Joseph and Benjamin: A Series of Letters on
The Controversy Between Jews and Christians:
Comprising the Most Important Doctrines Of the Christian Religion

Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey

"The faith of a true Christian is the same as that of Moses and the Prophets."




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Part 1. The Necessity of a Mediator

  1. Introduction (detail)
  2. Observations on Divine Revelation (detail)
  3. Evidences of a Divine Revelation (detail)
  4. Continuation of the Same Subject (detail)
  5. On Reading the Scriptures (detail)
  6. The Controversy Between Jews and Christians Stated (detail)
  7. The Creation of Man (detail)
  8. The Covenant, or Law of Works (detail)
  9. The Fall of Man (detail)
  10. Original Sin (detail)
  11. Imputation of Adam's Sin (detail)
  12. The Subject Continued (detail)
  13. Misery of Fallen Man (detail)
  14. Man's Inability (detail)
  15. The Subject Continued (detail)

Part 2. A The Divine Appointment of a Mediator

  1. A Mediator Appointed (detail)
  2. The Subject Continued (detail)
  3. Messiah Revealed in Paradise (detail)
  4. The Subject Continued (detail)
  5. Messiah Promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (detail)

Part 3. Messiah Must Have Come Long Since

  1. Jacob's Prediction Fulfilled (detail)
  2. Second Temple Destroyed and Daniel's Weeks Expired (detail)
  3. The Subject Continued (detail)
  4. Evasions Confuted (detail)

Part 4. Jesus of Nazareth the Promised Messiah
  1. Introduction (detail)
  2. Jesus Came at the Time Predicted (detail)
  3. The Nativity of the Messiah (detail)
  4. Objections Answered (detail)
  5. Predictions of Several Circumstances Connected with the Birth of the Messiah, Fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth (detail)
  6. The Character of the Messiah (detail)
  7. Messiah's Credentials (detail)
  8. Messiah's Miracles (detail)
  9. Jesus the Prophet (detail)
  10. The Priestly Office of the Messiah (detail)
  11. Origin of Sacrifices (detail)
  12. Design of Sacrifices (detail)
  13. The Vicarious Sufferings and Death of Messiah Predicted as Well as Typified(detail)
  14. Jesus a Priest and Sacrifice (detail)
  15. The Sacrifice of Christ Vicarious (detail)
  16. The Effects of Christ's Death (detail)
  17. Crucifixion of Christ (detail)
  18. The Burial of Christ (detail)

Part 5. The Exaltation of the Messiah
  1. Introduction (detail)
  2. Resurrection of the Messiah (detail)
  3. The Subject Continued (detail)
  4. Continuation of the Subject (detail)
  5. Importance of Christ's Resurrection (detail)
  6. The Ascension of the Messiah (detail)
  7. The Intercession of the Messiah (detail)
  8. The Messiah's Kingly Office (detail)
  9. The Nature of Messiah's Kingdom (detail)
  10. Administration of Messiah's Kingdom (detail)

Part 6. The Divinity of the Messiah
  1. A Plurality in Unity (detail)
  2. Plurality Restricted to a Trinity (detail)
  3. Distinguishing Marks of Deity (detail)
  4. The Angel Jehovah (detail)
  5. The Subject Continued (detail)

Part 7. Jesus Is Truly God
  1. Similarity Between Christ and the Angel (detail)
  2. Divine Criteria Ascribed to Jesus (detail)

Part 8. Importance of the Divinity of Christ
  1. Consequences if He is not God (detail)
  2. The Subject Continued (detail)
  3. Consequences if Christ be God (detail)
  4. The Deity of the Holy Spirit (detail)
  5. Continuation of the Subject (detail)

Part 9. Second Advent of the Messiah
  1. Introduction (detail)
  2. Introduction Continued (detail)
  3. The Restoration of the Jews (detail)
  4. Continuation of the Subject (detail)
  5. The Subject Continued (detail)

Part 10. Messiah the Judge of the World
  1. The Resurrection of the Dead (detail)
  2. The General Judgment (detail)
  3. The Misery of the Wicked (detail)
  4. The Future Happiness of the Righteous (detail)
  5. Conclusion (detail)


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