The Anchor Bible Dictionary The Anchor Bible Dictionary
Logos Research Systems; 1 edition (January 1, 1994)
ISBN: 1577990943

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Our Comments: We were looking for a Bible Dictionary that would go into a little more depth than your average one volume dictionary and were excited to see this new one that seemed to include everything we were looking for in a 6-volume set. We ordered two sets thinking the Anchor series of books usually very thorough and trustworthy. The set of books, as is, however, is missing one volume—the index, and because of this, is a great disappointment. It is a hit-or-miss proposition when trying to find information on any given subject and has proven to be a source of utter frustration at times. With its vast resources it is a shame that everything is so inaccessible. The ABD is more like an encyclopedia than a dictionary and we have found that an index is essential to locating articles within these volumes, especially those corresponding entries that we would never have thought to look up. Since it doesn't have one the books are not recommended for the casual user. A good Bible Dictionary is one of the must-have resources of every Christian library and the book set is simply too hard to use unless you are well-versed in the jargon. The CD-ROM edition, however, should take care of this problem with its search function. We have found that we made a very expensive mistake in buying the book sets.

The work is not in question, however the retrieval method is:

Comment from an amazon customer on the set of books: "Undoubtedly the best book of its kind published in English. This book presents a wealth of information about all areas of biblical scholarship. It is truly a stunning work and will be of benefit to all serious students not only of the Bible, but of the ancient Near East and Mediterranean world in general. Highly recommended. 


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