The Sea of Galilee Boat by Shelley Wachsmann The Sea of Galilee Boat : An Extraordinary 2000 Year Old Discovery
by Shelley Wachsmann

Paperback - 440 pages (June 2000)
Perseus Books Group
ISBN: 0738203297

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Synopsis: This remarkable true story recounts one of thegreatest discoveries of the century--finding a 2,000-year-old boat from the Sea ofGalilee. Archaeologist Wachsmann interweaves his own unforgettable story of thischallenging excavation with writings of the past to create an extraordinary saga. 100illustrations.

Review: Booknews, Inc. , September 1, 1995 - A nauticalarchaeologist and expert on seacraft of the ancient Near East recounts his excitement andefforts at discovering and recovering a Roman-period boat in the Sea of Galilee in 1986.He also juxtaposes relevant texts from Christian and Jewish history of the period. Wellillustrated with black-and-white photographs of the endeavor. Annotation copyright BookNews, Inc. Portland, OR.

The publisher, Plenum Press , April 8, 1998 Won Award from BiblicalArchaeological Society in l997. In 1997 this book won the Best Popular Book inArchaeology Award from the Biblical Archaeological Society.

A Few Comments from Back Cover:  "Shelley Wachsmann'stale of the archaeological excavation of the Galilee Boat reads like a first-classadventure story.  Feeling almost as if I were an actual participant, I found itnearly impossible to put down." -- Alfred S. McLarren, Ph.D., Publisher, ScienceNews.

"Dr. Wachsmann does a masterful job of recreating the excavation of such acraft from the Sea of Galilee.  A gripping read." -- Clive Cussler, Author, Raisethe Titanic.

"Provides a rare, behind-the-scenes story of scholarly detective work on animportant find from the New Testament period." -- Neil Silberman, ContributingEditor, Archaeological Magazine.

Our Comments: What an absolute gem of a book. Still one of our all-time favorites!


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