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Time of Jacob's Trouble

Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it:
it is even the time of Jacobís trouble; but he shall be saved out of it. Jeremiah 30:7

27 Adar, 5761
March 22, 2001

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Subject: BULLETIN: Orthodox and Hassidic Rabbonim Declare "Time of Jacob's Trouble"
Date sent: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 21:37:27 +0200


Well, you exchatology buffs will LOVE this one.

At the Western Wall today and in yeshivas and synagogues and religious schools throughout Israel the sound of shofar blasts, the singing of Hebrew Psalms and cries and tears and wails of repentance were heard in response to a declaration by the Gedolei Yisrael (Great Ones of Israel) formally recognizing the beginning of the "time of Jacob's trouble."

Thursday, March 22, 2001 (the 27th of Adar, 5761), was earlier designated the time to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Nisan, (the first day of Nisan), since the first day of Nisan actually falls on Sunday. Ordinarily Rosh Chodesh Nisan is designated a Yom Kippur Katan (a small Yom Kippur).

So over the past 24 hours the Jewish community here in Israel and throughout the world has united in prayer. What is unusual about this year's Yom Kippur Katan is that in light of the 6-month-old Palestinian uprising which has claimed the lives of 57 Israelis, including more than 20 through the direct involvment and participation of Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority, the rabbis have added the designation as "a time of Jacob's trouble."

Further it is signed by ALL 27 of the leading Orthodox and Chassidic sages, both the "maranan verabonon" (masters and teachers) and the "gedolei ha-Torah vehaChassidus (Torah sages among the Chassidut)."

The declaration begins and is formally designated:


The declaration continues in full:

"Israel, the holy nation, is experiencing a time of suffering. Wicked people are launching attacks against our people, and are intent on causing trouble for the Jews in the Holy Land."

"May Hashem safeguard the Jewish nation in Eretz Hakodesh (the holy land) from the wicked machinations of our enemies. May He protect us from the oppressive calamities which crush body and soul. May He grant succor to those who suffer from severe and bitter illnesses. May he save us from the terrible plague in the form of traffic accidents. May He ease the pain of the hearts which grieve over the spiritual degeneration in our times, and over the decline in the belief in our sacred Torah.

"Our only power is in exercising of the age-old tool of our fathers, which is to cry out and to cause an uproar, as the Rambam says at the beginning of Hilchos Taanis: "It is a positive command of the Torah to cry out and to soud the shofar over every calamity which strikes the community, as it is written, "At hatsar hastsoreir eschem veharei'osem bechatzotzeros (against the adversary that oppresses you, you should blow an alarm with the trumpets -- Numbers 10:9) - the word tsar alluding to everything which oppresses (metsar) you.

"Therefore we entreat Jews everywhere -- men, womem and children -- to assemble at worldwide prayer rallies and to plead with the A-mighty, Who is most compassionate and kind, for deliverance. On Thursday, 27 Adar, ever rosh chodesh Nisan, in the shmittah year, we will gather with one heart, to issue pleas and fervent cries to the Master of all, and to recite the prayers of Yom Kippur Katan, selichos and Tehillim.

"Hashem will not reject the prayers of the many, and will accept our prayers and hearken to our outcries with compassion and grace. He will issue a spirit of purity from Above, in order to return us to Ovinu shebaShomayim. Fathers will return to their sons and sons to their fathers. Hashem will heed us, and we will not be lost. We will merit the coming of Moshiach tzidkeinu speedily, out of great mercy and kindness."

While precious minutes of 27 Adar remain, I encourage every JOE on this list who wishes to unite his heart in prayer with Judah to MINIMALLY pray the MINCHAH prayers (on my website ) or the prayers for the State of Israel and if you have a shofar to sound it before sunset tonight. (The alarm of Yom Kippur is "one continuous blast" but I heard a variety of blasts today.)

The special prayers for 27 Adar actually began last night in a celebration of Thanksgiving to Hashem for what was being termed througout Jerusalem today as a "very great NES (miracle)." A car packed full of explosives was parked in the heart of Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood on Rehov Mea Shearim in Kikar Shabbat (Shabbat Square). An off-duty parking warden noticed the car parked illegally in a taxi-only zone, looked inside and thought he saw suspicious wires coming out of a cellphone. He recruited local passersby to clear pedestrians and bloc traffic until police arrived and confirmed it was a car-bomb.

Helicopters flew overhead as a mass evacuation took place of the neighborhood surrounding the car and Israeli bomb squads (Sappers) to partially disarm the device and to conduct two controlled detonations. Buses and cars were backed up for miles in all directions but the inconvenience of walking two miles and more from Mea Shearim to the nearest bus stop that was still accessible was mitigated by the spontaneous praises and thanksgivings ... and added to the crowds on hand in the shuls for Yom Kippur Katan.

The air in and around Jerusalem today was noticeably lighter and spirits were noticeably uplifted as this REVIVAL INITIATED BY THE MODERN TORAH SAGES got underway.

ben Yosef


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Subject: more on the "time of Jacob's trouble."
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A few of you have enquired as to whether the declaration of a "time of Jacob's trouble" Yesterday with a Yom Kippur Katan (little Yom Kippur) was the first time this has been done by the rabbonim.

I did not know the answer so I spoke this morning with Rav Schneider about this. He said the kabbalists characteristically think of the eve of EVERY new month as a "Yom Kippur Katan," but this is not the ordinary practice of the Orthodox or the rest of the Hassidim, including the Breslovers.

He added that Yom Kippur Katan is more often associated with Erev Chodesh Nisan due primarily to the growing influence of the tzaddikim among the Hassidim and Orthodox and the desire to prepare for the Passover two weeks later through a "little" day of atonement.

But he said the phrase "time of Jacob's trouble" is a special declaration. He recalls the catch phrase being thrown around (at least informally) during the Gulf War when the Scud attacks were ongoing and even a good percentage of secular Jews were seeking some consolance in the shuls on Shabbat. But while it may be simply a "catch phrase," when the world seems to be getting out of hand from the perspective of the rabbonim, he agreed with me that Hashem can use it to ignite something at the grass roots, which appears to be what is happening.

It is too early to say just how far this "revival" will go and whether it will spread at all. But whatever else can be said of yesterday, it is clear that hearts cried out to Hashem in a way that had to be pleasing to Him.

At the same time, Rav Schneider places the responsibility for the current problems solely on the heads of rabbonim who had the opportunity to resist and speak out against Oslo and did not, against Palestinian autonomy in Judea-Samaria-Gaza and did not. The rabbonim were united in their support for retaining the Golan and supported the rally for a reunited Jerusalem and in those two areas, Israel remains strong and committed and inflexible. The same could be true with Judea-Samaria and the Jewish settlement towns today had the rabbonim so chosen.

I know that I personally approached several rabbis to support the "right-wing opposition" and the Jewish settlers back in 1992-93 when the movement was looking to THEM for spiritual leadership and was sorely disappointed at their response, so I share Rav Schneider's sentiment about this FAILURE on their part, which branded those of us who were arrested or imprisoned or deported for our "fragmented" oppositon. On the other hand, perhaps the spiritual leadership of Judah had to wash its hands of Samaria before Hashem could awaken JOES to their rights and responsibilities in this same area!)

It is promising that the rabbonim are NOW FINALLY uniting but there is much spiritual ground to be reclaimed. Again, Joes, I believe that without the spiritual and perhaps even the human resources of the House of Joseph, what can NOW be done by the House of Judah in this regard is limited. It is my hope that as part of this crying out to Hashem for an answer, that more of Judah will come to this realization as well.

And that is another MAJOR reason why the authority of the rabbonim should be respected and obeyed. In fact, I will go so far as to say that Hashem could be bringing about this very change of heart NOW, BECAUSE -- NOW -- there are Joes who do respect rabbinic authority and ARE waiting on their lead.

So, the bottom line to me is the "time of Jacob's trouble" is not a time of just "JUDAH's" trouble. It is a time when JOES must share in the responsibility as part of JACOB. I can't say it often enough. Two-thirds of those unannexed territories are the inheritance of the tribes of Joseph.

Since I am NOT an eschatologist I can't tell you what else could be implied by the words of Daniel and in the New Testament as it relates to the "time of Jacob's trouble." To me it simply represents an OPPORTUNITY for greater solidarity with my Jewish brothers and the recognition by the spiritual leaders of Judah that they need Hashem's help and greater spiritual resources. But Rav Schneider has some mystical ideas that tie it to the removal of the "wicked" Saddam and the coming of Moshiah, which we have discussed earlier and I will try to pin him down on later.

Shalom Shalom & Shabbat Shalom & Hashem's love & blessings,
ben Yosef

["Joes"=sons of Joseph]

March 22, 2004 three years to the day of the declaration regarding the time of Jacob's Trouble:



Arch-terrorist Sheikh Ahmed Yassin is dead - following an Israeli missile strike in Gaza at dawn today. Head of the international Hamas terror organization, Yassin met his end together with two of his sons, two other Hamas terrorists, and three others.

Three air-to-surface missiles were fired at Yassin's vehicle around 5:30 AM as he left a local mosque. Yassin, bound to a wheelchair since he hurt his back in a childhood accident, was the charismatic leader and founder of the murderous terror organization.

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, leader of the Hamas terrorist group and personally responsible for dozens of terrorist attacks and the deaths of Israelis, foreigners and security personnel, was killed in an air strike on his car," read a statement released by the IDF this morning, shortly after the strike. "The Hamas leadership, headed by Yassin, is also responsible for the ties and cooperation with the other terrorist organizations," the statement continued.

Since the beginning of the Oslo War in September 2000, Hamas has perpetrated 425 terrorist attacks of various types, killing a total of 377 Israelis and wounding 2,076 civilians and soldiers. Of these, 52 were suicide attacks, murdering 288 people. A full list of all deadly terrorist attacks during this period, including those perpetrated by Hamas, can be seen on the Foreign Ministry website at

Tens of thousands of Gaza residents took to the streets this morning upon hearing the news, while terrorists fired into the air. Continuous shouts of "Allahu Akbar" were heard from the loudspeakers of mosques throughout Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza). These scenes repeated themselves several-fold during the funeral early in the afternoon. "The battle is open, and war between us and them is open. They are the killers of prophets and today they killed an Islamic symbol," said Hamas chief spokesman Abdul Aziz Rantisi.

Arab leaders and PA officials condemned the attack, with Abu Ala - the PA prime minister - actually calling Yassin a "moderate." Abu Ala said that the killing of Yassin was "crazy and very dangerous and opens the door wide to chaos. Yassin is known for his moderation, and therefore this is a dangerous, cowardly act."

In addition to Ahmed Yassin, four other Hamas terrorists were also killed in this morning's attack. These included two of his sons, who accompanied him everywhere, were among his closest confidantes, and were in touch with all Hamas terrorists who came in contact with their father.

Likud MK Ehud Yatom said that Hamas could be expected to try to retaliate for the killing, but that this should not deter Israel from killing terrorist leaders.

The United States called on both sides to show restraint, while Great Britain's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw condemned Israel for what he called the "unlawful killing." France, the European Union in general and The Vatican also condemned Israel for killing its arch-enemy. "Violence is never the answer," read the statement from Paris.

The IDF imposed a complete closure on all of Yesha following this morning's operation, with all of Israel's cities placed on heightened alert. Security forces have taken up positions inside and outside of the Knesset plenum, and general security has been increased in the Knesset building. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Yaalon instructed his forces this morning to respond with "maximum restraint" to various phenomena of "active" mourning, protests and even rioting today. Live fire is not permitted.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was directly involved in the strike against the Hamas chief, supervising the operation personally from his Shikmim Farm in the Negev.

Sheikh Yassin is the author of suicide terrorism in Israel. Yassin encouraged the killing of Jews wherever they are found, and recently proposed that Israel be replaced by a Jewish state in Europe. Speaking with Der Spiegel in Germany, Yassin said that the purpose of the "Palestinian struggle is so that all Palestinians can live on their homeland... I am against a Jewish state on Palestinian land. The Jews should found a state in Europe." He was arrested in 1983 for starting to form Hamas, but was released two years later in the Jibril exchange. In 1989, he was arrested again, and was this time sentenced to life in prison - but was released in October 1997 in order to obtain the release of two Mossad agents being held in Jordan for trying to kill Hamas leader Khaled Mash'al.

Israel targeted Yassin six months ago, firing a missile at his house where he was meeting other Hamas leaders. He escaped from that attack with only minor injuries.

Reaction in the Cabinet to today's missile strike was overwhelmingly approving, with some saying it was time for the next step: the fulfillment of the cabinet decision to expel or kill Yasser Arafat. The Mukata compound in Ramallah, where Arafat has been holed up for over two years, has gone on high alert. Senior officials have indicated the strike against Yassin is in fact not the last, and that other terrorist leaders are marked as well.

Deputy Defense Minister Ze'ev Boim said that Yassin received his just rewards after overseeing hundreds of attacks by Hamas. "Sheikh Yassin deserved to die for all the terrorist attacks committed by Hamas," Boim told Israel Radio in the first reaction by the government. Boim hinted that more attacks on terrorist leaders were likely, warning that "no terrorist leader will be immune."


The decision to kill Yassin at the earliest opportunity was made six days ago, two days after the double Hamas attack in the Ashdod port that killed ten Israelis. The suicide explosions not only could have been a mega-attack had they occurred close to fuel or ammonia tanks, but occurred inside a strategic and nationally symbolic site. At a meeting of top Israeli defense and political leaders, it was decided to embark on a full-scale campaign to wipe out terrorism in Gaza, with both religious and political terrorist leaders in the crosshairs. Several relatively minor operations were carried out in the ensuing days - but the ongoing offensive, codenamed Operation Continuing Story - went into high gear when intelligence was received around 4:30 AM today that Yassin had entered a mosque and would soon be leaving. Three missiles were rained down onto his car just an hour later.


The Yesha Council says that the government "must not stop now, but must continue with the killing of the remainder of the terrorist leadership, including Arafat."


Arafat declared three days of mourning for Yassin, whom he called a "tortured holy martyr." A black cloud covered Gaza cities, as residents burned tires in memory of the slain murderer.

Arutz Sheva News Service
Monday, March 22, 2004 / Adar 29, 5764

Israeli Airstrike Kills Hamas Founder

Mar 21, 11:47 PM (ET)


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the founder and leader of the Hamas militant group that targeted Israelis in suicide bombings, was killed by missiles fired from Israeli helicopters as he left a mosque at daybreak Monday, witnesses said.

Hamas confirmed the death in an announcement broadcast over mosque loudspeakers and vowed revenge against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Witnesses said Israeli helicopters fired three missiles at the wheelchair-bound Yassin and two bodyguards as they left the mosque, killing them instantly.

A total of four people were killed and 12 were wounded in the attack, witnesses said.

Yussef Haddad, 35, a taxi driver, said he saw the missiles hit Yassin and the bodyguards.

"Their bodies were shattered," he said.

Yassin was by far the most senior Palestinian militant killed in more than three years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. Since September 2000, 474 people - the majority of them Israelis - have been killed in 112 Palestinian suicide bombings.

Sharon's government has gone after militant leaders using Israeli helicopter gunships in a controversial policy that has resulted in a number of civilian casualties in addition to the deaths of senior figures in Hamas and other groups.

Yassin was viewed as an inspirational figure by his followers in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. His death could spur violent protests not only in the Palestinian areas but in the wider Arab and Islamic world, where he was well-regarded as a symbol of the Palestinian battle for independence.

Thousands of angry Palestinians gathered minutes after the attack, calling for revenge against Israel.

In announcing Yassin's death, Hamas said, "(Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon has opened the gates of hell and nothing will stop us from cutting off his head."

Ambulances and fire trucks raced to the scene with sirens wailing, and rescue workers gathered up the shattered bodies.

Outside the morgue at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Hamas official Ismail Haniyeh, a close associate of Yassin, had tears in his eyes as he confirmed Yassin's death and pledged revenge.

"This is the moment Sheik Yassin dreamed about," Haniyeh said. "Sheik Yassin lived and died and offered his life to Palestine. Sheik Yassin was a hero and a fighter and the leader of a nation, and (he) is in heaven now."

Yassin founded Hamas at the start of the first Palestinian intefadeh, or uprising, in 1987. It is an offshoot of the Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, which is based in Egypt.

The Bush administration, as well as Israel, lists Hamas as a terrorist group.

Yassin was held in Israeli prisons for several years before being released in 1994.

Yassin lived in a modest house in the rundown Sabra neighborhood in Gaza City. Israel, which blamed him for inspiring Hamas bombers and attackers who killed hundreds of Israelis, tried unsuccessfully to kill him in a September missile strike that injured 16 people.

Past Israeli governments were reluctant to target Yassin, fearing a firestorm of revenge attacks.

Britain leads condemnation of killing
March 23, 2004

Politicians across the world last night roundly condemned the Israeli Government's assassination of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said on arrival at a European Union foreign ministers' meeting that while Israel had a "need to defend itself" against terrorists, if it wanted to have "the full support of the international community, it needed to do so within the boundaries set by international law".

"We therefore condemn (this action). It's unacceptable, it's unjustified, and it's very unlikely to achieve its objective," he told reporters.

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana added: "The policy of the European Union has been consistently condemnation of extra-judicial killing. In this particular case, I think the condemnation has to be stronger... This is not going to be a constructive, a positive contribution. It's going to be very, very bad news for the peace process."

French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said: "At a time when it is so important to mobilise ourselves to advance the peace process, such acts can only feed the spiral of violence."

Israel's Deputy Defence Minister Zeev Boim said Sheikh Yassin "had been marked for death for a long time".

"As long as there is terror, we will continue to strike. Sheikh Yassin and his deputies want the destruction of Israel," he said.

A senior US State Department official urged all sides to "remain calm and exercise restraint", but the assassination has incensed the Arab and Muslim world.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie said the assassination "opens the door wide to chaos. Yassin was known for his moderation and he was controlling Hamas. Therefore this is a dangerous, cowardly act."

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak announced that his country was pulling out of celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of its Camp David peace deal with Israel.

"We condemn this cowardly aggression, and I am suspending the participation of Egypt in the celebrations," Mr Mubarak said. An Egyptian delegation led by parliamentary foreign affairs committee chairman Mustafa al-Fekki was to have travelled to Israel for the anniversary festivities tomorrow.

Lebanese President Emile Lahoud said Israel was mistaken if it thought violence could suppress the will of the Palestinians. "Assassinating any symbol cannot kill those rights but will increase the resistance... Israel will find the same fate in the occupied territories as it found in south Lebanon," he said.

In Moscow, Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko said Russia was deeply concerned by the assassination.

Last Update: 22/03/2004 19:54

Annan condemns Yassin assassination

By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent, and News Agencies

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan condemned the targeted assassination of Hamas spiritual leader Ahmed Yassin on Monday and said it would do nothing to help Middle East peace efforts.

"I do condemn the targeted assassination of Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin and the others who died with him," Annan said as he arrived at United Nations headquarters in New York.

"Such actions are not only contrary to international law but they do not do anything to help the search for a peaceful solution," he told reporters.

The United States denied Monday it had given the green light to Israel to kill Yassin and appealed for calm in the region following the assassination.

Meanwhile, the European Union and other countries condemned Israel's killing of Yassin as a violation of international law that has further "inflamed" tensions in the Middle East.

In addition, representatives of the Quartet - the U.S., United Nations, Russia and the EU - will be meeting for talks on the consequences of the assassination in Cairo on Monday night.

White House national security advisor Condoleezza Rice said in morning television shows the United States did not have advance warning of the assassination from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

"It is very important that everyone step back now and try now to be calm in the region. There is always a possibility of a better day in the Middle East and some of the things being talked about by the Israelis - about disengagement from areas - might provide new opportunities," Rice told NBC's "Today" show.

"I would hope that nothing will be done to preclude those new opportunities from emerging," she added.

Pressed on whether the United States had played a role in Yassin's death or whether Sharon had called President George W. Bush directly to tell him that Israeli forces planned the assassination, Rice replied: "He did not."

She did not directly condemn the attack. "Let's remember that Hamas is a terrorist organization and that Sheikh Yassin himself has been heavily involved in terrorism," she said.


Quartet to meet on consequences of assassination Envoys from the United Nations, United States, Russia and the European Union have arranged to meet for talks on the consequences of the assassination, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher said Monday.

The four representatives will meet at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo on Monday night.

Maher said that in his talks with U.S. envoy William Burns hours after the assassination, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said there needed to be "a crystal-clear position on the peace process under these circumstances."

Burns, who is America's envoy to the Middle East, is one of the four representatives who is scheduled to take part in the meeting. The others are: the European Union's Marc Otte, Russian envoy Alexander Kalugin and U.N. representative Terje Roed-Larsen.

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Former Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee Head Sets Out the Jews' 20 Bad Traits As Described in the Qur'an

On March 22, 2004 Sheikh 'Atiyyah Saqr, former head of the Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee who in the past issued a Fatwa declaring Jews "apes and pigs,"(1) was asked the following question this week in an online chat room: "What, according to the Qur'an, are the Jews' main characteristics and qualities?" The following is his answer:(2)

The Bad Traits of the Jews Outweigh Their One Good Trait

Sheikh Saqr lists one positive trait of the Jews(3), and then 20 bad traits: fabricating; listening to lies; disputing and quarreling; hiding the truth and supporting deception; rebelling against the Prophets and rejecting their guidance; hypocrisy; wishing evil on people; feeling pain at others' happiness and feeling happiness at others' afflictions; rudeness and vulgarity; murder of innocents; mercilessness and heartlessness; breaking promises; cowardice; and miserliness.

In discussing these bad traits, Sheikh Saqr wrote, "We would like to note that these are but some of the most famous traits of the Jews as described in the Qur'an. They have revolted against the divine ordinances, distorted what has been revealed to them and invented new teachings which, they claimed, were much more better than what has been recorded in the Torah.

"It was [because of] these traits that they were not warmly received in all the countries where they tried to reside. Instead, they were either driven out, or lived in isolation.

"It was the Almighty Allah who placed on them His Wrath and [humiliated] them due to their transgression. Almighty Allah told us that He had sent to them those who would pour upon them rain of severe punishment that would last till the Day of Resurrection.

"All this gives us glad tidings of the coming victory of Muslims over [the Jews], as soon as Muslims cling to strong faith and belief in Allah and adopt modern means of technology."

Explaining the discrepancy between the Jews' bad and good traits, Saqr added: "The Qur'an [devoted] a considerable [number] of its verses to talking about Jews [and] their personal qualities and characteristics. The Qur'anic description of Jews is quite impartial, praising them in some occasions where they deserve praise and condemning them in other occasions where they practice blameworthy acts. Yet the latter occasions outnumbered the former, due to their bad qualities and the heinous acts they committed."

Saqr then lists the following 20 "bad traits" of the Jews, as they appear in the Qur'an:

1. "They used to fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah. Allah Almighty says: 'That is because they say: We have no duty to the Gentiles. They knowingly speak a lie concerning Allah.' (Al-'Imran: 75) Also: 'The Jews say: Allah's hand is fettered. [But it is] their hands that are fettered and they are accursed for saying [Allah's hands are fettered]. Nay, but both His hands are spread out wide in bounty. He bestoweth as He will' (Al-Ma'idah: 64) In another verse, Almighty Allah says: 'Verily, Allah heard the words of those who said, (when asked for contributions to the war): 'Allah, forsooth, is poor, and we are rich! We shall record their words with their wrongful slaying of the Prophets and we shall say: Taste ye the punishment of burning!' (Al-'Imran: 181)

2. "They love to listen to lies. Concerning this Allah says: 'And of the Jews: listeners for the sake of falsehood, listeners on behalf of other folk.' (Al-Ma'idah: 41)

3. "Disobeying Almighty Allah and never observing His commands. Allah says: 'And because they broke their covenant, We have cursed them and hardened their hearts.' (Al-Ma'idah: 13)

4. "Disputing and quarreling. This is clear in the verse that reads: 'Their Prophet said unto them: Lo! Allah hath raised up Saul to be a king for you. They said: How can he have kingdom over us when we are more deserving of the kingdom than he is, since he hath not been given wealth enough?' (Al-Baqarah: 247)

5. "Hiding the truth and supporting deception. This can be understood from the verse that reads: '... [They] distort the Scripture with their tongues, that ye may think that what they say is from the Scripture, when it is not from the Scripture.' (Al-'Imran: 78)

6. "Rebelling against the Prophets and rejecting their guidance. This is clear in the verse: 'And when ye said: O Moses! We will not believe in thee till we see Allah plainly.' (Al-Baqarah: 55)

7. "Hypocrisy. In a verse, we read: 'And when they fall in with those who believe, they say: We believe; but when they go apart to their devils they declare: Lo! we are with you; verily we did but mock.' (Al-Baqarah: 14) In another verse, we read: 'Enjoin ye righteousness upon mankind while ye yourselves forget (to practice it)? And ye are readers of the Scripture! Have ye then no sense?' (Al-Baqarah: 44)

8. "Giving preference to their own interests over the rulings of religion and the dictates of truth. Allah says [to the Jews]: '... When there cometh unto you a messenger (from Allah) with that which ye yourselves desire not, ye grow arrogant, and some ye disbelieve and some ye slay?' (Al-Baqarah: 87)

9. "Wishing evil for people and trying to mislead them. This is clear in the verse that reads: 'Many of the People of the Book long to make you disbelievers after your belief, through envy on their own account, after the truth hath become manifest unto them.' (Al-Baqarah: 109)

10. "They feel pain to see others in happiness and are gleeful when others are afflicted with a calamity. This is clear in the verse that reads: 'If a lucky chance befall you, it is evil unto them, and if disaster strike you they rejoice thereat.' (Al-'Imran: 120)

11. "They are known for their arrogance and haughtiness. They claim to be the sons and of Allah and His beloved ones. Allah tells us about this in the verse that reads: 'The Jews and Christians say: We are sons of Allah and His loved ones.' (Al-Ma'idah: 18)

12. "Utilitarianism and opportunism are among their innate traits. This is clear in the verse that reads: 'And of their taking usury when they were forbidden it, and of their devouring people's wealth by false pretences.' (An-Nisa': 161)

13. "Their rudeness and vulgarity is beyond description. Referring to this, the Qur'anic verse reads: 'Some of those who are Jews change words from their context and say: We hear and disobey; hear thou as one who heareth not, and Listen to us!, distorting with their tongues and slandering religion. If they had said: We hear and we obey; hear thou, and look at us, it had been better for them, and more upright. But Allah hath cursed them for their disbelief, so they believe not, save for a few.' (An-Nisa':46)

14. "It is easy for them to slay people and kill innocents. Nothing in the world is dearer to their hearts than shedding blood and murdering human beings. They never give up this trait even with the Messengers and the Prophets. Allah says: '... And [they] slew the prophets wrongfully.' (Al-Baqarah: 61)

15. "They are merciless and heartless. In this meaning, the Qur'anic verse explains: 'Then, even after that, your hearts were hardened and became as rocks, or worse than rocks, for hardness.' (Al-Baqarah: 74)

16. "They never keep their promises or fulfill their words. Almighty Allah says: Is it ever so that when ye make a covenant, a party of you violates it?' The truth is, most of them believe not.' (Al-Baqarah: 100)

17. "They rush hurriedly to sin and compete in transgression. Allah says: 'They restrained not one another from the wickedness they did. Verily, evil was what they used to do!' (Al-Ma'idah: 79)

18. "Cowardice and love for this worldly life are undisputable traits [of the Jews]. It is to this that the Qur'an refers when saying: 'Ye [Muslims] are more awful as fear in their [the Jews'] bosoms than Allah. That is because they are people who understand not. They will not fight against you in a group save in fortified villages or from behind walls. Their adversity among themselves is very great. Ye think of them as a whole whereas their hearts are diverse.' (Al-Hashr: 13-14) Allah Almighty also says: 'And thou wilt find them greediest of mankind for life and (greedier) than the idolaters.' (Al-Baqarah: 96)

19. "Miserliness runs deep in their hearts. Describing this, the Qur'an states: 'Or have they even a share in the Sovereignty? Then in that case, they would not give mankind even the speck on a date stone.' (An-Nisa': 53)

20. "Distorting Divine Revelation and Allah's Sacred Books. Allah says in this regard: 'Therefore woe be unto those who write the Scripture with their hands and say, 'This is from Allah,' that they may purchase a small gain therewith. Woe unto them for what their hands have written, and woe unto them for what they earn thereby.' (Al-Baqara: 79)

(1) April 15, 2002.
(2), March 22, 2004.
(3) According to Sheikh 'Atiyyah Saqr: "The Qur'an has specified a considerable deal of its verses to talking about Jews, their personal qualities and characteristics. The Qur'anic description of Jews is quite impartial; praising them in some occasions where they deserve praise and condemning them in other occasions where they practice blameworthy acts. Yet, the latter occasions outnumbered the former, due to their bad qualities and the heinous acts they used to commit. The Qur'an praises them on the verse that reads: 'And verily We gave the Children of Israel the Scripture and the Command and the Prophethood, and provided them with good things and favored them above (all) peoples.' (Al-Jathiyah:16) i.e. the peoples of their time."

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