Unlocking the Mysteries of Revelation by Ginger Carlton and Marilyn Mineer

Unlocking The Mysteries of Revelation : Using the Keys of the Feasts of the Lord
by Marilyn Mineer, Ginger Carlton

Paperback - 232 pages
Carlton/Mineer Publishing (April 1, 1999)
ISBN: 0966867807

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Book Description: An exciting look into the events ofJesus' Second Coming, a subject of much interest at this time of the coming millenium.Just as the Spring Feast of Passover was prophetic of the First Coming of Jesus, Godprovided in the Fall Feasts clues to Jesus' Second Coming. Viewed in the light of Jesus,the Feasts of the Lord are not so many strange rituals that the Jewish people observedback in the Old Testament. They are connecting points to other revelations in His Word, aswell as the evidence that the Word is Divine in its authorship. Each part fits perfectlyinto the other and they all point to Him in whom the love of God was manifested. It is ourgoal to provide you with an understanding of the Feasts and with this information we willtake you into the book of Revelation where you will begin to see the fulfillment of Jesus'work through the Feasts.

From the Back Cover: If the grotesque beasts and utterdestruction cause your stomach to swim and all the angels flying about make your headbuzz, this study on the Revelation of Jesus Christ recorded by John is the book for you.

This text will bring clear understanding for both the casual and seriousscholar. It will also bring surprising answers to questions you may have never thought toask:

  • Why didn't Jesus know the day of his return?
  • What did Jesus really mean when he said, "It is finished"?
  • Why the lake of fire?
  • What's being served at the Wedding Supper?

While arguments about the time of the rapture and the identity of the beast havebeen focused upon by many, the glorious message of this Revelation has been largelyignored.

We are confident when you complete this study, the last book of the Bible willbecome a familiar favorite.

Our Comments: I have several books and commentaries related to Revelation in my home library. The authors of every one of them approach this book of the Bible with a specific rapture scenario in mind (i.e., pre-, mid-, or post-trib). Some commentators, unfortunately, will arrange, re-arrange, pre-arrange, twist and manipulate the various verses of Revelation to fit their basic rapture scenario. The authors of "Unlocking the Mysteries of Revelation" have put aside such scenarios and opinions and have allowed the Feasts of the Lord to direct their study of Scripture. As the Spring Feasts were completely and perfectly fulfilled by Jesus with His First Coming, it is logical to conclude that the same will occur with the Fall Feasts at Christ's Second Coming. It is this avenue that Unlocking the Mysteries of Revelation explores.

The authors first provide background material on the tabernacle and the spring and fall feasts. In Chapter 3, a "Passover/Resurrection Chart" is presented that is accompanied by one of the clearest and best explanations dealing with the specific day of the week that Christ was crucified on that I have ever read. This is followed by two very informative and interesting chapters: Marriage & Adultery and Kingship. With the information that these chapters provide, it is the authors' intent to give their readers a basic understanding of the Feasts that will hopefully lead to greater insight into the book of Revelation -- insight that will "unlock" passages of Scripture that may have been a "mystery" before.

The book is in large format that allows readers to jot down personal notes and information. In addition to this, there are "key" and "lock" symbols in the margins -- an interesting and unique feature that highlight important words or concepts.

If you are looking for specific answers to problematic passages in Revelation from the authors, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. As stated in the Introduction, the goal of "Unlocking the Mysteries of Revelation" is not to provide quick answers to such questions, but to point the readers in the right direction by providing the necessary tools for further study. It is specifically this concept that makes this particular book stand out from all the others that focus on Revelation. So if you are looking for a new approach to your study of the last Book of the Bible, then "Unlocking the Mysteries of Revelation" is for you.

Table of Contents


1.  The Biblical Calendars

2.  The Tabernacle of Moses

  • The Structure
  • The Priesthood
  • Jesus the High Priest
  • The Sacrifices and Offerings
  • Jesus the Offering

3.  The Spring Feasts

  • Passover
  • Jesus Observes Passover
  • Jesus the Passover Lamb
  • Feast of Unleavened Bread
  • Jesus The Unleavened Bread
  • Feast Day of the Sheaf of Firstfruits
  • Jesus the Sheaf of Firstfruits
  • Pentecost
  • The Holy Spirit in Pentecost
  • The Summer Months

4.  The Fall Feasts

  • Feast Day of Trumpets
  • Day of Atonement
  • Feast of Tabernacles
  • Jesus Observes the Feast of Tabernacles
  • The 8th Day
  • Jesus Observes The 8th Day

5.  Marriage & Adultery

  • Marriage
  • Jesus the Bridegroom
  • Adultery

6.  Kingship

  • Coronation Ceremonies
  • The Kingdom
  • Jesus The King

7.  Revelation

  • The Summer Months
  • The Feast Day of Trumpets
  • Day of Atonement
  • The Intermediate Days
  • The Feast of Tabernacles
  • The 8th Day Marriage of the Lamb

Sources Consulted
Keys & Locks Index


A.  Sacrifices and Offerings of The Day
B.  The Binding of Isaac
C.  The Azazel Goat
D.  Betrothal Contract
E.  Marriage Contract
F.  Fall Feast Days Comparison Chart

Charts & Illustrations

Quick Calendar Reference
Lunar Phases
Redemptive Week
Daniel's 70 Weeks
Feasts of the Lord Calendar
Moses Tabernacle
Herod's Temple--The Second Temple
Sacrificial Symbolism Charts
Quick Reference to Spring Feasts
Passover/Resurrection Chart
Quick Reference to Fall Feasts
Herod's Temple--The Second Temple on Day of Atonement
And Two Will Become One
Table of Comparison of Rites of Ordination, Coronation and Atonement
Diagram for  Book of Revelation
Sequential Diagram Comparing Matthew 24 with Seals in Revelation


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