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2 Adar, 5761
February 25, 2001

Please Excuse My Miscalculations.

Over the past decade or more, in my lectures and particularly in the November 1996 RESEARCHER, I have indicated that we might expect...prophetic events to be wrapped-up before and during Israel's Jubilee year. Since the rebirth of Israel took shape during the years of 1947, 1948 and 1949, I projected that the climactic events should be expected a Jubilee or 50 years later. The things simply did not happen as quickly as I had anticipated. As the old adage goes, "a watched pot never boils." All the players were on the field, the spectators were all in the stadium, but the whistle never blew for the kick-off. Then Something Did Happen!

As the Jewish New Year 5761 rolled around, those things we expected to happen began to fall into place. Why the almost three year delay? My daughter Sarah and I were discussing these expectations when she reminded me that this was the second Shmitah (Sabbatical Year) that they have lived in Israel on the settlement of Ma'aleh Levonah. "Yeah, Dad, you know that the Rabbis say that next year 5762 is the Jubilee year because 5761 is the seventh Shmitah since the establishment of Israel in 1948 or 5708."

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the dumbest of them all? Why did I calculate 1998-1999 as Israel's Jubilee year, when it was only the 50th anniversary year of the formation of the state? It was not the 50th Jubilee year? The Rabbis calculate the first Shmitah in Israel's Third Commonwealth as beginning in 1951, three years after their Independence. Hence, counting seven Shmitahs or 49 years brings us to the year 5761 on the Jewish Lunar Calendar or October 1st, 2000 CE on the western Gregorian Calendar. This is the beginning of the Seventh Shmitah year or the Seventh Sabbatical year of this Third Commonwealth of Israel.

Gal-Gal, Gil-Gul, Gil-Gal

Gal-Gal is a wheel or tire. Gil-Gul is a turning, as in Gilgul HaNefesh, the recycling of the soul. Gilgal is to rollover or turn over. In Joshua 5:9 we read, "And the L-RD said to Joshua, 'See, this day have I rolled away (Gil-Gal) the reproach of Egypt from off you.' Therefore, the name of the place was called Gilgal."

"The wheels (Gal-Galim) of G-D turn slowly, But they grind (groan) exceedingly fine. And they never stop (Gilgalim) rolling over."

The Exodus happened on the 14th day of the first month in the Jewish Year 2448. The Rabbis calculate that Israel entered their first Commonwealth at the end of the 40 years wandering on the tenth day of the first month in the Jewish year 2489. The 14 years they were at Gilgal brings the date to 2503 before they occupied their inheritance. The Rabbis calculate it as the year 2502 because each of the families of the tribes had actually moved to their inheritances two full weeks following Yom Kippur of the year 2502, so they could broadcast (plant) seed for the coming year of 2503. This is also one reason why they observe Rosh HaShanah, or the beginning of the Jewish New Year, at the Autumn Equinox [the 7th month, seed planting time] of Tishri rather than in the Spring equinox [the 1st month, spring harvest time] of Nissan. Thus, the reckoning of the seventh Shmitah in the century falls on the 1st and 51st years of each century making the Jubilee occur on the subsequent 2nd and 52nd years accordingly.

However, I still have an unresolved question regarding this calculation. If the 1st year of the counting of the Shmitah Year began the 1st year following the Jubilee Year, then it seems that the Jubilee would ascend by one calendar year each Jubilee or 50 years. Since the Rabbis still calculate the Jubilee to always occur on the 2nd and 52nd years of each century, I guess I will have to revert to my original question: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the dumbest of them all?

So, the Prophecies Were Seemingly Dragging their Heels These Past Three Years

Calculating from 1947-1948 and 1949 from the rebirth of Israel, the Jubilee related things should have happened in 1997-1998 and 1999 but did not occur. When we revised our computation so the seventh Shmitah occurs in 5761 or 2000-2001, the Jubilee occurs in the year 5762 or 2001-2002. Now, things that we suspected would occur three years ago, we see unfolding at the beginning in October 2000.

Which Calendar, the Lunar or the Solar?

The Calendar used by the Jewish World since about 175 BCE is a Lunar/Solar system that is regulated with the Solar Year by adding an extra month 7 times each 19 years. There is no difference between the two systems in the counting of the years. The difference, however, is that according to the Jubilee System, Rosh HaShanah (the head of the year) is reckoned on the first day of the first month in the Spring equinox at sundown March 21.

The other accepted Lunar/Solar calendar holds that Rosh HaShanah occurs at sunset on the first day of the seventh month of the New Moon, on or near the Autumn Equinox on September 23. The latter must also be adjusted during certain years by adding extra months. According to the Jubilee calendar, used by the Qumran community, Rosh HaShanah 5761 will not occur until sunset, March 22, 2001. According to the calculations on the Jubilee calendar, we are still in 5760 until March 22, 2001. No one would question that the events we expected to unfold over the past three years are indeed happening now. This is why I always say: "G-d's time is not always our time, so again, let's let time be the interpreter!"

Don Hutchinson pointed out something very intriguing regarding these events that he found in the exhaustive work known as Me'Am Lo'Ez, also called The Torah Anthology. The Parashah HaBrachah (the blessings) in Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12 is read at the end of the Torah readings for this year, during Simchat Torah (rejoicing in the Torah). This is when Deuteronomy is concluded and Genesis is begun again. Before starting again with Genesis 1:1 this year, HaBrachah was read on October 21-28. This year, both Shabbat and the 8th Day of Succoth fell on October 21.

Hutch found that the Rambam (Maimonides), in his Book of Redemption, section seven, expounds on the final redemption of Israel in the last days. The dissertation begins with the word T'vout, in Deuteronomy 33:16 which is not translated in the English texts. It is absorbed in the phrase "the Sun's yield" (T'vou oat-Shemish). It is an irregular verb form, combining the future marker "t" before the "past" tense of the verb )b of the word "He shall come" with the past tense of the same root, (ht)b), Botah. He came and will yet come again. This metaphoric reference has to do with the house of Joseph. Joseph was the first to come into exile in Egypt, and Joseph will be the first to come back to Eretz Yisrael in the Messianic Age. Rabbenu Bachya explains that the Ten Northern Tribes [of the House of Israel] will be redeemed 53 years before Judah's exiles will be returned (and redeemed) in the Era of Messianic Redemption.

How do the Rabbis come to that conclusion? They conjecture that when the Babylonians destroyed Judaea and Jerusalem in 3338 that many of the House of Israel, whose ancestors were dispersed by the previous Assyrian Captivity, returned slowly and spasmodically to their inheritance. Only after 52 years did Zerubbabel begin his organized return in 3390. This was 52 years after the Babylonian Captivity. The year 3391 was Judah's first year to re-establish the Second House, in the 53rd year after the Captivity. This year is the 52nd year of Israel's 3rd Commonwealth. This re-occurrence implies that the final re-gathering of Israel in the Time of the End, or the 53rd year, will be the pivotal point of turning from the old (goyish) socialist regime!

This, the 52nd anniversary year of the present fiasco, is perhaps the dying gasp of the old guard. It is also the seventh Shmitah that precedes the first Jubilee of Israel's Third Commonwealth. The suggestion is that perhaps the Third Commonwealth of Israel will have a life span of only 52 years. Then the "new era" begins. Ben-Gurion's anti-religious regime led by Bolsheviks will fall after the 52nd year of Despotic Tyranny. A Socialist Zionist Israel does not merit survival! Strangely, the Persian Empire also endured only 52 years. The destruction of the old guard does not mean the destruction of the State of Israel; it only marks the end to a rule that was socialist and therefore anti-Torah.

Jeremiah's 70-year period also holds a certain mystique. My cousin, Lois Hermann, pointed out that the 70-year Babylonian Captivity seems to be echoed in The Papacy. It was exiled from Rome 70 years. The tyrannical Union Socialist States of Russia (USSR) was born in 1917. Seventy years later, in 1987, the USSR crumbled and died. In 1932, American Socialism was born in the form of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. His Democratic Socialism that is still having an impact on our way of life will be 70 years old in 2002.

The book of Daniel in Chapter 7, verse 4 speaks of four Beasts, specifically, the Lion (England) that had Eagle's wings (USA), the Bear (USSR) and the Leopard (Germany). The prophet further expounds on them in Daniel 7:12, "As for the rest of the beasts - their dominion was taken away, yet their lives were prolonged until a season and a time."

Sadly, the US has little or no right for continued protection from the Almighty! G-D has been expelled from the US educational system and from every aspect of the government. Under the Clinton White House Administration, we have seen several successive violations of justice...The Clinton impeachment scandal and finally this year's election fiasco are events that reflect a tyrannical lawlessness. Meanwhile, "The Days of Man are the measure of the Mikvah." A mikvah is 5760 eggs (years) of time. That measure will be full on sunset on March 21, 2001.

Excerpt from "War with Amalek: Crisis Explodes in Autumn 2000"
Vendyl Jones Research Institutes
January, 2001

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