25 Messianic Signs in Israel Today 
by Noah W. Hutchings 

Paperback (May 1999) 
Hearthstone Pub Ltd
ISBN: 157558039X

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Book Description: In "25 Messianic Signs in Israel Today," Dr. Hutchings outlines signs occurring in Israel that the Bible says will immediately precede the Great Tribulation and the coming of the Messiah.

To Christians, this means that Jesus Christ must be coming soon. God is now showing the Jews through these signs what is coming very shortly.

Dr. Hutchings and Mrs. Treibich have put these signs in chronological, documented order so that no Jew can doubt (if he believes the Torah) that before the Messiah comes, a time of great persecution and trouble must come first.

Our Comments: This is a quick, easy read that is very informative.

Table of Contents:
1. Israel's Fig Tree
2. The Surety of the Return
3. Buying Back the Land
4. Israel Reborn in a Day
5. Order of the Return
6. A Pure Language
7. The Shekel
8. Cities of Israel
9. Cities of Exception
10. From Desolation to Productivity
11. Irrigation
12. The Trees of Israel
13. The Vultures of Israel
14. Wild Animal Life
15. Increasing Rainfall
16. Jerusalem, an International Problem
17. Israel a Democracy
18. Wars of Israel and Jerusalem Retaken
19. The Diaspora
20. Restoration of Temple Worship
21. Comprehensive Middle East Peace Treaty
22. The Closed Eastern Gate
23. The Dead Sea
24. The Remnant of Edom
25. Jewish Unbelief


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