Restoring the Original Bible 
by Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D.

Paperback, 502 pages
ASK Publications (Jan 1, 1994)
ISBN: 0945657838

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Advertisement:  "This book of 512 pages is a key research work that provides the biblical student with information concerning the historical growth and progression of the Holy Scriptures. It could be academically titled 'The Design and Development of the Holy Scriptures.' It shows from clear historical and biblical records that our modern Bibles (though they do contain all the books of the Holy Scriptures in the normal Protestant versions) have abandoned the order and arrangement of the biblical books as they left the hands of the prophets and apostles who canonized them. It was in the early fifth century that Jerome gave to the world our present (and erroneous) arrangement of the books of the Bible. This order of Jerome is at variance with the original design. When the original arrangement is restored, a marvelous and wondrous context is shown that reveals truths of the Scripture that could not be seen otherwise. The original design (which can be so easily shown and proved) provides the modern reader with the accurate type of Bible that the prophets and apostles intended the world to have. Even modern scholars from around the world have argued that the Holy Scriptures should be put back into their pristine and proper order so that modern man can have the same Bible that left the hands of those who canonized it. This book makes the Holy Scriptures to make sense."

Our Comments: Excellent!! I can't recommend this book highly enough!

Table of Contents: 
1. Restoring the Original Bible 
2. The Biblical Keys to Canonization 
3. The Original Number of Old Testament Books 
4. The Tripartite Divisions 
5. The Proper Numbering of the Books 
6. The Design of the Old Testament 
7. The Temple and the Old Testament Canon 
8. The Law--the First Five Books 
9. The Prophets Division 
10. The Writings Division 
11. The Final Three Books of the Third Division 
12. The Old Testament Periods of Canonization 
13. The Need for a New Testament 
14. The Prophetic Environment of the First Century 
15. The Book of Acts and New Testament History 
16. The Jewish/Roman War and Canonization 
17. The Canonization by Peter 
18. The Authority to Canonize the New Testament 
19. The Apostle John and Canonization 
20. When Was the Book of Revelation Written? 
21. The New Testament Pentateuch 
22. The Seven General Epistles 
23. The Epistles of Paul 
24. The Canonization of Paul's Epistles 
25. The Completion of the Canon 
26. The Rejection of the Apostle John 
27. The Meaning of Canonization 
28. Where Was the New Testament Canonized? 
29. The Autographs of the New Testament Books 
Select Bibliography 
Appendix One: Preliminary Suggestions for the Structure of the Psalms 
Appendix Two: The Book of Proverbs: Its Structure, Design, and Teaching

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