignation to God when foes crowd in upon one.
  63. Morning hymn of one who is persecuted, in a waterless desert.
  64. Invocation of divine protection against the falseness of men.
  65. Thanksgiving song for victory and blessings bestowed.
  66. Thanksgiving for a national and personal deliverance.
  67. Harvest thanksgiving song.
  68. Hymn of war and victory in the style of Deborah.
  69. Prayer out of the depth of affliction borne for the sake of the truth.
  70. Cry of a persecuted one for help.
  71. Prayer of a grey-headed servant of God for further divine aid.
  72. Prayer for the dominion of peace of the anointed one of God.
  73. Temptation to apostasy overcome.
  74. Appeal to God against religious persecution, in which the Temple is violated.
  75. The nearness of the Judge with the cup of wrath.
  76. Praise of God after his judgment has gone fourth.
  77. comfort derived from the history of the past during years of affliction.
  78. The warning-mirror of history from Moses to David.
  79. Supplicatory prayer in a time of devastation, of bloodshed, and of derision.
  80. Prayer for Jahve's vine.
  81. Easter festival salutation and discourse.
  82. God's judgment upon the gods of the earth.
  83. Battle-cry to God against allied peoples.
  84. Longing for the house of God, and for the happiness of dwelling there.
  85. Petition of the hitherto favoured people for a restoration of favour.
  86. Prayer of a persecuted saint.
  87. The city of the new birth of the nations.
  88. Plaintive prayer of a patient sufferer like Job.
  89. Prayer for a renewal of the mercies of David.
  90. Taking refuge in the loving kindness of the eternal one under the wrathful judgment of death.
  91. Talismanic song in time of war and pestilence.
  92. Sabbath thoughts.
  93. The royal throne above the sea of the peoples.
  94. The consolation of prayer under the oppression of tyrants.
  95. Call to the worship of God and to obedience to His Word.
  96. A greeting of the coming kingdom of God.
  97. the breaking through of the kingdom of God, the Judge and Saviour.
  98. Greeting to Him who is become known in righteousness and salvation.
  99. Song of praise in honor of the Thrice Holy One.
  100. Call of all the world to the service of the true God.
  101. The vows of a king.
  102. Prayer of a patient sufferer for himself and for the Jerusalem that lies in ruins.
  103. Hymn in honor of God the All-Compassionate One.
  104. Hymn in honor of the God of the Seven Days.
  105. Thanksgiving hymn in honor of God who is attested in t he earliest history of Israel.
  106. Israel's unfaithfulness from Egypt onwards, and God's faithfulness down to the present time.
  107. An admonition to fellow-countrymen to render thanks on account of having got the better of calamities.
  108. Two Elohimic fragments brought together.
  109. Imprecation upon the curser who prefers the curse to the blessing.
  110. To the priest-king at the right hand of God.
  111. Alphabetical song in praise of God.
  112. Alphabetical song in praise of those who fear God.
  113. Hallelujah to him who raiseth out of low estate.
  114. Commotion of nature before God the Redeemer out of Egypt.
  115. Call to the God of Israel, the Living God, to rescue the honor of His Name.
  116. Thanksgiving song of one who has escaped from death.
  117. Invitation to the peoples to come into the kingdom of God.
  118. Festival psalm at the dedication of the new temple.
  119. A twenty-two fold string of aphorisms by one who is persecuted for the sake of his faith.
  120. Cry of distress when surrounded by contentious men.
  121. The consolation of Divine protection.
  122. A well-wishing glance back at the pilgrims' city.
  123. Upward glance to the Lord in times of contempt.
  124. The deliverer from death in waters and in a snare.
  125. Israel's bulwark against temptation to apostasy.
  126. The harvest of joy after the sowing of tears.
  127. Everything depends upon the blessing of God.
  128. The family prosperity of the God-fearing man.
  129. The end of the oppressors of Zion.
  130. De profundis.
  131. Child-like resignation to God.
  132. Prayer for the house of God and the house of David.
  133. Praise of brotherly fellowship.
  134. Night-watch greeting and counter-greeting.
  135. Four-voiced hallelujah to the God of Israel, the God of Gods.
  136. O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is God.
  137. by the rivers of Babylon.
  138. The mediator and perfecter.
  139. Adoration of the Omniscient and Omnipresent One.
  140. Prayer for protection against wicked, crafty men.
  141. Evening psalm in the times of Absalom.
  142. Cry sent forth from the prison to the best of friends.
  143. Longing after mercy in the midst of dark imprisonment.
  144. Taking courage in God before a decisive combat.
  145. Hymn in praise of the all-bountiful king.
  146. Hallelujah to God the One True Helper.
  147. Hallelujah to the sustainer of all things, the restorer of Jerusalem.
  148. Hallelujah of all heavenly and earthly beings.
  149. Hallelujah to the God of victory of His people.
  150. The final hallelujah.

See also Seven Thunders


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