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Jerusalem, December, 1997

A Compendium of Hate:
Palestinian Authority Antisemitism Since the Hebron Accord

Burning Flag
Masked Palestinian burns an Israeli flag with a swastika drawn on it at a Hebron rally on December 13, 1997.

Table of Contents

The Agreement

The Violations

Anti-Semitic Stereotypes

Comparisons of Israel with Nazis and Fascists

Holocaust Denial

Libelous Accusations

Delegitimizing Israel and the Jewish People

Equating Zionism with Racism

Provided by the Israeli Government Press Office

Messages of Non-Recognition of the State of Israel in the Palestinian Authority -- 6/26-8/26/98 9/18/98
Reporting on PA Summer Camps 8/3/98
Palestine Union Bars Israel Contact 8/2/98
PA Schools and the PLO Charter 8/2/98
Another Land Dealer Murdered 7/25/98
Senior Fatah Members Comments 5/2/98
Arabs won't play with Jews, 3/22/98
Arafat calls summit/Mufti justifies attacks, 3/19,20/98
American Funded PA Television, 3/98
"Kill the Americans -- Civilians and Military," February 23, 1998
Task Force on Terrorism & Unconventional Warfare, U.S. House of Representatives, February 10, 1998