Cataclysm : Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B. C. 
by D. S. Allan, J. B. Delair

Paperback (October 1997)
Bear & Co
ISBN: 1879181428

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From Back Cover: Cataclysm! presents a breakthrough of enormous proportions—a new understanding of cosmic events in Earth's recent geological past.

Follow this multi-disciplinary, scientific study as it examines the evidence of a great global catastrophe that occurred only 11,500 years ago. Crustal shifting, the tilting of Earth's axis, mass extinctions, upthrusted mountain ranges, rising and shrinking land masses, and gigantic volcanic eruptions and earthquakes—all indicate that a fateful confrontation with a destructive cosmic visitor must have occurred. The abudant geological, biological, and climatological evidence from this dire event calls into question many geological theories and will awaken our memories to our true—and not-so-distant—past.

Our Comments: This book is absolutely chock full of scientific evidence that helps explain the earthly changes forecast in the book of Revelation. All the natural phenomena related in the last book of the Bible finds its counterpart in the ancient earthly record and is a matter of "been there, done that" as far as the earth is concerned. You can't explain away the residual evidence of a cataclysmic event in the past so it's not too far-fetched to imagine it happening again. The most unbelievable aspect of this research is that more people have not been exposed to it. Excellent!


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