Cracking the Bible Code by Jeffrey Satinover

Cracking the Bible Code
by Jeffrey Satinover

Paperback - (June 1998)
Reprint edition 
William Morrow & Co
ISBN: 068815994X

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From the back cover: "The discovery that precise descriptions of earth-shaking events seem to be encoded into the first five books of the Bible has captured the world's attention. No one in ancient times could have had such knowledge, but if no individual put the codes there, who did? If the codes are proven to be genuine, they would be tantamount to scientific proof of the existence of God.

"'Cracking the Bible Code' is the first accurate account of the codes--a story far more stunning than has yet been told. Dr. Satinover traces the fascinating tradition of the codes, counters sensational and inaccurate representations, explains the controversy over their authenticity, and clarifies their implications for our view of God, faith, and fate. Sweeping from ancient history to cutting-edge science, this is must reading for anyone who seeks to make sense of the codes and their meaning for humankind."

Our Comments: Top notch!

Table of Contents


Chapter One
The Ancient Legend

Chapter Two
Journey to the Center

Chapter Three
Piercing the Veil

Chapter Four
Blueprint from Heaven

Chapter Five
The Black Fire of Holocaust

Chapter Six
The White Fire of Destiny

Chapter Seven
From Enigma to Atbash and Back

Chapter Eight
The Bible Code Emerges

Chapter Nine
The Architecture of the Garden

Chapter Ten
The Helix of Time

Chapter Eleven
The Flames of Amalek

Chapter Twelve
The Great Sages

Chapter Thirteen
Are They Real?  The Debate Ignites

Chapter Fourteen
The Sixth Millennium

Report from the Front Lines

Technical Appendix A
Details of the New Moon

Technical Appendix B
Transformation of Space and Time

Technical Appendix C
The "Great Sages" Experiment



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