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Notes on Revelation

September 11, 2001
What are you? a wise guy?

20 Heshvan, 5762
November 6, 2001

Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him. Proverbs 22:15

What happened? We've seen and debated every aspect surrounding the physical events as they played out on our television screens, but what does it all really mean? What was God/Hashem/Yahweh trying to tell us? Why was this allowed to occur?

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not a vindictive ruler; he is our Abba, Father. Though his children are unruly, he is merciful and long-suffering, willing that none should perish (2 Peter 3:9). His mercy, however, does not blind him to the true state of his people and when they are in need of correction he is not lax or faint-hearted in straightening them out.

When our Father decided that America needed a whipping he took the rod of terrorism and thwacked us a good one. We are still smarting from that blow a few months later but unfortunately it seems as if it hasn't done too many people too much good.

Our first inclination immediately after being chastised should have been to cry out to God for forgiveness, dropping on our knees in repentance yet our reaction has largely been to shake our fists at the rod and the One wielding it. We wailed and whined like wounded puppies at first, dolefully asking "Where is God? How could he allow this to happen?!?" as if we were totally innocent, pure victims of happenstance. But then our national pride took center stage and has refused to step aside so that we can face-up to the true star of this show - our disobedience.

What is it that needs to be addressed so that we can come out from behind the woodshed vowing we have learned our lesson? This whole issue seems to be self-evident yet there are those who have blinded themselves to the moral decay around them for years and it's to you I offer the following partial list: forcing Israel to give her land away, abortion, pornography, homosexual "rights," feminism, "music" tv, Hollywood, Oprah Winfrey worship, trash-talk radio, etc., etc., etc.

When I saw some of our representatives standing on the Capitol steps singing "God Bless America" I had a brief moment of hope that maybe they did indeed understand how momentous an occasion this was. Yet it was just a brief hope that died quickly as they marched back into the building and carried on "business as usual." Was one abortion law repealed? one clinic closed? Was one homosexual bill defeated and/or repealed? Was there an outcry of righteous indignation at the filth being pumped through the air by perverted hip-hop, rap, rock, etc. radio stations or the sick, degenerate Hollywood crowd? Has anything changed at all?

No, nothing has changed. Instead we see the government sanctioning abominable prayer meetings hoping to join all denominations into some sort of "everybody do your own thing, worship any god that seems right in your own eyes" (Judg 17:6) religion in the strangest house of worship ever devised. (Not too long before this "interfaith ceremony" a new gargoyle was added to the building that promoted the god of Star Wars, "May the force be with you.")

Don't be fooled though, Yahweh was watching.

There are proverbs that state that the wise man learns by watching what others do and learns his lesson even though the rod is not applied to his own back. The whole world is watching how America is dealing with this unprecedented event and hopefully they will wake-up and see how this foolish nation has reacted and will do a 360 and turn to the God of the Bible and beg forgiveness before they, too, are slated for chastisement.

Unfortunately for us, the United States of America has learned nothing about God's will since September 11, 2001. What would you do if you had an errant child who wouldn't listen even after you had rebuked them? Would you simply ignore them or try again? this time with maybe graver consequences? I don't think He has decided to back off; I believe we are going to reap what we have sown in a grievous way very quickly unless we repent and change our ways. From where I stand, though, that seems an impossible task as the people who are in charge of the governing of this once great nation are godless men and women and there is no public outcry at their woefully inadequate leadership.

I wish I were more optimistic but I'm not. Pray that you will be spared that which is shortly to befall the USA. Wise up, America.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. Proverbs 9:10

The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall. Proverbs 10:8

In the lips of him that hath understanding wisdom is found: but a rod is for the back of him that is void of understanding. Proverbs 10:13

When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom. Proverbs 11:2

A wise son heareth his father's instruction: but a scorner heareth not rebuke. Proverbs 13:1

The law of the wise is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death. Proverbs 13:14

In the mouth of the foolish is a rod of pride: but the lips of the wise shall preserve them. Proverbs 14:3

A wise man feareth, and departeth from evil: but the fool rageth, and is confident. Proverbs 14:16

The ear that heareth the reproof of life abideth among the wise. Proverbs 15:31

A reproof entereth more into a wise man than an hundred stripes into a fool. Proverbs 17:10

Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end. Proverbs 19:20

The rod and reproof give wisdom; but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame. Proverbs 29:15


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