A History of the Jewish People
in the Time of Jesus Christ

Emil Schurer

Being a Second and Revised Edition of a
"Manual of the History of New Testament Times."


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Political History of Palestine, From BC 175 to AD 135
Volume I


1. Scope and Literature
2. Auxiliary Sciences

3. The Sources


First Period

From Antiochus Epiphanes down to the conquest of Jerusalem by Pompey

The Rise of the Maccabees and the Period of Freedom, BC 175-63

A Sketch of the history of Syria during the last century of the Seleucid Dynasty, BC 175-63

(Antiochus IV Epiphanes; Antiochus V Eupator; Demetrius I Soter; Alexander Balas; Demetrius II Nicator; Antiochus Sidetes; Demetrius II Nicator (a second time); Seleucus V; Antiochus VIII Grypos; Antiochus IX Cyzicenos)
4. Religious Destitution and Revival
5. The Times of Judas Maccabaeus, BC 165-161
6. The Times of Jonathan, BC 161-143
7. Simon, BC 142-135
8. John Hyrcanus, BC 135-105
9. Aristobulus, BC 105-104
10. Alexander Jannaus, BC 104-78
11. Alexandra, BC 78-69
12. Aristobulus II, BC 69-63


Second Period

From the conquest of Jerusalem by Pompey to the Hadrian War.

The Roman-Herodian Period, BC 63 - AD 135.

Sketch of the history of the Roman Province of Syria from BC 65 - AD 70.

I. The Period of the Fall of the Republic, BC 65-30
  1. Syria under the predominating influence of Pompey, BC 65-48
  2. The Times of Caesar, BC 47-44
  3. Syria under the administration of Cassius, BC 44-42
  4. Syria under the government of Marc Antony, BC 41-30
II. The Days of the Empire, BC 30 - AD 70
  1. Octavianus Augustus, BC 30 - AD 14
  2. Tiberius, AD 14-37
  3. Caligula, AD 37-41
  4. Claudius, AD 41-54
  5. Nero, AD 54-68
13. Hyrcanus II (BC 63-40), Antipater, Phasael, and Herod
14. Antigonus, BC 40-37
15. Herod the Great, BC 37-4


Volume II

16. Disturbances after Herod's Death
17. The Sons of Herod

18. Herod Agrippa I, AD 37, 40, 41-44
19. The Roman Procurators, AD 44-66
19. Supplement, Agrippa II, AD 50-100
20. The Great War with Rome, AD 66-73 21. From the Destruction of Jerusalem to the Overthrow of Bar-Cochba



  1. History of Chalcis, Iturea, and Abilene
  2. History of the Nabatean Kings
  3. The Jewish and Macedonian Months Compared with the Julian Calendar
  4. The Jewish Coins and Coins of the Rebellion
    1. The Shekel
    2. The Coins of the Rebellion
  5. Parallel Years of the Greek, Syrian, Roman, and Christian Eras
  6. Genealogy of the Seleucidae
  7. Genealogy of the Asmoneans
  8. The House of Herod
Addenda to Division I, Volumes I and II



The Internal Condition of Palestine, and of the Jewish People,
in the Time of Jesus Christ
Volume I

22. The State of Culture in General

23. Constitution. Sanhedrim. High Priest 24. The Priesthood and the Temple Worship 25. Scribism


Volume II

26. Pharisees and Sadducees
27. School and Synagogue

28. Life under the Law 29. The Messianic Hope 30. The Essenes 31. Judaism in the Dispersion—Proselytes


Volume III

32. The Palestinian-Jewish Literature

33. The Graeco-Jewish Literature 34. Philo, the Jewish Philosopher