Jerusalem in Prophecy: God's Stage for the Final Drama
by Randall Price

Paperback - 434 pages (1998) 
Harvest House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1565077830

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From the back cover: What do current events in Jerusalem tell us about the end times? Jerusalem has a rich, fascinating history spanning more than 3,000 years. But the city's most significant days are still to come. The stage is now being set for both a terrifying destruction and an amazing deliverance...far beyond what anyone could ever imagine!

Do God's promises to Israel now belong to the church? Many assume that because the Jewish people rejected Christ, God's promises to Israel have been given to the church. But Scripture says otherwise—and points to an incredible future for God's chosen land and people.

What will life be like in the New Jerusalem? The Bible says much more about life in the Millennial kingdom and eternity than many Christians realize. What wonders await us in the New Jerusalem?


This book is also available from the author's website where you can also buy a dvd or vhs of this title.

"The video, filmed in Jerusalem, includes interviews with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on the conflict over the city as well as an original song by Christian recording artist Peggy Reeves."

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