Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls by Randall Price

Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls
by Randall Price

Paperback - 535 pages
September 1996
Harvest House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1565074548

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From the back cover:

"Little Did They Know the Stir They Would Cause

"The community of people who wrote, copied, and hid the Scrolls in caves lived in great anticipation of the end times and saw themselves as the forebears of a new kingdom to come. Instead, the community died out...and 2,000 years passed before the discovery of the writings that would draw worldwide attention to the fascinating age in which they lived.

"The modern-day story of the Scrolls is truly remarkable--with clandestine meetings, incredible coincidences, and unexpected surprises. Dr. Randall Price tells us that story, which surveys...

  • The yet-to-be-solved mysteries about the identity and beliefs of those who wrote the Scrolls
  • Claims that prominent cults are making about the Scrolls
  • Today's furious debate aobut who rightfully owns the Scrolls
  • Evidence that the Scrolls affirm the authenticity of the Bible
  • The controversy over the so-called "suppressed" Scrolls
  • The newest efforts to find more Dead Sea Scrolls

"'Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls' is a remarkable and authoritative resource based on meticulous research and firsthand interviews with the people closest to the Scrolls--including translators, scholars, eye-witnesses, and the nomadic shepherd who first found the Scrolls."

Table of Contents:
Abbreviations (SIGLA) for the Dead Sea Scrolls
Part I: The Discovery Heard Around the World
Chapter 1 The Drama of the Scrolls
Chapter 2 The Story of the Scrolls
Chapter 3 The Scandal of the Scrolls
Part II: Deciphering the Secrets of Ages Past
Chapter 4 A survey of the Scrolls
Chapter 5 The Scribes of the Scrolls
Chapter 6 The Significance of the Scrolls
Chapter 7 The Scriptures and the Scrolls: Old Testament
Chapter 8 The Scriptures and the Scrolls: The New Testament
Part III: What Do the Scrolls Teach?
Chapter 9 The Doctrine of the Scrolls
Chapter 10 Prophecy and the Scrolls
Chapter 11 The Temple and the Scrolls
Chapter 12 Secrets of the Copper Scroll
Chapter 13 The Messiah in the Scrolls
Chapter 14 Is the Christian Messiah in the Scrolls?
Part IV: A Call to Discernment
Chapter 15 Jesus and the Qumran Community
Chapter 16 Sensationalism and the Scrolls
Chapter 17 Sensationalism and the Scholars
Chapter 18 Cults and the Scrolls
Part V: A Look Ahead
Chapter 19 Politics and the Scrolls
Chapter 20 New Searches for Scrolls
Chapter 21 Lessons from the Scrolls
Historical Overview of the Second Temple Period
A Chronological History
Additional Reading
Author Index
Subject Index

Maps, Charts, and Illustrations:

  • Location of the Dead Sea Scroll Discoveries
  • Location of the Qumran Caves
  • Reconstruction of the Qumran Community
  • Reconstruction of the Scriptorium
  • Qumran Manuscripts of the Old Testament
  • Mark 6:52-53 and 7Q5
  • Prophetic Perspective of Qumran Community in History
  • Eschatology of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • The Temple City of the "Temple Scroll"
  • The Temple of the "Temple Scroll"
  • The Outer Courts of the Temple of the "Temple Scroll"
  • Suggested Locations of the "Copper Scroll" Caches
  • Differences Between Jesus and the Essenes
  • Qumran Geophysical Survey Location Map
  • Historical Overview of the Second Temple Period

Our Review:  
We've read a few books on this subject and this is the most accessible of the lot. It is written in an easy style and manages to cover just about every aspect concerning the scrolls including: the story behind the discovery of the scrolls, what the scrolls mean to academia, what the scrolls teach and how they have been used/abused. A nice chart entitled "Historical Overview of the Second Temple Period" and a chronological history of the scrolls rounds out this great resource. Nicely done.


You can buy dvd and vhs tapes of this book at the author's website, World of the Bible Ministries.

The video, voted one of the best documentaries on the scrolls by Magen Broshi, former curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls Museum (Israel), includes the only film interview with the Bedouin who discovered the scrolls!



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