Alien Encounters
by Chuck Missler, Mark Eastman

Paperback (October, 2003)
Koinonia House Inc
ISBN: 1578212057

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Customer Comments: "This book takes hard questions about Alien Abductions, Fallen Angels and Interdimisional Time travel and explain them in easy to understand layman terms. Well researched and written. Not for the faint of heart."

"The first nine chapters are a whirlwind of science facts and UFO reports for the benefit of the reader who has not followed the advance of science, the UFO scene or the New Age movement. The last five chapters are an impeccable weave of Biblical fact and the most probable interpretation of current events. I personally had thought of this theory before reading the book and was delighted to find two authors putting the ideas together in a mere 344 pages. Chuck and Mark make it too easy for even the laziest questioner."

Our Comments: There are additional comments at that you should review, as there were several negative remarks about the book. I suppose that's to be expected on such a controversial and often misunderstood topic.  I personally found Alien Encounters informative and thought-provoking.

1. Listen/watch online Missler/Eastman conference entitled Alien Encounters - A Christian Perspective. Six sessions approximately one hour each.

2. Listen to their radio broadcasts on the same topic.


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