The Temple and Bible Prophecy The Temple and Bible Prophecy
(formerly: The Coming Last Days Temple) 

by Randall Price

Hardcover - 748 pages 
July 1, 2005
Harvest House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 0736913874

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Formerly titled "The Coming Last Days Temple", this book has been expanded and revised with the latest information and research on the temple and biblical prophecy.

Description: Are the biblical prophecies about a future temple merely symbolic, or do they point to a new physical Temple and even a restored sacrificial system? Are we to interpret Ezekiel's description of a magnificent new Temple figuratively or literally? And are Israel's current, ongoing preparations to rebuild the Temple truly a significant sign of the end times? This comprehensive study of the Jewish Temple helps readers answer these questions and more. It also provides:

  • a fast-paced history of the Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple, Zerubbabel's Temple, and Herod's Temple
  • an enlightening look at God's eternal purpose for the Temple
  • a concise explanation of why the Temple disappeared and why it must reappear

Info from "The Coming Last Days Temple" edition:

From the back cover: Is There a New Temple in Jerusalem's Future?

Jerusalem's last Temple was destroyed by Rome in AD 70, and the Muslim Dome of the Rock currently sits on the Temple Mount. With the Israeli-Arab conflict raging and the Temple Mount at the center of controversy, what will the future bring?

The Bible is surprisingly rich with answers--with prophecies about the future Temple found in both the Old and New Testaments. Some claim these prophecies are merely symbolic, but are they? Does the Bible give evidence that we can expect a literal Temple and even a restored sacrificial system? What about the magnificent Temple prophesied by Ezekiel?

Right now in Israel, plans are well underway to construct a new Temple. From drawing up the blueprints to detailing the furnishings to preparing for the new priesthood, much is being done for what could be the most significant building effort of our time. In "The Coming Last Days Temple," Dr. Randall Price surveys the latest developments and offers a fascinating perspective on how they fit with Bible prophecies about the Temple.

John F. Walvoord

This volume has been made possible by years of careful research on the part of its author, whom I have known for many years. His studies in Israel and many trips to the Land, interviews with top officials, and the detailed research that can be found on every page of the book support his view of the Temples of Scripture. It is doubtful whether there has ever been or ever will be another volume on the Temple as comprehensive and complete as this volume. Those who are accustomed to scholarly research and writings will find this book an incredible compilation of facts on the subject.

Any interpreter of the Bible becomes aware of the fact that the Temple and its history and prophecy are a decisive factor in the fulfillment of God's program. For Jews, the Temple and the activities toward its rebuilding are part of their expectation that their messiah will return in this generation. For Christians, it represents a different factor, that of indication that the rapture of the church, which will occur before the time of the end time trouble which precedes the second coming of Christ, may be near.

For those who share the evangelical point of view that the rapture is imminent, this volume provides evidence that the stage is being set for events that will follow the rapture. If this is the case, then the rapture itself could be very near. And the doctrine of the Temple becomes an integral part of prophetic outlook for those who seek to interpret prophecy in a literal way.

The scholarly analysis of the doctrine of the Temple will prove to be of great benefit both to Christian theologians and to those of Jewish faith, especially those who are part of the Orthodox movement. This volume is highly recommended as an integral part of the scholarly presentation of biblical truth.

John F. Walvoord 
Dallas Theological Seminary


Table of Contents:

Part I: The Perspective of the Last Days Temple

The Perspective from the Past
1. Time for a Temple: Rebuilding the Temple in This Generation
2. The Purpose of the Temple: Recognizing the Reasons for Restoration 3.
The Temple Before Time: The Heavenly Pattern for the Earthly Temple 4.
The Temple Through Time: The History of the Temple 5. The Temple in
Transition: The Last 2,000 Years on the Temple Mount

The Perspective for the Present
6. The Holy Hope: Judaism and the Temple
7. The Christian Connection: The Jewish Temple in Christian Perspective
8. Only for Islam: Muslims and the Temple Mount

Part II: The Predictions of the Last Days Temple

The Predictions of the Old Testament
9. Sanctuary Symbolism: God's Preview of Coming Attractions
10. Predictions in the Prophets: The Promised Last Days Temple
11. Predictions in Daniel: The Temple of the Seventieth Week

The Predictions of the New Testament
12. Predictions in the Gospels: Jesus and the Temple
13. Predictions in Paul: Jewish Reverence or Christian Replacement? 14.
Predictions in the Apocalypse: The Last Days Temple in the Book of

Part III: The Preparations for the Last Days Temple

15. Searching for the Sacred Site: Preparing a Place for the Temple 
16. The Hunt for the Holy Heifer: Purification for the Temple 
17. Preparing a Priesthood: Securing Servants for the Sanctuary 
18. Provisions for the Priesthood: Furnishing the Tools for the Temple 
19. Liberating the Temple Mount: The Campaign to Control the Sacred Site 
20. The Coming War: The Battles over the Last Days Temple

Part IV: The Program for the Last Days Temple

21. Trouble in the Temple: The Temple in the Tribulation
22. Measuring the Future: Ezekiel's Vision of the Messianic Temple
23. Blasphemy or Blessing?: Sacrifices in the Last Days Temple
24. The Temple Beyond Time: The Final Fulfillment of the Future Temple

Part V: The Progression Towards the Last Days Temple

25. Ready to Rebuild: Significant Sign of the End Times

A Chronology of the Temple in History and Prophecy
Directory of Temple Organizations
Resources for Further Study of the Temple


You can still buy paperback copies of The Coming Last Days Temple at the author's website.

They also have dvd and vhs tapes of the same title.

The video includes interviews with leading prophecy teachers and Temple activists and showcases the various vessels being created today for future Temple worship.


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