The Babylonian Talmud


The Talmud is included on this website because we feel it is worthwhile to mine it for its wealth of truth. For millennia the Jews have been studying and expounding on the Torah and we feel that this is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to deepen their Bible study. True, there are those who pull difficult passages out of it and use them to promote the belief that Judaism leads to undesirable behavior but the same can be said for the Bible itself; without further study some verses can lead to questionable conclusions. We feel that the Christian community will be helped more than hindered by having some exposure to the Talmud.

We hope this helps you in your study of the Babylonian Talmud.


All tractates taken from:
Complete Soncino English translation of the Babylonian Talmud (pdf files) (offsite)
All Talmud files in .epub and Kindle .azw format

Order Zera'im  
Berachoth Benedictions
Pe'ah Gleanings (Lev 19:9-10)
Demai Doubtfully tithed produce
Kilayim Diverse kinds (Deut 22:9-11)
Shevi'ith The Sabbatical Year (Exo 23:10-11)
Terumoth Heave offering (Lev 22:10-14)
Ma'aseroth Tithes (Num 18:21)
Ma'aser Sheni Second tithe (Deut 14:22ff)
Challah Dough offering (Num 15:17-21)
Orlah The fruit of young trees (Lev 19:23-25)
Bikkurim Firstfruits (Lev 26:1-11)
Order Mo'ed  
Shabbath The Sabbath
Eruvin The fusion of Sabbath limits
Pesachim Passover
Shekalim The Shekel dues (Exo 30:11-16)
Yoma The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)
Sukkah The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth)
Beitzah Festival laws
Rosh Ha-Shanah Various new years, particularly Rosh Ha-Shanah
Ta'anith Fast days
Megillah Purim
Mo'ed Katan The intermediate days of festivals
Chagigah The Festival offering (Deut 16:16-17)
Order Nashim  
Yevamoth Levirate marriage (Deut 25:5-10)
Kethuboth Marriage contracts
Nedarim Vows (Num 30)
Nazir The Nazirite (Num 6)
Sotah The suspected adulteress (Num 5:11ff)
Gittin Divorce
Kiddushin Marriage
Order Nezikin  
Baba Kamma Torts
Baba Metzia Civil law
Baba Bathra Property law
Sanhedrin Judges
Makkoth Flagellation (Deut 25:2)
Shevu'oth Oaths
Eduyyot Traditional testimonies
Avodah Zarah Idolatry
Avoth Ethical maxims
Horayoth Erroneous ruling of the court (Lev 4:22ff)
Order Kodashim  
Zevahim Animal offerings
Menahoth Meal offering
Hullin Animals slaughtered for food
Bekhoroth Firstlings (Deut 15:19ff)
Arakhin Vows of valuation (Lev 27:1-8)
Temurah The substituted offering (Lev 27:10)
Kerithoth Extirpation (Lev 18:29)
Me'ilah Sacrileges (Lev 5:15-16)
Tamid The daily sacrifice (Num 28:3-4)
Middoth Measurements of the Temple
Kinnim The Bird offering (Lev 5:7ff)
Order Tohoroth  
Kelim Uncleanness of articles
Oholoth Uncleanness through overshadowing (Num 19:14-15)
Nega'im Leprosy (Lev 13, 14)
Parah The Red Heifer (Num 19)
Tohoroth Ritual cleanness
Mikva'oth Ritual ablution
Niddah The menstruant
Makhshirin Liquid that predisposes food to become ritually unclean (Lev 11:37-38)
Zavim Fluxes (Lev 15)
Tevul Yom Ritual uncleanness between immersion and sunset (Lev 22:6-7)
Yadayim The ritual uncleanness of the hands
Ukzin "Stalks" parts of plants susceptible to uncleanness



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