biblehistory.gif (5723 bytes) The Bible As History
by Werner Keller

Paperback 2nd Rev edition (December 1983)
Bantam Books (Mm)
ISBN: 0553279432

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From the 1955 Intro: "Thanks to findings of the archaeologists many of the Biblical narratives can be better understood now than ever before. There are, of course, theological insights which can only be dealt with in terms of the Word of God. But as Professor Andre Parrot, the world-famous French archaeologist, has said: 'How can we understand the Word, unless we see it in its proper chronological, historical and geographical setting?'"

Random sample of contents: Traces of the flood under desert sands; A Royal Palace with 260 apartments and courtyards; Pillars of salt at Jebel Usdum; A Mesopotamian story about a baby in the bulrushes; Was the Burning Bush a gas-plant? The library of Ashurbanipal; The Star of Bethlehem; 500 crucifixions daily.

From the Publisher: The Bible As History, now thoroughly updated with the latest scientific and archaeological breakthroughs in biblical investigation.


Revolutionary new evidence that confirms some of the most monumental and controversial events in the Bible-including the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra.

Recently deciphered texts from the ancient world that offer an intriguing look back at the origin of the Ten Commandments.

An entirely new chapter revealing the extraordinary techniques that may soon prove the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.

The Bible As History will take you on a breathtaking journey to the heart of Holy Scripture as it pieces together one of the most stunning spiritual puzzles in the history of mankind.


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