The Ezekiel Option by Joel Rosenberg

The Ezekiel Option
by Joel Rosenberg

Paperback - 350 pages 
April 1, 2006
Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN: 1414303440

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Book Description: When Russia's richest oil baron is killed, Moscow suddenly teeters on the verge of political chaos. Tehran races to complete its nuclear arsenal. Washington finds herself dangerously divided from her European allies.

And in the dead of night, in the hills overlooking Jerusalem, a senior White House advisor uncovers a chilling ancient conspiracy as real as the morning's headlines. Woven through the writings of the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel, more than 2,500 years old, are eerily prescient descriptions of modern countries then unborn, modern alliances then unformed, and an imminent day of unspeakable terror.

Now, with the clock ticking down to war, two Americans are caught in the crossfire, wondering, Is the last judgment at hand?

The Last Jihad by Joel Rosenberg

The Last Jihad
by Joel Rosenberg

Paperback - 352 pages 
September 15, 2003
Forge Books
ISBN: 0765346435

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Book Description: On a quiet night under a full moon outside of Denver International Airport, a motorcade carrying the President of the United States is suddenly and viciously attacked.

The weapon: a hijacked Gulfstream IV business jet, packed with thousands of pounds of fuel and explosives. A Secret Service agent takes the jet down with a Stinger missile. The President narrowly escapes with his life. But not before terrorists also strike London, Paris, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

...we thought we had won...

...we were wrong...

The CIA quickly traces the attacks back to Saddam Hussein. U.S. forces go on full alert. The President and his top national security advisors fear Iraq is preparing to seize sixty percent of the world's known oil reserves. Drawn into the epicenter of the maelstrom are Jon Bennett—one of the savviest and stealthiest strategists on Wall Street—and his gorgeous, shrewd, but mysterious partner, Erin McCoy.

Bennett and McCoy have just secretly concluded a billion dollar deal to develop a vast and largely unknown oil field off the coast of Israel and Gaza. The President knows that if the U.S. is forced to go to war against Iraq, he'll need an airtight Arab coalition.

The key: finding a way to resolve the bloody Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all. How better to do that than commandeer Bennett, McCoy and their deal, force the Israeli and Palestinian leaders to the table, and nail down a peace treaty that offers a huge and unexpected bonus: oil wealth for each and every Jewish, Muslim and Christian family long scarred by war.

But something goes dreadfully wrong. A U.S. spy satellite picks up an Israeli commando operation in the Western desert of Iraq. The President receives an urgent call from the Israeli Prime Minister.

The good news: the Israelis have narrowly foiled an Iraqi Scud missile attack.

The bad news: the recovered warhead is nuclear, and Israeli intelligence is convinced Saddam has more weapons of mass destruction aimed not just at Tel Aviv but at Washington and New York as well.

The Prime Minister gives the U.S. a blunt ultimatum: melt down Baghdad within one hour, or Israel will do it herself.

The unthinkable scenario has arrived. Will the American President order a nuclear strike against Iraq to protect Israel? How can he, especially with Bennett and McCoy in Jerusalem? Then again, how can he not?

The Last Days by Joel Rosenberg

The Last Days
by Joel Rosenberg

Paperback - 480 pages 
February 1, 2005
Forge Books
ISBN: 0765348209

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Book Description: The battle of Iraq is over. Now the eyes of the world are on Jerusalem as Jon Bennett—a Wall Street strategist turned senior White House advisor—his beautiful CIA partner Erin McCoy, and the U.S. Secretary of State arrive in the Middle East to meet with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

On the table: a dramatic and potentially historic Arab-Israeli peace plan, of which Bennett is the chief architect. At the heart of the proposed treaty is the discovery of oil and natural gas that could offer unprecedented riches for every Muslim, Christian and Jew in Israel and Palestine.

With the international media closely tracking the story, the American message is as daring as it is direct: both sides must put behind them centuries of bitter, violent hostilities to sign a peace treaty. Both sides must truly cooperate on drilling, pumping, refining, and shipping the newly found petroleum. Both sides must work together to develop a dynamic, integrated economy to take advantage of this stunning opportunity. Then and only then will the United States help underwrite the billions of dollars of venture capital needed to turn the dream into reality.

But in the shadows lie men whose hearts are filled with evil—men whose hearts do not relish a post-Saddam era, men for whom the prospect of a Palestinian peace accord with Israel goes against everything for which their fathers have fought and died. Such men—and the countries that finance them—are ready to do anything necessary to slaughter those who stand in their way.

THE LAST DAYS is a skillfully scripted cat and mouse game of daring plans and political intrigue as Rosenberg – a veteran Washington writer—delves deeply into the psyches of men who will stop at nothing to win.


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