The Epistle to the Hebrews
An Exposition

Adolph Saphir


Introduction by A. C. Gaebelein

Introductory Remarks

Chapter 1. Comparison and Contrast between the Old and New Covenant; the Perfect and Ultimate Revelation in the Son (Heb 1:1-4)

Chapter 2. The Glory of the Son of God (Heb 1:1-4)

Chapter 3. Christ above the Angels (Heb 1:3-6)

Chapter 4. Christ above the Angels (cont'd) (Heb 1:5-2:4)

Chapter 5. Jesus, the Son of Man, made lower than the Angels, for the Suffering of Death (Heb 2:5-10)

Chapter 6. Jesus, in All Things like unto His Brethren, through Sufferings and Death our High Priest (Heb 2:11-18)

Chapter 7. Christ the Lord, and Moses the Servant (Heb 3:1-6)

Chapter 8. Unbelief in the Wilderness (Heb 3:7-19)

Chapter 9. Fear and Rest (Heb 4:1-11)

Chapter 10. The Word of God, Judging the Christian Below; the Great High Priest's Sympathy and Help Above (Heb 4:12-16)

Chapter 11. Christ, as Son of Man, Called and Perfected to Be our High Priest (Heb 5:1-10)

Chapter 12. Growth in Grace and Knowledge (Heb 5:11-6:3)

Chapter 13. The Danger of Apostasy; the Patience of Faith and the Anchor of Hope (Heb 6:4-20)

Chapter 14. The Argument from Melchizedek; and the Inspiration of Scripture (Heb 7:1-5)

Chapter 15. Melchizedek a Type (Heb 7:1-17)

Chapter 16. The Word of the Oath and the Son Perfected for Evermore (Heb 7:15-28)

Chapter 17. Retrospect

Chapter 18. The Crowning Point: Christ the High Priest in Heaven (Heb 8:1)

Chapter 19. The True Tabernacle (Heb 8:1, 2)

Chapter 20. The Blessings of the New Covenant (Heb 8:6-13)

Chapter 21. Worship in Spirit and Truth (Heb 9:1-5)

Chapter 22. The First Tabernacle (Heb 9:1-5)

Chapter 23. Christ Entered in by His Own Blood (Heb 9:7-14)

Chapter 24. The Mediator of the New Testament (Heb 9:15-28)

Chapter 25. "Lo, I Come!" (Heb 10:1-7)

Chapter 26. "According to the Good Pleasure of His Will" (Heb 10:7-10)

Chapter 27. Our Perfection (Heb 10:5-18)

Chapter 28. Faith, Hope and Love (Heb 10:19-25)

Chapter 29. Warning against Apostasy (Heb 10:26-39)

Chapter 30. Faith and Things Hoped for and Unseen (Heb 11:1)

Chapter 31. Faith in God the Creator (Heb 11:3)

Chapter 32. Abel, Enoch, Noah (Heb 11:4-7)

Chapter 33. The Patriarchs (Heb 11:8-22)

Chapter 34. Moses (Heb 11:23-29)

Chapter 35. From the Judges to the Maccabees; the Better Thing Foreseen for Us (Heb 11:30-40)

Chapter 36. The Exemplar of Faith (Heb 12:1, 2)

Chapter 37. "Whom the Lord Loveth He Chasteneth" (Heb 12:3-13)

Chapter 38. Peace and Holiness (Heb 12:14-18)

Chapter 39. Mount Sinai and Mount Zion (Heb 12:18-29)

Chapter 40. Exhortations and Benedictions of the Apostle Paul (Heb 13:1-16)

Chapter 41. Exhortations and Benedictions of the Apostle Paul (cont'd) (Heb 13:17-25)

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